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Who Is Your Favorite Preacher

Who is your favorite preacher other than your local pastor and why?

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 ---Alan on 6/29/06
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---John on 6/17/10

God preaches. So, He would have to be my favorite. He has it all....One time Jesus actually used the gift of prophecy on me. Took me by total surprise....I mean, He did it Himself. Understand? WOW!
---catherine on 6/16/10

NONE of the Man-made relig-org's churches beginning with the rcc and her offspring churches on tv-radio & those that are not. The once saved always saved, easy believism, no works salvation, the sinners prayer etc which ARE Lies, they are here Matt.15 v 9 even here 2nd.Cor.4 v 4 & came from here 2nd.Cor.11 v's 14 - 15,. This Is what they are trying to do. John 10 v 1 trying to get into heaven without Jesus name baptism (it will Not be done), Matt.22 v's 11 - 13 this man represents the Whole body of the Man-made relig-org's churches & got cast out.
You get into heaven with The Salvation plan God gave Acts 2 v's 37 - 41 which Fulfills Matt.28 v's 19 - 20.
Not the salvation plans that devil & Man-made relig-org's gives.
---Lawrence on 6/16/10

Joyce Meyer and she is no false preacher. She was just what I needed when I first got saved. She loves God. She is faithful to God. She is practical. She teaches on everyday living useing Biblical scriptures.
---catherine on 5/28/07

My Elder whom teaches us. ,but as far as teacher it is above all Jesus.
---candice on 5/27/07

My Pastor E.L.Usher.....full of the Word, fire and excitement! Just the way I like it!
---Robyn on 5/27/07

Jessie Duplantis....I like his line about Buddah being ever heard somebody use his name in vain and say "Buddah D___!"
---Ralph on 5/27/07

bro. joe arthur is my favorite preacher because he is my pastor.
---deanna_whatley on 12/29/06


He is the only one who is absolutely right. He is the only one who absolutely knows. He is the only one with a pure agenda.
---a_servant on 8/5/06

If this question is referring to famous t.v. preachers which many of us will have heard of my choice would be Charles Stanley and, if I'm allowed a second choice it would be Billy Graham. But, having said that, I have heard some outstanding preachers that none of you would probably have heard of because they are either local or just not particularly famous.
---emg on 7/3/06

I don't have a favorite preacher. I just am not a preacher person. Most do not impress me. Maybe because I am an only child which made me independent, and I learned to find out things for myself. It's the same with the Bible,love to be alone with the Bible and let the Holy Ghost teach and lead me. I respect ministers and do enjoy some sermons but don't follow anyones ministry.
---Darlene_1 on 7/3/06

Charles Spurgeon, Charles Stanley, RC Sproul, Arthur Pink, John McArthur, in that order. Charles Stanley without a doubt was the biggest teacher in the beginning of my Christian walk, but Spurgeon and Arthur Pink the greatest teachers in my later years.
---lupe on 7/1/06

Dale Blair, Greenville, SC. He teaches with love, balance and no softsoaping of sin.
---NV_Barbara on 7/1/06

Bro. Joe Arthur, Bro. Craid Edwards
---shira on 6/30/06

joyce meyers,dr stanley,adrian rodgers,several others. I don,t have a favorite I listen to many and compare what each say about the same topics to discern Gods word,usually these lineup perfectly.qwith what our lord taught.Who by the way is number one on my list of favorite [preacher.
---tom2 on 6/30/06

Len Zoeteman ... he's on the Miracle Channel here in Canada. He's a man of faith, an easy to follow teacher, and his revelation of the Word is encouraging and refreshing. I love his personality ... he's cool, calm and collect.
---DoryLory on 6/30/06

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Joyce Myers, Kenneth Hagan, because they speak the truth and I can learn alot from their teachings.
---Rebecca_D on 6/30/06

"Jessie Duplantis....I like his line about Buddah being ever heard somebody use his name in vain and say "Buddah D___!"

LOL. Jessie's hilarious. I've watched several of his videos.

Mine would be Abbe Brand. He sent by the Vatican Mission to minister to the survivors of Belsen Bergen right after it was liberated.
---augusta on 6/30/06

Charles Stanley without a doubt.
---M.P. on 6/30/06

Dr. Charles Stanley is number one. Beth Moore is next.
---Madison1101 on 6/29/06

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