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Give My Money To Annointed Ones

I live in a very poor country, however I watch your American televangelists on TV. They say if I give money to them because they are the anointed ones my poverty will leave me. Is this true?

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 ---Wando on 6/16/06
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God has a more excellent way to meet the needs of those in the ministry.
God meets the needs of those that have sincere hearts towards Him. They never ask for more than what they need. Sincere ministers, pray and obey. The money is there for them from cheerful hearts that cheerfully give.

It happens without ranting and raving and hyped up frenzy and pressure. It happens for those not applauding or exalting themselves.
---Cindy on 3/8/08

we dont judge anyone who does God's work..that is up to God not up to us is up to anyone alone to whom they want to give their money to..we only call others as false prophets bcos we dont like their churches dont judge others .. leave to God..
---POP on 3/6/08

A-men Catherine. The Christian life is the very best life, because the Christian life is full of Christ.
---Eloy on 3/5/08

Not necessarly. What will help more than listening to the preacher is, if you prayed. Let God manage your money. I am telling you from one who is learning. Ask God what to do, when to do, and if to do, and how to do. If you stay in prayer and close to God your life will be better. God never promised His people a life free from problems. infact, serving God means trials and tribulations. But your life will be a good life. Loving God always is a good life.
---catherine on 3/4/08

Fancy suits, 90wt in the hair, airhead wives with gawdy beehive hairdo's-theres televangilist remind me of the scripture that says 'God will not be mocked.' Their appeal is the common denominator, that is their $$$ base- tv preachers- fleecing the flock..

In orange County Ca there is a tv preacher who was caught in a 'tryst' with another fellow. They paid the guy lots of hush money. Did this hurt the preacher or his 'ministry? not at all!
---MikeM on 3/3/08

Thank you Eloy for sharing the TRUTH.

It is sad there are so many people who are ignorant and reject TRUTH. They continue to support and defend FALSE TEACHERS,
---Rob on 3/3/08

Eloy ::I agree corporal works of Mercyare essential part of our walk but the point at issue is WHO is that HONEST organisation?one just cannot throw money to anyone.On an average we get at least 2 or 3 solicitations in the mail all worthy causes but no accountability.Each asking for a minimum of $35 ranging to $300/=
---Emcee on 3/3/08

Eloy is quite right.
That is what Jesus told us to do ... and did not promise worldly wealth or reward in return.
---alan_of_UK on 3/3/08

Many televangelist and sinuous ministers wrest the scriptures to fleece the flock and rob God's people. And unless they repent, these false witnesses will each be thown into the lake of fire for lying and misrepresenting our gracious Lord and making merchandise of poor naive people. We are instructed to give to the poor, and you say you live in a very poor country, therefore you may give to poor in your own country: feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, etc.
---Eloy on 3/3/08

sorry but I wont be judging these tele evangelists as I dont know who in particular Wando is talking about..I was simply saying that Adventists dont do such and say such..however, I do believe, poverty will leave you if you become His servant, put all your faith in God and follow Him and Him only. He will lead and guide and provide for your needs, protect and abundantly show you His salvation..
---pop on 2/29/08

Wando ... Jesus message was that we should give to God (and giving to the poor and feeding the hungry is just that)
As a result of doing this, we will lay up treasure in heaven.
Cindy is right when she says "Churches, preachers that are promising you an exchange of wealth for poverty, if you pay homage to their idols of mammon are telling you a lie"
---alan_of_UK on 2/29/08

Wando::There is a saying dont believe everything you hear & doubt even things you see as they may be Illusions.Seeing is not always believing.If you want to get money SAVE it and forget you have it by investing it in small interest secure Financial Instruments from a renound Bank, not get rich quick schemes.There is a crook born every minute and 2 gullible ones every second.
---Emcee on 2/29/08

Pop ... Read the original question.

If Wando from a very poor country gives to these telvangelists, will his poverty leave him?
---alan_of_UK on 2/29/08

---pop I am prepared to furnish you with a sign sworn affidavit of salvation from the person who got saved for every three dollars you will give to a missionary. I am mima 3783 at penpals. Contact me there and I will tell you how this works.
---Mima on 2/29/08

I love all of the peoples that are suffering in poverty. I love them so much, I want to tell them the truth.

Churches, preachers that are promising you an exchange of wealth for poverty, if you pay homage to their idols of mammon are telling you a lie.
---Cindy on 2/29/08

Please read Acts 8:18-25.
---Rob on 2/29/08

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No, it's just a lie to get your money. Help the poor and you will be giving it to the Lord.
---john on 2/29/08

This is the perverted gospel of mammon.
It's whack. Out of whack, off the track, and it's roots, the prosperity gospel, are talked about in the Bible. It's called mammon. Mammon was literally an idol of money, that the "ites" bowed down to.
Jesus Christ forbid it.
You cannot serve God and mammon.
You cannot love two masters.
---Cindy on 2/29/08

Those in poverty that begin to worship the idol of mammon, or spirit of mammon, will find themselves in complete bondage.

Their eyes become blinded by that perverse spirit of mammon, that the church has fallen for, now called the prosperity gospel.
---Cindy on 2/29/08

We still have "ites" today worshipping idols of mammon. The church has them, Vegas has them. That old spirit of mammon lies to those suffering poverty. If you bow down before the idol of mammon, pay homage, and bring your last 2 cents before it, you will reap a tremendous harvest of wealth.
---Cindy on 2/29/08

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Jesus Christ sets you free from the curse of poverty, not bowing down, paying homage to the idol of mammon.
Laying your tithes at the clay feet of mammon, the feet will crumble before your eyes. Your tithes, your first fruits, your last 2 cents will disappear.

God doesn't honor the idol of mammon and Jesus Christ tells us we cannot serve God and mammon. It does not work.
---Cindy on 2/29/08

Adventist tele evangelists ask for donations from people to help spread the Truth and help pay for the hall, sound equipment given dont go into their pockets but to the needy..if you want to make a research on this, you will find the majority of them are true to their words so give all evangelists a break..I believe they are doing God's work while you sit there judging and not them and do God,s work friends
---pop on 2/29/08

The televangelists are either 1) Fraud or 2) greatly overpaid. They spread God's word, feed and clothe as long as they are getting rich doing so. I have no respect for them nor would I give them a dime. If they want to feed and clothe then draw a normal working man's wage and give the rest to their projects.
---Robert_Yocom on 2/27/08

I live in Costa Rica and it's evangelists that are seen on the main American Christians TV stations.
---Wando on 12/19/07

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Which poor country do u leave in?and which televangelists ask for your money?
---pkay on 5/8/07

Wando - Hi. What they are telling you is a lie. I suspect you may already think that, I hope so. Jesus is the only Annointed One in the New Testament. We, as God's children, have an annointing but we are not annointed. The real reason why they ask for money is so they can get rich, but nobody else ever gets rich too. People who give them money are putting it straight into their wallets. Bless you.
---Helen_5378 on 9/18/06

When you give money give it to your own chuch
Some of those people are false preacher
---Betty on 9/18/06

Use what you have to help those less fortunate. What ever you find in your power to do, do it all to the glory of the Father. Trust Him that He will do what is best for you. Don't let anyone tell you that the Father can be played like a slot machine. Money in, money out. The Father supplies all your needs in direct proportion to you humbly allowing His Spirit to be made clearly apparent in and through you.
---josef on 6/20/06

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Beware of false prophets, which come to you disguised as men of God, but inwardly they are hungry predators. You shall know them by what they produce and what they ask for. "Do men gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles" In other words they have nothing to offer you, they are simply looking to take without considering the harm they cause. First seek and submit to the governing of the Fathers Spirit within you and everything you need will be given you. Cont.
---josef on 6/20/06

and they drink the wine of the condemned in the house of their god. Hear this, O ye that swallow up the needy, even make the poor of the land to fail. Saying, When will the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn? And the sabbath, that we may set forth wheat, making the ephah small, and the shekel great, and falsifying the balance by deceit? That we may buy the poor for silver, and the needy for pair of shoes; yea, and sell the refuse of the wheat? Cont.
---josef on 6/20/06

Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Israel, (those set apart to bring forth the message of God) and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they sold the righteous for silver, and the poor for a pair of shoes; That pant after the dust of the earth on the head of the poor, and turn aside the way of the meek: and a man and his father will go into the same maid, to profane My holy name: And they lay down upon clothes laid to pledge by every altar, Cont.
---josef on 6/20/06

Let me just say this: Not every "blessing" or "open door of opportunity" comes from God. satan is very sneaky, and is a master at decieving Christians into thinking they are "ON TO SOMETHING", because he knows that human beings are greedy in nature- and he plays off of that. THE LIE that one's "annointing level" can be measured by the size of thier bank account has consumed millions of people.
---T.S. on 6/17/06

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Wando - Sad to say that it is a lie. God is the provider of all things, not some evangelist that tells you to give them money -- they will get rich and you will be even poorer. Stay away from them and don't listen to their teachings.
---Helen_5378 on 6/16/06

No, Wando. No American televangelist, no matter who, needs money from you. There are people where you live that are just as "anointed". If they have a good ministry give to them. Nobody can be sure your poverty will leave because of it, but you will be rewarded in some way by the Lord. Blessings to you. I will remember you in prayer.
---Donna2277 on 6/16/06

Moderator, I do believe that if a person only gives only when they want something it is wrong, but it isn't a "false doctrine" to give & get or to give when you're in need. As a matter of fact it is scriptural.(Genesis 8:22; Luke 6:38; Galatians 5:6; 2Corinthians 9:8) God gave to get. I have sown seed to meet my need & got it met. I needed $10,000 & sowed $10 and got over $10,000.

Moderator - Those scriptures don't state give to get or sow to get. Please take the Financial Bible Quiz for a more balanced view of God's Word.
---Rickey on 6/16/06

2. Be faithful to God in your giving, as he has blessed you. But if I were you, I'd place it in fertile ground there in my own country to help further the gospel to people there. Do you attend a local church? Then your money belongs there first of all. God blesses obedience to his word, he promised to take care of us, not make us billionaires
---T.S. on 6/16/06

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NO, it will not. The poverty you live in is, sad to say, a fact of life because of where you live. That's why so many people come to America, there are more oportunities here. But, don't feel alone either. These silver tongued devils are bilking millions out of poor people right here in America as well.
---T.S. on 6/16/06

Giving into a ministry is participation in that ministry. Jesus redeemed us from the curse of poverty and no amount of giving or not giving on our part changes that. However, we are to support the local fellowship we attend. You would be better off praying and asking Father to set you in a local fellowship and give there before you give anywhere else.
---Linda6563 on 6/16/06

I have recently been studying the Pentatuch, and came across some very interesting laws. There are too many to list, but the essence of them is for the rich to give to the poor, not the other way round.
Examples: geaning of the fields, if food drops off a cart, leave it there for the poor to pick up.
For the tele-evenagelist to keep in line with the Bible, we should call up to receive the moeny from him and not to make him wealthy.
---mike8386 on 6/16/06

Abraham gave tithes of all into the hand of Melchizedek. What is the televangelist preaching? Bread (the broken body) and wine (the blood of Jesus) which simply stated is Christ and Him crucified? When I am edified by the preaching of Christ, I don't mind putting money where the mouth is. If what they are saying causes me to put my eyes on me or their own good works instead of Jesus, then I don't give there.
---Linda6563 on 6/16/06

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I think Rickey is using the "be seed minded instead of need minded" analogy because the original poster made reference to his own poverty. The Macedonian saints, out of their deep poverty, gave to others to meet their need. I do not endorse giving more to those who are more concerned with the clothes on their back than they are with preaching the gospel.
---Linda6563 on 6/16/06

I am with the Moderator. God does not need money, for everything belongs to Him. The reason we give is because we feel a burden in our hearts. God has a way of rewarding people but as Bruce said, there is no guarantee that you will get what you want. God has a way of knowing what you really need and He will help you in that area. Most of the tel-evangelist are false teachers taking money from many old people and people that have a good heart. They take advantage of those they can convince.
---Lupe2618 on 6/16/06

Yes, I am saying give to get. But not in the way the world would consider it. Give or meet someone else's need & expect to get your's met is what I am implying according to scripture.(Luke 6:38; Genesis 8:22) We give in faith & faith opporates by love. Love gives.

Moderator - How about giving regardless if you have a need? That's what is in the Bible. Give to get is a false doctrine.
---Rickey on 6/16/06

I'm not saying give in a stingy, selfish way; but in the God-kind of way. Sowing seed. God did it(John 3:16). If we have a need we can ask God to give us the oppurtunity to get a seed sown to get out need met. When we get our mind on meeting someone elses need we can get our mind off of our's getting met. It's scriptural to give & get, but a person shouldn't do it out of selfish ambition. Faith works by love.(Luke 6:38; Genesis 8:22; John 3:16; Galatians 5:6)

Moderator - You don't have to give God money to meet your needs. He doesn't need our money.
---Rickey on 6/16/06

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To travel folks need money.Also check out [ Luke 6:38; Genesis 8:22; 2Corinthians 9:10]

God was the First One to ever use Luke 6:38 when He gave His Only begotten Son[John 3:16] and He is getting many sons because of the Seed He sowed. So be like your Father & sow with expectation of your need getting met. It doesn't matter the size of the seed you sow. For example, you could sow $1 & get $10,000.

Moderator - Are you recommending that we give to get? I hope not as that is unbiblical.
---Rickey on 6/16/06

If the Holy Spirit leads you to do it, do it.
The bible lists several things about giving.
In Genesis 8:22, it talks about seedtime & harvest. When you sow your seed(money), sow it with a purpose when in need. Some don't agree about that, but it has worked for me everytime. I needed $10,000 & the Holy Spirit told me to sow $10 & I did. Well when I got back to school all of my tuition was paid for in full. When you sow your seed you are helping to get the gospel of Jesus out to other folks.
---Rick on 6/16/06

No it is not true. Not in the least. If God were to reward you for giving money, He could do it just as well when you give to the local Church or charity.

However, we do not find any proof in scripture that God will do that. There are blessings for being generous with the poor but they have nothing to do with the claims of the TV evangelists.
---Bruce5656 on 6/16/06

Yes I know they are american televangelists..but who...???their names?
---pkay on 6/16/06

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The fact that You have asked this question. Is an indication to me that the Holy Spirit is telling you not to do this. Pray about your circumstances financially then give any money you might have too people poorer than you and you will see God's hand work.
---mima on 6/16/06

Please, please, dear person, don't send your money to those phony tv jerks who wear $500.00 suits and watches that cost thousands. They are false and the way they get their "things" is by preying on the poor and ones that don't know any better.
---shira on 6/16/06

Wando don't believe that lie. Use your money for the work of the Lord right were you are. You don't have to send it to them. You need it more over there than these evangelists do. Everone who knows Jesus is an anointed one, not just them.
---john on 6/16/06

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