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Why Eve From Adam's Rib

Why didn't God make Eve from the dust of the ground instead of Adam's rib? (Gen. 2:21-24)

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 ---Leon on 6/25/06
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Nicole has expressed a true theory as explained in the gospel and the RCC.But, if one goes back to Genesis. Adams creation contains the complete make up of the image of God in Man.God creates EVE from that man, to represent that together They complement each other, as the image and likeness to God.Hence the explaination of 2 in one flesh which when Joined cannot be severed without transgresion."God cannot be divided" and like the Trinity 3 separate persons in One God.This is why IMHO marriage is Forever when Contracted.Hence Marriage should be approached with great forethought dignity Respect for it to be made in Heaven.No fly by one night ordeals are permissible.
---Mic on 11/3/08

mikefl: "Adam's feminine spirit?" ROFL! Where do you get this stuff?
---jerry6593 on 11/2/08

To Whosoever has an ear to hear?

God didn't make Eve from the dust of the ground for the same reason that He didn't just make Jesus from the dust of the ground. That reasons being, the blessing that God put upon man (Adam) to replenish the earth. So, anything that is needed to replenish the earth has to come from/through man.

God would be breaking His blessing, put upon man, if He was to replenish the earth with anything, without drawing it out of man first.
---Shawn.M.T on 11/1/08

**As the Church is the bride from Jesus' side when the sword opened it and water and blood pour out.**

Another way too of looking at the water is when Jesus said, you must be born of water and the Spirit, representing Jesus born of the seed of Abraham or born of the Flesh.

The Blood, Water and Spirit all witness as One. 1st John

Water again represents the Word (washing of the Water by the WORD....and the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us.
---kathr4453 on 10/31/08

Why didn't God make Eve from the dust of the ground instead of Adam's rib?

If Eve was made from the dust, she would not have any connection to Adam.
No connection to Adam would mean no connection to Jesus in the Salvation plan.
Paul speaks of One man causing death, and One Man bringing life back to men.
It was Adam that caused the fall for all of us.

Note, Eve is the bride of Adam from a bone of his side.
As the Church is the bride from Jesus' side when the sword opened it and water and blood pour out.

The Church Fathers have stated that the water flowing out symbolizes Baptist.
The blood symbolizes the Holy Euchrist.
Mark 16:16
John 6:54
Both that Jesus states will give us Eternal Life.
---Nicole on 10/31/08

***God is taking a rib portion out of the body of Christ while it unknowingly sleeps.**

Debbie, I agree that the Bride of Christ is taken out of Christ's side, but Jesus is not asleep while this is going on.Is He the IT that unknowningly sleeps?

The bride is not the one sleeping here, but Adam, the Bride is bone of His Bone and flesh of His flesh....Just as the Church is. Paul calls this a great Mystery. We His Church His Bride, are ONE in Christ...John 17.

If perchance some have dozed off to this truth..WAKE UP!!!!
---kathr4453 on 10/29/08

This is one of the few times that I have been in total agreement with Rev. Herb, unfortunately he didn't go far enough. The old testament is full of types and shadows. If you look at the deeper figure of this scene, you can see that Adam represents the Body of Christ and the rib taken from his side while he sleeps is the Bride of Christ. God is taking a rib portion out of the body of Christ while it unknowingly sleeps.
---Debbie on 10/13/08

God made Eve from Adam's rib so that when married "the two shall become one flesh" (Genesis 1:24). Eve is "bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh" and Adam called her "Woman" (Genesis 1:23).
---Helen_5378 on 11/17/07

God wanted man and woman to be one flesh. He did not take a bone from Adams head so that the woman would not rule over the man. He did not take a bone from Adams foot that he walk all over her. He took a bone from Adams rib so she would be close to his heart.
---Rev_Herb on 3/14/07

Making both male & female from dust would make an equality of authority, and would cause confusion (as legislated equality creates confusion today).

God makes Adam a type of parent by "birthing" Eve from Adam, establishing his authority, giving him preeminence (like the firstborn).

By this, God also gives us a symbol of our (male) relationship with Him, since as Creator, He was Adam's parent. God has authority & preeminence over men.
---a_servant on 8/5/06

Creation was completed on the 6th day. God took the feminine part of Adam and grew it into Adam's feminine body into which He placed Adam's feminine spirit. Doing it this way would fulfill scripture that all creation had ceased.
---mikefl on 6/28/06

If God done created Eve the same way he did Adam, then they couldn't become as "one". God created Eve to be a helpmeet for Adam.
---Rebecca_D on 6/27/06

Everything God does is intentional & perfect! If He had've made Eve from the ground, G2:21-24 wouldn't be & the rest of the Bible would've been very different.

Rather than being co-dependent, A&E would've been independent of each other. So, God took a PART of Adam & made for him a "PART ner". Eve was essentially the same as (equal to, on par with) Adam. She was the perfect mate (SIDEkick, companion, match)!

That's what I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me.:-)
---Leon on 6/27/06

Thanks Donna9759. I always do & already have asked God. :-)

"How can you ask...why God did something the way he did?" Why not?! I want to know what God is saying to other Christians on given subjects.

CN blogs are Q&A formatted for edifying the saved & evangelizing the unsaved. I know God doesn't speak to me alone & assure you, I'm not a bit interested in anyone's "I thinks" (opinions apart from Scripture) about what God says.

Hope this answers your question. :-)
---Leon on 6/27/06

Leon, you need to ask GOD that question. You're asking humans to figure out God. Isaiah tells us: "For my thoughts are NOT your thoughts, neither are my ways HIGHER than your ways, my thoughts are higher than your thoughts, my ways higher than your ways." HOW can you ask man/women about Why God did something the way He did?
---Donna9759 on 6/27/06

Aaaa! Thanks Debbie. Wha....?
---Leon on 6/27/06

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There is a well accepted thought that all the Church is the Bride of Christ. Even before I got the revelation of the Bridal Company, I just couldn't see how that was possible. There are many Christians that are not nearly as committed as they should be.How can anyone expect to attain that high place with Christ, if they don't live a totally dedicated life. Why would anyone want to suffer with Christ if they we all get the same reward and place of honor.
---Debbie on 6/26/06

#3 She must forget her own people, put off the old sinful nature - she must put her Lord first. She forgets those things which are behind. Col. 1:24. Romans 7:1-6 reveals which saints make up the Bridal company. In Philippians, Paul desires to depart and be with Christ; he wants the mind of Christ, and he recognizes that we are running for a Prize, Christ. The Prize of the High calling of God, Christ, as Bridegroom. All may run, but not all win, one wins the Prize - the Bride wins Christ as Bridegroom.
---Debbie on 6/26/06

#2 I John 3:3 tells what constitutes the Bride. Ephesians 4:13 tells what makes up her readiness. Christ won't be marrying a child Bride. Christ's Bride has dove's eyes, or Holy Spirit eyes. Song of Solomon 1:15; 4:1; 5:12. Psalm 45 gives a view of the Bridal Company. She is the only one of her mother (grace). Song of Solomon 6:9. She must hear Christ and agree with Him totally. She must consider - she must eat the Word, meditate on it.
---Debbie on 6/26/06

The Church is feeling safe and secure in its comfort zone, unaware of what God is doing. #1 God wants us to wake up and get ready. Romans 13:11; Ephesians 5:14; I Thes. 5:6,7. God is seeking after a company of people who have separated themselves unto Him and have made themselves ready. Revelation 19:7.
---Debbie on 6/26/06

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Because we as wives need to be our husbands helpmates, equal, not a totally seperate individual whom is rebelious. YES we have our own minds, but when we marry we're 1flesh. this is why he set the example with Adam &Eve. He did not pull a piece of bone from Adams head for us women to dominate them, nor his heal for us to be stomped on, but from his side for equal status.
---candice on 6/26/06

I agree that God wanted to to be of one flesh
the woman(a wife) should be an extension of the man. Now extensions are not rulers over what they are extensions of. I am what's called in the world "a male chauvinistic".
---mima on 6/26/06

To show that Man and Woman had the same equal human nature.

Compared with myths of surrounding cultures, man and woman were separate creations, hence of different natures, with man's nature being superior.
---Jack on 6/26/06

Debbie what do you mean when you say 'God is taking a rib portion out of the body of Christ while it unknowingly sleeps.'? Would you explain scripturally please?
---f.f. on 6/26/06

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