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Who's The Greatest Evangelist

Who do you consider the greatest evangelist of all times and why?

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 ---Mica on 6/17/06
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---John on 1/18/11

George whitefeild was by far the greatest living example among man who lived 4 Christ. He was almost as great as Jesus himself. I wana b that great.
---Me on 1/18/11

Greatest Evangelist? Jesus Christ..Greatest Evangelist today in the church? DOUGLAS BATCHELOR..Go to 3abn and listen to him preach..he does not preach like some with a plum in their mouths..just straight out ordinary everyday guy preacher..a billion aire yet he gives his money to God's work. He is married to the church...
---jana on 9/18/07

andrea,jesus is God, and all the gifts of the spirit come from God ,so jesus had all of them.
---tom2 on 9/16/07

jeff makes a valid point about john the baptis,but in Gods eyes who knows what a great evangelist is? paul was picked by jesus to be his first evangilist to the gentiles.greatest?I would have to say paul.why? cause jesus picked him for the job.everyone is a gentile today and are still being won by many of pauls holy spirit inspired writings.
---tom_2 on 9/8/07

Jesus was the teacher - Paul was His evangelist.
This century it would be Billy G.
I wonder if God will raise up another.
But so many false prophets and cults he may not bc so many are led astray by the power of a charismatic person.

There is even a guy calling himself Jesus Christ (in FLA) and people are flocking to his (there no such thing as sin) church.
His followers tattoo 666 on their arms - whats next.
---Andrea on 9/8/07

---tom2 on 9/8/07

Among men... for quantity of coverted I would put my money on Billy Graham..... for sheer hardship in obstacles confronted I would go with the Apostle Paul. Although, Jesus himself said that among men there was none greater than John the Baptist. So you figure it out.
---Jeff on 3/31/07

Jesus is the greatest evangelist of all time. He never made mistakes.
---Helen_5378 on 3/23/07

Jesus is of course the greatest evangalist.
But among earthly evangalists, I clearly don't know.
He may be one who lives in alleys and witnesses and brings bums off the street and to the Lord. A humble servant of the Lord who's name we'll most likely never know. God bless all these nameless men and women who FULLY give their lives to the great commission.
---NVBarbara on 6/22/06

Among men Paul wins hands down.
---mima on 6/19/06

Jesus; of course he's the greatest evangelist, He's God.

Among men I would choose John the Baptist.

After all his ministry was SO POWERFUL that he got the people of promise to come and be baptised!
Baptism was not for Jews but for Gentile converts so this was amazing.
---Pharisee on 6/19/06

He knew who He was to the Lord, He was obedient, He never changed the rules to fit His own purpose, His daily walk was a sacrifice to all, His faith was unwavering, He was not boastful, He was direct, He treated everyone the same, He did not make excuses, and He is the greatest example of what God see's in us, in spite of ourselves, LOVE.
---lynet on 6/18/06

Jesus. People are still talking about him today.
---wes on 6/18/06

---tom2 on 6/18/06

Among men if I were gonna pick one I would say peter.He was the first disciple that God chose to reveal who jesus was.And I believe the first to preach after Christs accension.
---tom2 on 6/18/06

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