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What Was Greatest Bible Miracle

What was God's greatest miracle in the bible?

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 ---eric on 6/23/06
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Jesus being raised from the dead.
---Linda6563 on 9/15/07

For me, the greatest miracle that God did was the parting of the Red Sea. It boggles my mind that only God can make water stand up! Man will never be able to do that.
---Helen_5378 on 3/16/07

For me leading captives out of slavery, they pass through an ocean, are fed for 40 years, and then inherit His promise. All in all, God supplies all the time. God's provision will always be the greatest miracle no matter what form it comes in.
---Stephen on 3/15/07

I think God's new covenant with Abraham was His greatest. Thru His mighty wisdom, He overcame Satan's greatest attemp to overtake mankind thru the fall Adam. Knowing of man's sinful nature there after, it would be impossible for man to keep His laws, and would make God a liar of His word. So thru Jesus, it was the ONLY way to defeat Satan and keep His promise he made with Abraham.
---Fred_S. on 6/27/06

the greatest miracle preformed was the ressurrection of Jesus Christ. this proved beyond the shadow of doubt ALL that HE claimed HE is
---willow on 6/26/06

Jesus Christ
---Amy9384 on 6/26/06

I believe that the greatest miracle from the bible is the conversion stories.

Nebuchadezzar, a babylonian King with a huge ego who wanted people to worship Him had a change of heart.

Paul's conversion was a great miracle.

God has control over the elements, water, fire and raising people back to life as well. But He does not have control over the heart. That is why when someone gives their heart to God it is a great miracle.
---eric on 6/25/06

As miraculous as it was when Jesus fed the multitudes with just five loaves & two fish, for me that miracle & all others pale in comparison to "the gift of salvation" Jesus sacrificially made available to us all. I believe that's the absolutely greatest miracle . It's the gift of God that was made available to billions of people (past, present & future)& the Lord Jesus keeps on giving it to whoever will receive it from generation-to-generation.
---Leon on 6/24/06

I believe it is the birth, life, death, and resurrestion of Christ. Everyting else leads up to, is built up around, and is fulfilled by Christ.
---lynet on 6/24/06

I agree with Linda!!!!
---mima on 6/24/06

Having a baby born to a virgin.
---wes on 6/24/06

John 3:16

That he loves us all in spite of ourselves.
---Linda on 6/24/06

Born of a virgin
Raising of Lazarus
Feeding of the five thousand
---David on 6/24/06

My favourite is the parting of the Red Sea. I just love that miracle that God did. I mean no-one but God can make water stand up!
---Helen_5378 on 6/23/06

I would say it was creation itself.

Who can make something where nothing existed before?
---Pharisee on 6/23/06

well the most wonderful was our lords resurrection. probably the greartest also.there were so many mana from heavem ,snake on the pole,fire from above,red sea,enoch taken up,elijah also,blah,blah,blah,jonah,job,man it never ends. Makes you wonderful why in the world people don,t know God?
---tom2 on 6/23/06

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