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Are Pastors Like Businessmen

Do you think today's pastors are too business like?

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 ---Stef on 7/3/06
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Why do you worry about pastors and what they do? Why do you question them when they appear to live well with nice cars? Why do we always mind others business when we have our own salvation to take care of? Leave God's sevants alone..if they err, then God is their judge, NOT US..
---jana on 9/12/07

Yes. In fact, I wondered why my former pastor chose a clergy profession when his heart is clearly with saturated with the world, and all things business!
---Martin on 9/6/07

Not business like enough. Big churches have to run like a business. Small churches need to learn. They need to learn how to market, package, identify product, motivate leaders, train leaders, stress the retirement plan, benefit package etc. Now translate all that from the Bible and you have how any good business is run.
---dan on 9/6/07

No, not as a rule. Most pastors have been in school or working in a church most of their lives and have had very little business training or experience. I believe they should give themselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word, as stated in Acts 6:4. It is wise to follow the apostles lead and appoint men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom to tend to business matters as directed in Acts 6:3
---Stan on 9/5/07

Perhaps. More than we know. So much pretence going on. Watch out for wolves in sheep clothing.
---catherine on 9/5/07

I don't think that they are too business like, I think that they have become more business savy because running a church is more than speaking in tongues, its knowing how to be debt free so that the tithes that the church memebers sow can go towards empowering the community.
---Beverlin_Hammett on 9/5/07

I think there are way too many Ananias and Saphira types out there today. Seems they have popularized religiosity and the innocent exploitation of the unsuspecting innocents along the way, It is a HUGE business, yet there are many who put it to extremely good and urgent uses. I think ''The Accountability Factor'' is missing in churches today.
---Whisper on 9/5/07

Depends where you go & who the Pastor is. I've been to many denominations as noted on this board before, & I have seen them all, but to me personally it seems the baptist church where I went & the non-denominational one is where they acted as if it where a business setting & not church related.
---candice on 9/5/07

Yes...Add dictators among other titles they wear. I posted a question concerning my pastor buying a brand new Jaguar for his wife, this past Sunday. The question did not make it to the blog.

I wonder where the money came from to pay for this luxury car?
The church needs a church bus to pick up members and visitors who do not have transportation.....TSk...tsk...tsk..
---Robyn on 9/5/07

Yes. I was at a Pentacostal church & it was tithing time & the Pastor said he is meeting such about & see if we can meet his in tithing. It was like $300. Sounded too fake & more about a contest. God doesn't care the amount as lnog as we give with a cheerful heart.
---anonymous on 9/5/07

Salvation is free, but the church costs money.

Many are FORCED into being administrators of temporal things associated with the church. Pity, because this is what deacons, boards, and parish councils are supposed to take care of, though the pastor usually has the last word (though not the next to the last word).
---Jack on 7/5/06

The Pastor of the church should not be burden to look after the financial aspect of the church,someone else should be prayed over to to lead this office. I aggree with Lynete. I saw a particular church blessed thoses who gave the most. I was poor and got poorer in spirit as a result. I soon left.
---Jen on 7/4/06

To Lynet= your post reminds me of my father.At church when this method of collection took place, my father abruptly gone up and left. He was a deacon in this church. Many delegations from the church came trying to get him to come back. Being well off he was a big supporter of the church, but finally the church dismissed him. Three months later the pastor that initiated this type of offering was in jail for fraud in Alabama. No one ever apologized to my father for kicking him out.
---mima on 7/4/06

Read Malachi 3 -7-8
---Betty on 7/4/06

I'm sure we can all come up with some hair-raising stories in every kind of church. If the pastor is hired he probably feels responsible for almost everything that goes on including the business end of it. Too bad because administration is a totally different gift and many pastors don't have it. All the more reason to utilize all the gifted people in the congregation to work as a team and eliminate the one man show.
---john on 7/4/06

I personally believe that Christianity has become the biggest business in the world with the corporate executives of these supercenters of heresy buying and selling the word of God to the gullible and unlearned people that only want to live for this world. Try preaching Christ and telling people that having their name written in the book of life is all they should rejoice in and see how packed their churches are.
---Frank on 7/4/06

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If there is a great need in a church, perhaps expensive repairs, the members need to know about this and I hope would prayerfully respond to the need, giving what each individual can afford. These sort of appeals should not be part of the Sunday preaching though i.m.o. Most churches have weekday meeting and businesss type meetings when these matters can be raised and, even then, everyone's individual giving should be between them and God.
---M.A. on 7/4/06

I'm not saying only Pentecostal churches practice this.
But sometimes when money needed to be raised certain people would be called on to come and "start" the offering with 100.00 dollars each, the pastor would say "I know you have it". Then he'd say those who can give a hundred get in line, or 80.00, get behind them, until he gets down to the 5.00, and 1.00 group. If not enough is raised, they ask the congregation to give more.
My spirit was grieved when I saw it happening.
---lynet on 7/3/06

Pastors are business men. They run Corporations called churches. Corporations are created to make money. And are tax exempt to boot. If Jesus was here he would be overturning alot ot tables.
---Lynn on 7/3/06

pastors are supposed to be everyones servant!
not slavedriver!when
Paul went to visit, he was not sure who the leaders were! These true pastors of Yahuweh's flock were humble men,read what Yahuweh has to say about this in Ezekiel ch 34!! wake up people you are being fleeced!!
---dave on 7/3/06

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Anonymous, are you saying that the pastor discussed with other people what a certain person's tithe money amounted to? If that is so it is a disgusting practice. No-one needs to know what another person gives - ever.
---M.P. on 7/3/06

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