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Should Priests Be Able To Marry

Should a priest be able to marry since it is unnatural for a full growth man not to marry and it causes many of them to act out in strange ways?

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 ---Mackey on 7/1/06
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Priest should have the option to marry. They were married some centuries ago. It was an economic move by the church that did that. It is not in Cannon Law for a priest not to be married. It's time.
---David on 8/15/10

Mic ... Neither of us is perfect (and thank God for that ... if we were we would be absiolutely unbearable)

The grave charge is what you appeared to be saying: That while catholics keep the laws, christians do not.

What do you mean when you say that "Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's" ???

Since christians (ie non catholics in your terminology) regard themselves as 100% bound by the 10Cs, (at least all that I know, do, and all that write here, appear to) I am at a loss as to your meaning, unless you mean that RCs are less bound... and I don't think yuo mean that.
---alan8566_of_UK on 1/13/09

Alan of uk:-I am an imperfect being."To err is human to forgive is divine" so fire away with your explainations I am not on the judgement you state in a lighter note you are perfect.You have a better concept than I have.!I await your answer, and your grave Charge.
---Mic on 1/12/09

Mic ... I have started to use the number, because it is my PenPal number, which enables anyone here to send PP messages to me if they so wish.

Going back to the question of the 10Cs, you now say "the non observance (of the 10Cs) leads me to state the obvious. I have no further comments, as it is abroad statement"

You seem to be saying that while catholics keep the laws, christians do not.

That is a grave charge ... and if yuo explain why you think it, we may be able to explain to you that it is not the case.

Which of the 10Cs do christians not keep?
---alan8566_of_UK on 1/12/09

JohnT ... Mic is quite aware of the reasons why in the past I was compelled to change my name ... and he unbderstands them, because the same has happened to him.

That's not the reason for the latest change, which arises because the last name no longer works on the system, so I decided to start a new name which, firstly shows my PP name, and secondly shows the rather peculiar place where I hail from, and which explains why I sometimes don't understand things in the same way as a US citizen
---alan8566_of_UK on 1/12/09


Alan has MANY good reasons to add the number, and they go back to 3 years ago (perhaps more).

Should he reveal the circumstances to you is his choice, but if not, assume nothing about the number, for it is neither your choice nor your business what he chooses to use to call himself on a blog like this.

In saying that, I am being factual, but not rude. Hope you can understand that.
---John_T on 1/12/09

Alan of Uk:-Noted! But why would you brand your name with a number.Sounds regimented. 10 C's are made for every one But the non observance leads me to state the obvious.I have no further comments, as it is abroad statement.
---Mic on 1/12/09

Mic ... 'Twas not a cruise, in fact I have not had a holiday since December 2007.

My absence has been because of the breakdown of my computer (3rd time!) I am now getting used to a lap-top.

As to the question ... as you say, God's laws do not change.

So I wonder why you say that Christians are not bound by or to the 10 Commandments in the same way as catholics?

By the way I have changed my name here to ...
---alan8566_of_UK on 1/11/09

Rhonda ...

Although I don't accept that Mic is correct in interpreting Matthew 19 11-12 as an instruction that priests should remian celibate ...

... I agree with him when he says you have 'a diseased bias'

You are disgusting when you say: "priests are celibate to SERVE themselves many who USED little boys to 'serve them'"

There are also many protestant ministers & pastors who similarly abuse their authority.

Why will you not discuss the issue sensibly and honestly without resorting to such poisonous statements ?
---alan8566_of_UK on 1/11/09

You will not break Matt19:11-12

LOL break what?

although NO human can break spell you have willingly submitted yourself to ...your mind is prisoner to a flesh and blood man mind is FREE to SERVE Christ and The Father in Heaven ...your absurd man made reasoning will not "break you" of this brainwashing either when you CLEARLY have no comprehension of Matt 19

priests are celibate to SERVE themselves many who USED little boys to "serve them" ...perversion of Gods Truth is easily seen KNOWING it was covered up for many years ...

It is almost humorous many times the pagan idolatry that consumes the minds of rcc UNTIL one realizes the deception they are swimming in Matt 6:13, Rev 17
---Rhonda on 1/11/09

Rhonda:-You come with the old view into the new year-a diseased bias.Which you may keep.You will not break Matt19:11-12 on this subject.B/c you do not wish to understand God's word.Hence you are excused by the last sentence.I shall leave you with this truth.
---Mic on 1/11/09

a priest does not marry a woman, He marries the Church

priests marry the whore (Rev 17) and remain enslaved by this religious system when they submit themselves fully to her

by doing this they also thumb their noses at God whose plan is for pro-creation

rcc keeps THEIR wealth which is more important to them then having priests with families to support knowing this would DRAIN their VAST wealth

further remember Christ comes for his VIRGIN unmarried bride ...Christ is not going to marry anyone who is betrothed to a building Acts 17:24
---Rhonda on 1/10/09

a priest does not marry a woman, He marries the Church. Therefore, withought distractions from wife and children, he can give full attention to the Church. I believe that priest should have a choice to marry or not. Not abide by a man made law
---Rochelle on 1/10/09

Hi I am back after absence enforced by computer breakdown(again!) on Christmas Day

A Happy New Year to you all.
---alan_of_uk on 1/10/09

Alan of UK:-Hello,you have been conspicuous by your absence.How was the cruise?back to the subject- Laws once spoken by God never change.Man makes many insidiuus attempts to do so.But maybe you already know that.
---Mic on 1/10/09

Mic ,,, Are you not able to give any answer?
---alan_of_uk on 1/10/09

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MIC ... Still no response?

I just saw on another blog reference to "The non-biblical tradition that the New Covenant makes void the Ten Commandment Law of God"

I wonder whether this is what you are talking about?

If so, you have been misled.

This view is held by very few Christians
---alan_of_UK on 12/24/08

Every single human is different, as is every single cow.

You say some humans protest, and presumably you refer to those Christians who are not Roman Catholics.

Ate you saying that they protest against the 10Cs?

Please give just one example where "Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"
---alan_of_UK on 12/24/08

A of UK:-PERHAPS!!!Bovines are cows but there are still different breeds in different countries.But that is not a good example, but there is still a difference PERHAPS.Humans in a like manner look alike but some protest Perhaps, or kick against the goad.Do you agree.?
---MIC on 12/23/08

Whether priests should or should not marry is really the discretion of those denominations that employ priests.

The scripture has not formal priesthood beyond the priesthood of all believers.

However, those that are not by nature enunches will have problems with sexual desires and that is evident by the large number of priests that have left the priesthood for marriage or have found themselves in violation of the law.
---Lee1538 on 12/23/08

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MIC ... I know you are saying it as a point of FACT. (I did put a ? to suggest you were not accusing, but just sounded as if you were)

And yes we are all sinners.

But you said :

"Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"

So why will you not explain what the differences are?

How am I and Christians bound by the Ten Commandments in a different way or to a different extent than you and Catholics?

Perhaps you just don't know anymore than I do?
---alan_of_UK on 12/23/08

A sinner who sees the horror of their crimes and (sincerely) apologizes to the sinned against, does not repeat the crime. Japanese people understand the importance of apologies....and sincerity. It is harder in cases where idol worship is not even recognized as the sin it is. This spiritual fornication is thought of as beauty as the adopted orphan daughter thought in Ezekiel 16. She traded on her beauty, committing fornication with any man who looked at her and even chasing those who didn't, and would not even expect payment. On the contrary, she paid her lovers. Oh! How far has the RCC gone in departing from God's ways. It makes me weep.
---frances008 on 12/22/08

---a/a ofuk:-Your entitlement permits you to see it as accusatory, where as I see it as a statement of fact, in which we are all sinners Rom3:23.Sins are always against Gods Commandments or dont you agree.unless you desire to set yourself above everyone else by a name I choose not to use.
---MIC on 12/22/08

MIC ... 'A Of Uk:-Do you alone represent the entire christian community?'

No of course I do not!!

I do however form part of a very significant group of Christians, and share with them, and with many more Christians still, a total commitment to being bound by the 10 Commandments.

I thought I shared that with the Catholics, so would be interested to learn in what way we are differently bound (whether to a greater or lesser extent)
---alan_of_UK on 12/22/08

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MIC .. You refer to the fact that there are many who have betrayed Him. That is true.

The betrayals have been by Catholic and Christians, by good men and bad men, have been intentional and unintentional, have been repented and unrepented.

But that is nothing to do with your general (and rather accusatory?) statement:

"Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"

Which you refuse to explain or justify
---alan_of_UK on 12/22/08

A Of Uk:-Do you alone represent the entire christian community? NO-Dont you think God knows this.Look around 5 fingers are not alike.Did not Judas dip his bread in the same bowl as the lord? YET he betrayed Him. In a like manner there are many who do so not necessairly you, which you appear to take personally.
---MIC on 12/21/08

MIC Your original quote was:

"Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"

I have asked you so many times to explain in which ways Christians (i.e. non-Catholics) differ from Catholics in their approach to and response to the Ten Commandments.

You have not answered.

Your comments seem to show that you are not going to answer.

You seem to be unwilling to explain why you will not answer.

That all seems to me to be close to a refusal to answer

It would be so simple for you to answer that I am baffled by your refusal to answer ...

... so baffled that I am absolutely unable to draw my "own conclusion" Others might, though.
---Alan_of_UK on 12/21/08

---a/A of UK:- The original post stands.You are free to draw your conclusions which you are wont todo.
---MIC on 12/20/08

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MIC ... The question I ask, is surely simple, and honest, and if answered would lead to greater understanding between us.

I beleive I am bound to & by the Ten Commandments in the same way as you are, no more, no less.

I can't think of a single Commandment which I am required to obey to a lesser or greater extent than you.

Please enlighten me... what is the difference in the way that you as a Catholic, and I as a Christian are bound by the Ten Commandments?
---a on 12/20/08

Are you saying it is for God to judge between Catholics and Christians and the different ways they are bound by the Ten Commandments?

If so, I'm full of admiration for you, for you have been bold enough to take God's place to make that judgment yourself, when you said:

"Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"

Perhaps God revealed this to you, as it is for Him to judge?

You have still made no effort to state the differences, and I suspect you made the statement without thinking whether it was true or not.

If you still think it is true, you must have worked out what the differences are, and should be able to share them. It would not be treading on God's toes.
---aaln_of_UK on 12/19/08

---a/a ofUK:-I do believe (for the hundreth time) the playing field he addressed was HIS to draw a line of comparison one would have to be on that field.
---MIC on 12/19/08

there are many more people who are not Priests that hold the majority in acting out in strange ways ..And THEY ARE MARRIED.

There is no study showing that choosing to be celibate promotes strange ways.

But there are studies showing that men who have other problems, such as substance abuse, alcoholics, drug users,porno addicts,gays etc... are more subject to do strange things.
---paul on 12/19/08

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MIC ... It was YOU created the issue by saying "Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"

You now say "He (God) knows they are being broken or not observed"

You are quite right! They (the 10Cs) are indeed (all of them) in some way being broken & not only by some Christians but by some Catholics.

There is no need to give names ... they would be too numerous and include everybody, including you and me.

But what is the difference in the way that you as a Catholic, and I as a Christian are bound by the Ten Commandments?

You said it, but appear unable (for I cannot see why you should be unwilling) to justify your statement.
---alan_of_UK on 12/19/08

---a/a of UK:-What is the use of creating an issue that does not appear to exist to you.I shall not incriminate those I do not know.But if you diligently look around the flaws are there.and it is not for US to point them out.and if you say they do not exist so be it.God says keep my commandments,obviously He knows they are being broken or not observed. If you desire clarification Please ask him.
---MIC on 12/18/08

MIC ... Thank you for your confirmation, at last, that you do not regard all protestants as having the same level of hostility towards the RCC.

But I am still intrigued by your original statement "Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"

On 12/2, you did say "YES do we all owe allegiance to the 10C", but that did not really explain your original comment.

As a Christian, I find myself bound by the Ten Commandments as I believe you are as a Roman Catholic. So can you explain how we are bound differently?
---aaln_of_uK on 12/18/08

A of UK:-I am no one to justify the faults of what others do say or Think This is the Perogative of God.You may draw any conclusion you desire from your tenacious trait.Your belief is your own I have not or ever uttered a superiority complex situation it is you who bring forth this claim which you THINK exists in my Mind.The "unfair hostility" is your brain child as 'you' have so often stated, when defending some unfair you may remember "HE strongly defends His position"and this I do here and now.My true position is in Matt16:13-19 which is congruent with God's word.I have nothing to hide.
---MIC on 12/17/08

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MIC ... You said "Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"

I have asked yuo at least THIRTEEN times (11/28, 11/30. 12/1, 12/2, 12/2, 12/3, 12.3, 12/5, 12/7, 12/11, 12/15, 12/16, 12/17) to explain or justify that comment, or to give examples of any difference. But you have not given any answer, not even one example of difference.

To use your own words ... "What else am I to think when" you will not answer, other than the seemingly obvious, i.e. that you cannot justify.
---alan_of_UK on 12/17/08

I know what you beleive, that the Catholics are some superior sort of Christian, whereas no-Catholics have got it all wrong.


Shall I repeat them?

You said that Christians attitudes to the 10Cs was not the same as Catholics' attitudes. What are the differences?

You judge that all non-RCs have extreme and unfair hostility to the RCC. Why will not not acknowledge that is not the case?
---alan_of_UK on 12/17/08

---a/A of uk:-The answer is as plain as the shining Son of God, Catholics belong as christians to the RCC Matt16:13-19 The others Protested.and went their own way, calling them selves christian their way Not HIS way.Hope you understand that even if you do not agree.
---MIC on 12/17/08

BOBBYANN:-While you may feel it is your feeling and not that of a Priest who makes that determination, on the basis of His sincerity in accepting His calling.Hence you do not understand Matt19:10-12.
---MIC on 12/17/08

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Either believe IN IT or NOT.




Be like minded... of ONE ACCORD...
The WORD...
Written,and spoken BY HOLY PROPHETS...who is man to say otherwise?

IMMANUEL,ASKED.. Matt 16:15-16...."who would you say [I AM]?.

---char on 12/17/08

Mic ... You continue to evade the question ... You said that Christians attitudes to the 10Cs was not the same as Catholics' attitudes. Please give the differences.

Maybe Catholic-haters was strong ... but you judge that all non-RCs have extreme and unfair hostility to the RCC. Why will not not acknowledge that is not the case?
---a on 12/17/08

there are many more people who are not Priests that hold the majority in acting out in strange ways ..And THEY ARE MARRIED.

There is no study showing that choosing to be celibate promotes strange ways.

But there are studies showing that men who have other problems, such as substance abuse, alcoholics, drug users,porno addicts,gays etc... are more subject to do strange things.
---paul on 12/17/08

there are many more people who are not Priests that hold the majority in acting out in strange ways ..And THEY ARE MARRIED.

There is no study showing that choosing to be celibate promotes strange ways.

But there are studies showing that men who have other problems, such as substance abuse, alcoholics, drug users,porno addicts,gays etc... are more subject to do strange things.

I know lots of priest who are doing God's will, serving Him and helping others.
They are good men, giving their whole life to the Lord!And they are happy to be celibate.
---paul on 12/17/08

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---BOBBYANN on 12/17/08

Mic Actually. you have never answered the question ... notice the word "why"

"why on occasions you refer to Christians as being different from Catholics"
---a on 12/17/08

A of Uk:- The Term RC Haters is not of My making making, I know you use the term frequently.I consider them to be ill advised and ill bred.I have never hidden the Fact I am a ROMAN CATHOLIC Christian.who follows christ per Matt16:13-19 based on apostolic succession.other christians have their own agenda.IE Their way not Jesus way.I leave you to discover if what you visualise around you, if your findings are false or true.Have I ever cllled any one a RC hater?
---MIC on 12/16/08

Mic ... I know you are Christian.

However yuo still use the word "Christian" to refer to something different from Catholics.

You seem averse to using the terms "Catholic Christians" and "non Catholic Christian", preferring "Christians" and "Catholics"

And I still wonder why you say that Christians do not have the same attitude to the Ten Commandments as Catholics. Can you at last tell me? Or have you realised the charge is false?

And I still hope you will accept that not all non-Catholic Christians are RC-haters.
---alan_of_UK on 12/16/08

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A OF UK:-What else am I to think when you insist on an answer which I have given on innumerable instances but yet you persist in asking me the same question If Catholics are christians I have said "yes" but of a different Breed, as in any category eg Dogs-how many breeds are there are they different?"YES" But still DOGS,Please do NOT draw the Inference saying Christians are Dogs.there again there are differences.Like in Bull DOG.
---MIC on 12/16/08

Mic ... I have never tried to trap you in any way. Please do not distrust me ... I am trying to establish understanding,

I have asked you why on occasions you refer to Christians as being different from Catholics (because that would indicate that Catholics are not Christians ... which I don,t think is the case)

I have also tried to show that not all non-Catholic Christians are RC-haters. Why don't yuo accept this?

I have also asked you to say why you claim Protestant attitude to the 10Cs differs from that of the RCC, and you have declined to say
---alan_of_UK on 12/15/08


The Protestants were protesting against a corrupt and apostate Roman Catholic church at the time. They chose to follow the teachings of Jesus, rather than the apostate teachings of the RCC.

They were NOT "denying Jesus", but rather separating themselves from others who had themselves done so by claiming to follow Jesus but acting in opposition to his teachings.

(This is not to say that all Catholics were corrupt, only that those in power were corrupt and resisting those who chose to follow Jesus's teachings rather than theirs).
---StrongAxe on 12/15/08

A of Uk:"Few protestants here have different Understanding of the 10's here"If the standard Protestant attitude is different, then My friend How can "they" be the same and why then are they not on the same Playing Field of My Jesus church?Does that make sense to you? and why then do they go by another name called PROTESTANT what are they protesting and if they are protesting How can they be the same?Maybe what you are saying is they would like to be the same but do not know how? or not under RCC rules but their own.Then my Friend The answer lies with Jesus who said "He who denies me before men, will I also deny him before my Father in Heaven.We do not make rules WE ARE CALLED TO FOLLOW THEM.
---MIC on 12/12/08

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Alan of Uk:-You do try hard to trap me in asking me to define If I am Christian Do I separate christians NO but cant you see that Satan is the one who has done that and you are unwittingly following His plan I am a Christian under the banner of Jesus's Church as declared in Matt16:13-19 His universal (catholic ) church with Apostolic succession I am NOT a baptist burning Bush, free thinker, Episcopillian, Prespeterian, SDA,Mormon, Jehovas witness, or any other denomination, who all claim to be CHRISTIANS with attitudes, Varying doctrines,beliefs or variations of their concepts,of Jesus THEIR WAY.But I am Christianb/c I follow My Lord and saviour J/C 'HIS WAY'.as he decrees.If you love me keep my commandments.
---MIC on 12/12/08

Mic ... You can't say that because a few protestants here have different understanding of the 10Cs, that all non-Catholics (or Christians as you like to call them) differ from Catholics in attitude to the 10Cs

Standard protestant attitude to the 10Cs is the same as the RC (can you show any examples otherwise?)
---alan_of_UK on 12/11/08

I'm sorry Mic if I misunderstood, but it read, (and still reads) as if you thought I was criticising those who like Cardinal Newman moved over to the Roman Catholic Church.

As to your comments about "questions & answers asked on these Posts by Christians" suggest thast you still separate Christians from Catholics !! Are you not a Christian?

But I have to admit that I do not see any pattern in the answers given by non-Catholics to show that they view the 10Cs in any way differently from Catholics.

Some examples of the differences would help, and perhaps you may then realsie your assessment is wrong.
---alan_of_UK on 12/11/08

A of Uk:- what criticsm or Judgement did I speak of. yes I do & have always acknowledged your support.With regard to the 10C's and their observance was a generalised statement based on the questions & answers asked on these Posts by Christians surely you also can see you desire I point Fingers -NO this I cannot do-why? b/c its not my prerogative.
---MIC on 12/11/08

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Mic ... I do wish you would read what I say. Where was any criticism or judgment? I was in fact giving facts which were in support of you.

And will you at last tell me where the Catholic attitude to the 10Cs differs from that of Christians?
---alan_of_UK on 12/11/08

A of UK:-dont look at the situation collectively You as an individual are responsible for your own soul.You have to make a leap or else remain in your own complacent stand, wondering if right or wrong.This is the real dilemma.Do I leap or stay with a sinking ship.What did Newman do.If he saw examined the corpuse delecte he must have seen something worthwhile.after all many misguided people who are in the same boat, due to their ancestral heritage by decision.
---MIC on 12/10/08

Mische ... I'm not sure what it is that Mic suggests I answer.

But I was going to say in any case that I do know of many Anglican clerics who transferred to the RCC because the Anglicans ordained women. And of course Newman converted and became Cardinal Newman.

And I do not know personally of RCs who left the RCC, although there are many on these blogs who know of hoards of them!!

Personally, I think that generally, people stay with the group who has nurtured them in their Christian faith, so switching is uncommon.

I also beleive as I hace said extensively here ... there much condemnation of others because their detail belifs differ.
---alan_of_UK on 12/8/08

Mische :-I can only give you a theory but not on this forum.ask Alan he may help you write me.If you care.Blessings Happy Christmas.e mail me .
---MIC on 12/8/08

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Mic ... I withdraw the word "assume" and replace it with "You have demonstrated, even proved, that you say Christians are different from Catholics. Ergo, Catholcs are not Christian"

You have misread me ... I did not show two types of protestant

The fourth group of Christians include those coming from the Anabaptists, who are not protestant since they never belonged to the RCC.

Why will you not answer about the 10Cs?
---alan_of_UK on 12/7/08

Mic ... "You show 2 kinds of Protestants"

Do I?

Where & When?

I did not mean to.

(There are of cf course as you say many many proptestant denominations, but this is not the issue here)
---alan_of_UK on 12/7/08

A of uk:You may "assume": I do not my convictions are as solid as Matt16:13-19.Face the facts I gave you a geometrical AXIOM.If you fail to see the difference Is it my Fault.You show 2 kinds of Protestants,can you explain this and if you can, can they both still be protestants.if they are different as you say.Dissect the word Assume and you will see what I mean.
---Mic on 12/6/08

mic, that is the thing.
I have only seen this instance once.
My brother did this so he could marry a woman that was rcc because she would not marry him anyother way. Yes He became a devout RCC because my brother believes in God.
It turns out she was cheating and left him.
Now, my brother is a youth minister at our fellowship. He is no longer rcc. He returned to his roots.
This is the only time I have ever seen anyone switch to rcc. Most I know leave because they discover discrepencies in the teachings when they line it up to the Word of God.
---miche3754 on 12/6/08

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the Lord is not slack concerning his promise,as some men count slackness,but is long-suffering to us-ward...

but go ye and learn what that meaneth...
I WILL HAVE MERCY,AND NOT SACRIFICE:For I AM not come to call the righteous,but sinners to repentance.
Matt 9:13
---char on 12/5/08

Mische:Ask yourself the same question b/c people are self serving whereever they find more laxity there they will go.b/c they believe the result is the same.there are many who leave the denomational churches to become Catholics I know some who were Pastors who jumped ship and became followers of the RCC.Read Jn 13-14.I am not here to draw attention to the RCC that is not my intention.Those who hear the word will be influenced by the father.I do not believe in what people say especially those who have rejected God for their own agenda.I intend to leave this discussion as others have done .
---Mic on 12/5/08

I respect you and your views BUT
what everyone is saying about the Church is correct.
Jesus selected ALL of the Apostles to build on the foundation.
The foundation is Jesus, the Messiah, son of God, our saviour.
ALL of the Apostles were given the power not just Peter.
Peter was the first to discover the truth about Jesus. This was shown to Peter by the Holy Ghost.
Strongaxe is speaking truth about how God does things.
Brother(mic) ask yourself WHY would someone want to leave if leaders of RCC wre truly following God?
I know if my pastor was walking contrary to God's word, I would pray and if God said leave, I would leave.
---miche3754 on 12/5/08

Mic ... I "assume" you beleive that Catholics are not Christians because you still use the two terms to differentiate between what I call Catholic Christians and non-Catholic Christians.

Mic ... read all the times you have said things like:

"It is always the christians who attack things holy and righteous"

"Spoken like christian!"

"Christians are not bound by Gods Rules as the RCC sees it in the 10C's"

And now you support those nuns who made Christians and Catholics different.

And you attack me for saying "Surely Mic you don't mean those things & to drive us apart?"

---alan_of_UK on 12/5/08

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Mic ...

There are Christians who happen to be Roman Catholic

There are Christians who happen to be Orthodox

There are Christians who happen to be protestant (in denoms which broke away from the RCC)

The are Christians who are in groups who claim have always existed alonngside the RCC, but were never part of it, so are not Protestants.

Common & most important factor? ... they are all Christian. But maybe you don't agree.

It's more important to me that I am a Christian than that I belong to a Protestant denomination.

What about you?
---alan_of_UK on 12/5/08


Time and time again, God has created institutions, but later when the people running those instutitions became corrupt, he took the mandate away from them, and gave it to somebody else.

This happened to Adam when he was kicked ou of the garden, mankind most of whom were drowned in the flood, Saul's line from kingshop over Israel, Solomon's descendents from ruling over a united Israel, the levitical priesthood when Jesus came, etc.

Why should any church feel any more secure in their mandate than any of these? When a church follows God's leadings, it's blessed. When it strays away slightly, it isn't - and when it strays away severely, its mandate is taken away and given to someone else who can do a better job of it.
---StrongAxe on 12/5/08

Gen3:14 what you are doing here is similar.
---Mic on 12/4/08

Actualy Mic, it's what you are doing!
I'm professing Jesus, and Him alone, Like the scriptures say.

On the question: About Jesus!
Matt16:13: "Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?"

Answer: About Jesus!
(V16) "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

About Peter:
(V17) "Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah", God's Spirit spoke, You listened.

About Peter:
(V18)"And I also say to you that you are Peter(Petros,large rock)". God could have called him lithos( a stone). But the next statement wouldn't have made the same impact.

---Mike356 on 12/5/08

About Jesus:
"And on this Rock(Petra, Mass of stone, Foundation, Me-Jesus) I will build My church (PEOPLE,BELIEVERS not institution, denomination or building), and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Jesus, throughout the bible is known as the "Foundation".

Isaiah28:16, Therefore thus says the Lord God: Behold I lay in Zion a stone for a foundation,
A tried stone, a precious Cornerstone, a sure foundation,
Whoever believes will not act hastily.

1Cor.3:11, For no other foundation can Anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Eph.2:20,Having been built on the foundation of the apostles(not just Peter) and prophets, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF BEING THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE.
---Mike356 on 12/5/08

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STUDY:(I AM)who is Son of God?
Jesus Asked...
The Pharisee didn't know.John8:25
Result,Christ instructs us... NOT after their works:for they say,and do NOT...

Announced at Jesus Baptism.
satan Acknowledged...
Proven at the RESURRECTION

Jesus asked Peter...
Who do you say I AM?...
"THE REVELATION" given to peter...
Child born to us,Counselor,MIGHTY GOD,EVERLASTING FATHER...
Is 9:6

God's Peace.
---char on 12/4/08

If we confess Jesus as LORD to MASTER OVER US and believe he died and rose from the dead...

what are we confessing?

We beleive HE IS WHO HE IS...
Son of God(WORD MADE FLESH)...

If we believe he is Immanuel-God with us,he promises us HE WILL TRANSFORM us to that virgin mind being renew with HIS WORD,CHRISTOS,by HIS SPIRIT.


We are the Called out ones,set apart to God.

---char on 12/4/08

A OF UK:-Again I see you ruffel your feathers with misgiving and misunderstanding.Your weakness to SEEM , ASSUME. gets you in distress.stick to Facts.Following your conversation with those Nuns, 'you' have to decide as did the Anglican Cleric-what is the difference -for surely HE DID see and find it.If this then is your quest, Pray seek HIS councel b/c It is the Father who sends one to His Son."No one comes to me but through the Father.That is why Peter was the chosen one.Peace
---Mic on 12/4/08

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