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What Are Your Spiritual Gifts

What are your Spiritual Gifts to edify the Body of Christ?

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 ---Alan on 6/29/06
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I think you mean why, am I correct? They are to edify the body of Christ, because God gives every true believer spiritual gifts, to always be used for His glory. And they are for life. However, we are suppose to exercise them, otherwise, they could lay dormant. Not good at all.
---catherine on 11/21/07

Rebecca, please explain your answer. I just didn't quite get it.
---shira on 11/21/07

Thank you Bethie. That was very sweet of you to say. Bless you
---josef on 6/30/06

Rebecca, don't worry what others might say, they are your gifts given to you by God, so let them shine girl, let everyone see them.
Josef, I am sure you have many gifts, maybe you just don't see them as such, God bless!
---bethie on 6/30/06

I agree with Heather Rebecca. The gifts you acknowledge as gifts from the Father use them for His glory. I know that He loves and appreciates your honoring Him. What the next man thinks about it is irrelevant. Embrace the gifts you have and pray for the gifts you desire. It is the Fathers' good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

As far as my gifts, I am not sure I have any. However I am open to recieve whatever my Father offers. I trust that His will will be done in my life.
---josef on 6/29/06

We all have diffrent gifts, The greatest gift is love, followed by faith and hope. There are many gifts in 1 corinth 12; 29-30-31.
---winna3836 on 6/29/06

Rebbeca D,don't worry about sharing how you serve God,working for our Lord, Glory to God! Now they can get me too after this ; the HG enables me in singing prophecy,prophecy,also seeing things before they happen,tongues,interpretation,wisdom,word of wisdom,word of knowledge,teaching,speaking/preaching,intercessory prayer,healing,discernment,making out a message or reading the Bible verses and teaching with no written material.He also anoints natural talent of singing,writing gospel songs,and poetry.
---Darlene_1 on 6/29/06

Dear Rebecca;
The gifts of the Spirit as you know are given to those who are among the body of our Lord and he gives them to whomsoever he will. Not all receive the same gifts but all come from one Spirit. Hon; who cares if they believe you or not? As long as you know, and use it for his glory, that's just fine. May God bless you.
---Heather on 6/29/06

My gifts are mercy, exhortation, helps and teaching.
---Madison1101 on 6/29/06

There are some (very few) people here question my gifts from God saying that they don't exist and that there made up or I don't have any gifts at all. I know what I have, and if others knew me personaly then they could see, but it is hard to know who has what gifts just reading off of these blogs.
---Rebecca_D on 6/29/06

Rebecca ... I think there is only a small minority who would judge you in that way. Disagreement with honest discussion is valuable, but no-one should ever say only he is right, and therefore others are wrong and bound to Satan
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/29/06

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