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Superman Returns Like Jesus

Does anyone think the new "Superman Returns" movie somewhat mirrors the story of Jesus?

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 ---Barbara on 6/16/06
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One of my professors said that every myth has a grain of truth in it. So imaginations able to comprehend the basic fundamental reality that there is a good and that there is a evil, and that these two are opposites, and that the good will always prevail over all evil- even when necessary to be carried over into the next world in order to be rightly judged, will create great epics of entertainment to praise this evident and prophetic virtue of "good over evil".
---Eloy on 5/25/08

There are so many pictures of redemptive truth in that movie, I am edified when I finish watching because of what the Holy Spirit speaks to me in those truths.

I haven't seen the movie but probably will when my kids get to wanting the DVD. Just wanted to let you know that I understood what you are talking about.
---Linda6563 on 5/24/08

Rebecca, I think Barbara is talking about the movie being a picture of the story of Jesus. I know what she is talking about. If you are looking for Jesus, you can find pictures of His person and His work in many moives. That is why there was so much talk about the "Chronicles of Narnia". I love the "Lion King".
---Linda6563 on 9/25/07

Uh no. Superman is a charactor that isn't real. Jesus is far more greater and he is real. How do you see Jesus the same as Superman?
---Rebecca_D on 3/31/07

I definatley thought super-man reflected a like-ness to Jesus. I am not saying he IS Jesus like some people so quickly replied. There were things in the movie that "reflected" his charachter and life. I thought is was awesome. I didn't take offense to it. Because...while on earth Jesus was a "Super man"!!! In fact, the ONLY perfect one. So I thought such a main it was great that such a main strean movie had those reflections....even if they weren't announced as being there. : )
---erin on 8/19/06

Ramon: Well, since Superman/Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and all the others are fictional characters anyway, does it really matter?

My favorite Superman series was THE ADVENTURES OF LOIS AND CLARK. It was just kookie enough to be interesting.
---Jack on 7/15/06

Jack.There was a ref in the movie why Superman left Earth. He left Earth because some Scientist thought they found Krypton or whats remaining of it. Although we all know Krypton is long gone. When he return to Earth and spoke to his mother, he thought that he will find others like him (Kryponians). We all know Superman is the last of his kind. He left to find his home. Dont you think its amazing of lois "move on" with her life?
---Ramon on 7/9/06

I seem to recall a tv movie critic say Superman left earth in search of his home world; but, his 5 year search was fruitless. So, he returned to planet earth.
---Leon on 7/9/06

What was never made clear in this movie is why Superman left earth to start with.

Anyway, it's modern mythology and entertainment--nothing more. Nothing to get one's knickers in a twist over.
---Jack on 7/9/06

I find it interesting that he's called Super "man" because in reality (according to the story line) he's really a space alien (not really a man at all).
---Leon on 7/3/06

Yes, absolutely. I just saw it with my son and we spent the car ride home drawing parallels between Superman Returns and the Gospels. The most obvious to me was the voice of Superman's father saying, "I have sent to earth my only son." Also, notice when he begins to die he falls to earth in a crucified pose. He then rises from death when the nurse goes to check up on him in the hospital room and he is not there. He also tells Lois he will always be around.
---Bernadette on 7/1/06

Of course as Christians we would see Christian symbolism where none might be intended.

I was surprised at the strong Christian message in the first MATRIX movie.

To give one example, how did Neo (the New Adam) rise from the dead? Love in the Trinity.

The other two movies were deeper levels of the rabbit hole, alas.
---Jack on 6/17/06

Barbara: The reason you see parallels to Jesus in the trailer is the same reason YOU are concerned about a spiritual reality that the world isn't: YOU are a Christian! But who's really behind films like this, God or satan? Though the world is full of lost sinners, many of them desire to be considered GOOD; but without declaring God their Creator. satan often provides just enough 'truth' to make people 'feel good' yet not have to obey and believe in Christ!
---danie9374 on 6/17/06

Maybe one day Christians will understand that Hollywood is there to make money and that is it.
There is no other name given under Heaven that brings redemption to lost sinful mankind except the name of Jesus.
If the Film Flakes were trying to send a message of redemption why wouldn't they just say so?
They are trying to replace and/or pervert the Gospel of Christ as many of the actors have openly said and portrayed.
---Elder on 6/17/06

There were similar references to good and evil in the first Star Wars Trilogy. Good in Luke. Evil in Darth Vader. "Use the force, Luke." What was the force anyway?
---Madison1101 on 6/16/06

Of course I have not seen it yet, but the trailer gave me chills. A man telling his son he was sending him to earth to bring out the good in humans and help them. His only son. I just think it is neat that Hollywood is putting subtle references to Jesus and God into secular movies. NO, I do not think Superman is Jesus, but just the hint of Christianity is cool.
---barbara on 6/16/06

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Have you viewed the movie? And if so, how? I don't think it's even been released yet! I guess you're just asking about the title, right? Well, the term 'superman' actually comes from atheistic philosophy! I think it was Nietsche(sp?) who used it most. Jesus was the WORD (2nd person of the Triune Godhead) before becoming flesh, so no He's *not* just a 'super man' but 'God-man' (but He will return again just as He said).
---danie9374 on 6/16/06

Superman is part of modern mythology, right up there with Paul Bunyan, the Great Pumpkin, and Yoda.

Enjoy it as such and don't take it seriously.
---Jack on 6/16/06

Barbara. Did you watch the trailer, because I did and I noticed that too, expecially in the scene where his Kriptonian father Jarelle tells him (about humans) "they are good people basically, they just needed someone to show them the light. That is why I sent you to them, Calelle, my only son." I KNOW, I KNOW- I'm probably going to be crucified by a bunch of you for this, but indulge a Smallville fan for a little bit, OK?
---T.S. on 6/16/06

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