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Driving Men Away From Christianity

It's been reported just 35% of American men say they attend church weekly & women make up more than 60% of the typical congregation on a given Sunday. What is it about modern Christianity that's driving men away?

Moderator - If the modern church was Biblical, the men would be there. The church I attend seems to be around 50/50.

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 ---Leon on 7/3/06
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Give me a couple of men and women, wood for a new steps for widow Johnson, a bible, and a few sandwiches...

in this church, there is no need for a 'love offering'...just love.
---aka on 4/18/11
---aka on 4/19/11

James my friend, I must tell you it seems as if you are very aggressive toward those who disagree with you. Pray before you make comments towards others and be certain you do not insult and call names, that is not proper for those who walk in the love of God.
---willa5568 on 4/19/11

Great points Donna, a lot of wisdom in your answer. :)
---Mary on 4/19/11

JamesL-- I'd very much like to see a more balanced ministry in the church (not a man's church and a woman's church) esp. Bible studies etc. As I've said before, even as a woman (and I'm not the only one) I avoid women's functions that lean on emotional responses as evidence of spirituality.

You complained first, that there were not enough things that appeal to men, manly men.
But you add that you want more that appeals to the whole church.(Amen to that).
In either case, men (who according to scripture SHOULD lead) or at least couples, must be the ones to get the ball rolling.
Change takes time, prayer and perseverance, but it's not impossible.
---Donna66 on 4/19/11

JamesL-- I'd very much like to see a more balanced ministry in the church (not a man's church and a woman's church) esp. Bible studies etc. As I've said before, even as a woman (and I'm not the only one) I avoid women's functions that lean on emotional responses as evidence of spirituality.

You complained first, that there were not enough things that appeal to men, manly men.
But you add that you want more that appeals to the whole church.(Amen to that).
In either case, men (who according to scripture SHOULD lead) or at least couples, must be the ones to get the ball rolling.
Change takes time, prayer and perseverance, but it's not impossible.
---Donna66 on 4/19/11

I believe when one of us sees a need for something we should bring it up to the pastor. After my wife died, I learned how hard it was for women to speak to man, because many would judge them if they saw them talking to someone. Women judge other women harder then they do man. So I suggested to the pastor the need and he told me to start a group for singles. There were at least 200 single mom's and dads out of 1,000 members. We all got together for dinner every two weeks. Some married couples would cook and serve the meals. This group gave everyone a chance to meet and talk to other sisters without everyone judging us. The group was good way for singles to talk and meet other single people from our own church.
---Mark_V. on 4/19/11

Look, buddy.

This thread has been here for 5 years and you had nothing to say about it until I called your TULIP unbiblical.

Stalking me from topic to topic doesn't make your false teaching any more relevant.

It's obvious that you haven't read all that I've posted in this thread or else you would have kept that drivel to yourself.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself. This isn't the first time you've tried dragging your hurt feelings into another blog.

Grow up and act like a man, not a 12 year old kid.
---James_L on 4/19/11

Willa, I agree with you. Many man have the wrong idea about attending Church. Man and women of God should be passionate about going to learn about the Lord. But many always complain no matter what. They need to stop whining and start doing something, like starting programs instead of complaining. Then, James says,
"And the truth is that no where in scripture are we called to have a deep, intimate, personal, romantic relationship with God."
Wow, that's just too much. James complains about how much we should love God. If they feel the sisters are driving man away with their vicious potlucks, don't go to them. If you have to be told how much to love God, then you are in the wrong place. Because you should already.
---Mark_V. on 4/19/11

Please see how intimate the word fellowship can be in the greek. Intimate from the Webster's dictionary: Characterized by, involving, or arising from close personal connection or experience. Or coarse it can mean sexual but you see I hope that is not the only thing it means and I do not think that is how we should take it.
---willa5568 on 4/19/11

//If you could buy lottery tickets,beer,porn,naked women,food,football and other sports were available. //

ironically, we are seeing more and more men in the church with these exact problems. could it be that the current church men are neither real men at church nor at home.

Give me a couple of men and women, wood for a new steps for widow Johnson, a bible, and a few sandwiches, and you can keep your "praise and worship" songs and the "prophetic dancing" and your 'men' (and womyn) with behaviors that they have to hide and feminize.

in our church, there is no need for a 'love offering'...just love.
---aka on 4/18/11

I'm not trying to cast blame. Regardless of who's "fault" it may or may not be, that is somewhat irrelevant. The point is not who is at fault

As for starting something, that's good. But we are not supposed to be two churches, one for men and one for women. What happens when the men and women are together, and a man feels out of place with all the feminine lingo and expectations?

A side activity will not keep men in the church when the activity is over.

Since the church is overly feminine, it is imperative that women become involved in helping to create an atmosphere conducive to males.

I know from past experience that creating any kind of change is nearly impossible
---James_L on 4/18/11

James L--Men will attend whatever provides what they need spiritually. Maybe you "manly" men need to start something...since you know what appeals to other men.

It's easy to just blame the pastor. But maybe it's something YOU can correct.
---Donna66 on 4/18/11


I agree with you that men need to be more proactive in gathering together the men of the church. But then what's gonna keep them?

Are men going to just attend ministry outreaches, or are they going to become involved in the building up of the entire congregation?

When the pastor has a feminine appeal in his sermons, and 85% of the men act more like women than men, then what? Real men are turned off.

Men are rational, logical, work-focused thinkers. Real men love truth. And the truth is that no where in scripture are we called to have a deep, intimate, personal, romantic relationship with God.

But that offends a lot of women, so the truth is lacking.
---James_L on 4/18/11

Another view:Nothing is really driving men away from church. If you could buy lottery tickets,beer,porn,naked women,food,football and other sports were available. You would see attendance increase by 1000 fold. There would be so much dust and dirt in the churchyard, you could not find the door.
---Robyn on 4/18/11

willa5568--- it is up to the men to start some men's fellowship or Bible study or whatever. Women can't do it!
I wonder sometimes why male pastors don't seem to take the bull by the horns in this area.
---Donna66 on 4/18/11


It is very easy to put blame on women, but I ask you, who started the mens breakfast? Was it not the men in the church. Why do you blame the men because we do not plan for more fellowship than we do? If it was important to us, (which it is for me) then we would make it a priority.
Also if you feel this way talk to the Pastor, why hold what you feel inside when something can be done. You may not get the results you want but you are responsible to do so if you see a problem in the church.
This goes for all of us men. Please remember there is no requirement to hug, you can just shake hands like most of us do with strangers. And consider this in Jesus' time that greeted with a kiss, so is it really feminine to hug?
---willa5568 on 4/18/11

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Jesus may have been meek and lowly but still made a scourge of small cords and drove out those who sold doves. That is one man that could be followed. ---Frank on 7/3/06

He'll drive em out alright one of these days like the wolves and imposters the for the most part they are.
In the mean time....lets do our part.
Want to scourge some out in your vicinity. Learn your Bible...they don't. Use the prophets for witness....always have two scriptural witnesses. This makes them furious,and eventually runs them off...or they learn something and become what they profess in the first place.
Acts 20:29
For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
---Trav on 4/18/11

Warwick --- It's not just men who are uncomfortable hugging a stranger because they are commanded to! I don't even like hugging a friend because I'm "told" to.(a hug should be spontaneous, or it is meaningless). I am quite capable of loving my neighbor without feeling the need to hug!

And I'm not the only woman I know who avoids some women' s retreats and other special meetings, because I am not a crier! Seems crying is an unspoken requirement at many woman's functions. I can be very moved yet not shed a tear! (many women can't understand). I'll hear the speakers on tape afterward, thanks.

We desparately need more male influence in the church!
---Donna66 on 4/17/11

Warwick and aka,


I do have a "thick male ego"

Do you know why?? Because I Am A Man. I am supposed to have. If you should care to read everything I wrote, you would see an appeal to be less single-sex oriented toward a female ego, and more conducive to a male ego. That way there is a balance.

Is Jesus Lord of females, or Lord of all?

You say that females are half the population, right on.

But church is geared 98% toward women. Why do you get so offended when someone points this out?

When was the last time your church had a Men's event other than once a month breakfast?

I say get off your female ego and open up your over-imaginative women's club to men
---James_L on 4/17/11

James, you need to get over yourself and your thick male ego and realize that women are half the population, sorry if this "woman" offends you. ---Mary on 4/16/11

are women getting over their thin female ego?

It is not women that keep men away. A true woman cannot keep a man away with fire or ice.

It is womyn and their worldly castrated men that keep us away.

In the 60% that do attend church are 90% girls in developed bodies.

Womyn are not only driving men away. In that 40% of women who do not attend, i bet you there are a certain percentage of true woman.

Church is not a building. It is the people that meet at that building.
---aka on 4/17/11

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James has made some good points. Churches have become 'girly' where men are called to assimilate into a feminine culture where they do not fit. We are different and men need to be man just as much as women need to be women.

Very few men want to turn to the stranger beside them and hug them when commanded to do so. Our church recently watched 2 videos on the feminization of church and many of the women in church saw the truth of this.

Indeed James where has the Jesus who turned over the tables gone? He has been replaced with the feminine wimpy Jesus depicted with sheep and patting children.

Do you want more men in the church? Them make it a place where men, as well as women, will feel comfortable.
---Warwick on 4/17/11

James, you need to get over yourself and your thick male ego and realize that women are half the population, sorry if this "woman" offends you.
---Mary on 4/16/11

\\Men are very attracted to being "robots" and "warriors" in service to The Lord.\\---more excellent_way on 4/16/11

What do you mean by "robots", "warriors"? Can you give an example or two?
---Donna66 on 4/16/11

\\Men are very attracted to being "robots" and 'warriors' in service to The Lord.\\---moreexcellent_way on 4/16/11

I don't believe that.

What men Don't like is having to participate in all the girly activities that do nothing but pass the time of an over-imaginative woman.

"Larry, Bill, Dave, would you set up these tables for the tea party we're having for the little girls in the church?"

Men also don't like the female lingo in church, like "fall in love with Jesus", "be intimate with Jesus", etc.

Men don't want to be intimate with a man.

I heard a "man" in church say "God told me He wants to romance me"

I wanted to slap that guy.
---James_L on 4/16/11

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Robyn-- You say ""real men can be humble, they can cry". How many men see it the same way? YOU may love him for these traits
(and being a woman, I'd mostly agree).
But some of what makes that pastor appeal to you and me, might be a real "turn-off" for many men.
Nowhere is it written that tears are a sign of holiness.
---Donna66 on 4/16/11

Real men can love Christ, they can be humble, they can cry. My pastor cries when the Spirit moves him. I love this about him. It makes a man stronger when he allows himself to be humble and vulnerable to the Lord. If a man is humble and obedient to the Lord, the woman is doubly blessed, in all areas of her life. God honors and bless those who honor and bless him.
---Robyn on 4/16/11

A woman I know got pregnent when she was young and married the man, after she found religion soon after that, she forced him to go to her new church or she would throw him out of the house! He was afraid he would not be able to see his kids again so he now attends church every week.
---cjmybad on 4/16/11

every fragment of people want to claim greatness by race, gender, nationality, religion, denomination. but, it is just that...fragmented. Without each other no matter how insignificant, we can do little. Without the Lord, we can do absolutely nothing.

are we to die in the splendor of the Lord or rise above each other in our own fragmented splendor?
---aka on 4/16/11

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Men are very attracted to being "robots" and 'warriors' in service to The Lord.

I once (about 20 years ago) saw a female divinity student give the Sunday sermon. The sermon was NOT 'fire and brimstone', but about 'brotherhood harmony and honoring GOD'. I went to her afterwards, thanked her and encouraged her.

It is a shame that nothing beyond this partisan "robot" aspect is taught. Men have hearts too, you know. Men would be more enthusiastic if they understood the "living water Godloving ADORATION" aspect as women FEEL IT, but instead many become "backsliders" because of a BROKEN HEART.

Women should be more vocal for the sake of the brethren that are IN CHRIST.
---moreexcellent_way on 4/16/11

---robyn on 4/8/11

Leon, need you wonder anymore?
---aka on 4/15/11

Shortly after I started attending my church I was talking to a woman there. She asked me what I thought of the pastor.

I said "He seems alright, but I could do with a little less of him crying."

She said "But I LOVE that about him."

Christianity is peddled as something for timid people, turning the other cheek instead of turning over the tables.

It shouldn't be one or the other. Jesus did both.

Also, the church needs more people and less sheeple
---James_L on 4/15/11

What, in your opinion, men, would make church more appealing to men? What would a man-friendly church look like?
---Donna66 on 4/15/11

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Great question. There are a myriad of reasons but no excuses leaving men in a horrible position vis-a-vis their accountability to Christ.
My church has tons of men because families are praised and appeal to in service and activity. Still, male attendance is a big problem in at least this country.
I've seen no statistical evidence showing this is a problem on other Continents.
It would be interesting to see if Africa, which has the most Christians has the same problem.
---larry on 4/10/11

The common teachings of "Christianity" with all it's rules/ordinances produces 'spiritual ROBOTS', not 'free thinking' individuals.

Women are overwhelmingly attracted to the "LOVING A FATHER FIGURE" aspect of "Christianity" (the IDEAL Godlover). Women understand "ADORATION love" (which most impressed Jesus) and conceptually understand the "LIVING water" used to wet Jesus's feet...

Luke 7:44
"but she has wet my feet with her tears".

...but MEN simply can't see past that deceptive "ROBOT" lie (to women, the "robot" aspect is almost non-existent, but is far outshadowed by "the greatest of these" (1 Corinthians 13:13).
---more_excellent_way on 4/10/11

LOL! You are funny CraigA :D
---Mary on 4/9/11

//What is it about modern Christianity that's driving men away?//

The cost of church shoes! Thats why we have to work on Sundays and yall are there alone :P
---CraigA on 4/9/11

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You are so right Robyn!
---Mary on 4/9/11

This is not surprising. Women have always been the backbone of society. The hand that rocks the cradle,rules the world. Men took a lot of the credit but the woman was the foundation. Without a woman,man would have no motivation factor to drive him on and upward. We all need a motivation and reason for doing things. Women are the motivators. Also men find it difficult to express love and be humble towards a male figure(Jesus Christ)Until he understand this analogy,becoming a christian will continue to be a mystery to him.
---robyn on 4/8/11

Let men be men and show where Jesus showed manly traits and it is okay to be manly in church as well.
---Visitor on 4/7/07

Iam just as guilty as most but let me say this.somewhere out there are sound biblical people ,attending churches. they are dismayed at the behavior of many fellow members and at in general whats going on today in the church and world.And the modern church is biblical.many people are so the church is. we are still under grace as the church.NOW that being said with all the trash and abortion and other issues I don,t know how long we can expect Gods grace.
---tom2 on 7/11/06

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2. There is no power in their words because it is not coming from God but from themselves. As you said there is no leadership teaching, no one to take accountability. So it goes on. If you read most of the questions ask on line here are so rediculous. I don't know how they live as they do. They have no joy, or peace in their lives. They believe they are in control, and in reality they are because the Holy Spirit sure isn't.
---Lupe2618 on 7/10/06

Tom2, when I moved to another town I had a lot of trouble finding a good teaching church. Most of them were liberal in their teaching. I joined one and the pastor one day while we were there, told his wife to pull a sermon from the net for the next Sunday. He didn't intend to put any work on his message at all. I found him to be lazy and didn't understand many of the questions I would ask. So I moved on. I think that you are so right in what is happening in the churches today. Its sad, but its true.
---Lupe2618 on 7/10/06

lupe, there are soooo many things missing from the church today.accountability etc.Now for men every church should have elder men teachers to consel and teach younger men their responsebilities, their christian respionsibilities. bible also tells elder woman to teach the younger woman. But we don,t do much of that in the church today.If AT all.
---tom2 on 7/10/06

Sue, which sport schedules ball games on Sunday morning? How did organizations like the Promise Keepers manage to fill stadiums with men? There's a similar situation in the colleges. Fewer young men are enrolling and those who do are outperformed by the ladies who now make up the majority of students. Universities alienate men with "women's studies" courses and agendas. The feminization of colleges and churches plays a bigger role than many people want to admit.
---ralph7477 on 7/9/06

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Men never went to church as much as women did. They would rather sit at home and watch the ball game.
---sue on 7/9/06

I believe that Fred's posting are so correct. It shows how God wants to seperate His people, to holiness and righeousness. And Tom has given great reasons why we are in such a mess. There is many reasons for it as he has stated, but most of all I believe to the Christian it is the teaching they are learning sometimes from people after their own purposes, other times, teachers without the true knowledge of God's Word.
---Lupe2618 on 7/9/06

Progress, no. If you ask me today we are just fullfilling prophecy.end times prophecy.we now have the ability to span the world as the great commision says is one of the requirements before christs return, and many others.hes on the way so keep watch.And there ain,t a thing wrong with men.just as women most are caught up in the lie of the world today.
---tom2 on 7/9/06

Have we made progress.??? yes But AT WHAT COST? we are so busy ,bombarded by so many issues most don,t know how to make time for God. Another lie of satan.Our MINDS can,t possibly keep up with the pace that progress is making.Ever heard the saying no news is good news??? well today just turn on the tv,cnn and fox are right there showing you catastrophese right as they happen.and bashing everyone who voices their opinion about anything.
---tom2 on 7/9/06

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The world today has become a lie of satan.and we along with modern progress have helped him dig the hole that we find ourselves in today because of what we call progress.MORE COMFORT FOR THE FLESH.thats what we are after.Especially here in america.bigger homes,nicer cars,more vacation time.Look at the advertisement that is being put out to gratify your flesh.while no one gives thought to the real source,and real truth that comes from a life spent serving God.
---tom2 on 7/9/06

Leon, when someone asks a question or makes a statement about what is sin today or isn,t it a shame about modern christianity,or as in this post driving men away I shutter.being a christian has not changed,the requirements of being one I mean,the walk after being saved is still the same narrow path.the problem is the ease of sin.the availiability of the,internet,movies,idols of ever kind. sports idols,movie stars,basketball players.people worship them.and lord knows what all else.
---tom2 on 7/9/06

I just thank God I know the truth.Thank God he gives me the strength thru jesus to as paul said,fight the good fight, and run the race.cause man without jesus we have all fallen at the starting line,problem is soooooo many don,t realize it.
---tom2 on 7/9/06

you know its just so hard today to be a christian man. the persecution is suttle. we don,t have to matyr our lives, but live them in a world where people think and say we are of my younger brothers think I,am absolutely screwy.look at society, all the things going on,and the way people live, man what a mess.
---tom2 on 7/9/06

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tom2: I probably should've used " present day christianity" instead of "modern christianity". I was just using the reported terminology.

I also think you hit the mark (7/5).

Jack: You, I & anyone else that's honest will agree that Paul wasn't a sinful "woman-hater". ;-)
---Leon on 7/8/06

Criss: Is it really about your being tired? :-) I don't think so! You've obviously missed the point. That's okay, I'm going to help you.

If "only 35%" -- "perhaps" all are Godly, saved men -- attend church regularly, what's happening with the other 65% that don't? What's keeping them away?

Feminism in the church-house is only a part of the reason a great many men "& women" are staying away. The overall reason is apostasy. (2 Tim 3)
---Leon on 7/8/06

Absolutely, Leon! Without the slightest doubt, we WILL give an account for this and many other wrongs. However, I am tired of the excuse of "feminism" being the reason men aren't involved in church. Hogwash! You couldn't keep a godly man from church with a pack of bra-burners! Real men will stand up and not back down. They will act with integrity and their God-given authority to do the right thing. I dare a woman to stand in the way. He would loving correct her and get on with business.
---Criss on 7/7/06

Daphne 8897: Yes, it's sin in the lives of men & women, "in" as well as outside of the church-house....
---Leon on 7/7/06

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tom2, I think your notes here are pretty on the mark. We are in a fallen world. The culture has infiltrated much of the Church. Our men don't lead in church or the family. God said it would be "as the days of Noah." It isn't the "church" that's driving men away, but sin that's keeping them away.
---daphn8897 on 7/7/06

Criss: Exhale! :-) I agree, Christian men should take responsibility. Also, Christian wives must come alongside their husbands & respond sensibly (1 Pt. 3:1-6; Titus 2:1-5).

Rebellion permeats church-houses all over the land. All Christians should recognize it for what it is & deal biblically with it.

The Bible says we'll "all" have to account to God for everything we did... (2 Cor. 5:10). Will He want to know how we responded to apostasy in the church-house? What will you say?
---Leon on 7/7/06

Its not modern christianity. Actually I don,t even like the term modern christianity.being a christian has not changed since jesus,s ascension. What has changed is peoples attitude towards God. Especially here in america. We have somehow turned from a bible believing masjority, to a society that files God under politically incorrect file.removed from school,the pledge,remove ten commandments,take in God we trudt off our money. Cause now God offends people.And God forbid we offend someone.
---tom2 on 7/5/06

Oh, that nasty ole misogynist Paul.

He gets blamed for so much.

A couple of verses are taken out of context to prove he was against women.

Yet, the women he mentions by name, especially "our sister Phoebe the Deaconess of Cenchrae" he speaks of in a highly complimentary manner.

Anyone but me notice this?
---Jack on 7/5/06

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Interesting. Eastern Orthodox congregations, especially those with a large number of converts, tend to have a preponderance of men.
---Jack on 7/5/06

How well will your argument stand up before God? "We weren't there Lord because the women were taking over!" LAME!!!

Pastor Greg Laurie said something the other day that really rang true. He said that MEN are responsible for the state of their homes and the state of their CHURCHES. What are the qualifications for a deacon? If a man cannot run his own household, he has no business in a position of authority in the church. Sorry gentleman, but this is the Word of God.
---Criss on 7/5/06

Ralph7477: Yes, I believe egalitarian feminism in the church is one of the reasons. I once heard a female preacher spin a whole sermon about, "the enemies of the feminine personality". The bottomline was anyone against women in pastoral authority were wrong & that includes the Apostle Paul who (even though he was led of the Holy Spirit) was wrong-headed in his stance against women teachers/preachers. So, obviously the Bible is wrong in that area? According to feminist preachers, it is!
---Leon on 7/5/06

No one would be able to judge the evil if they were engulfed in the same, ladened with its sins and lusts. God has been separating His people, to form a new man, created in righteousness, true holiness, so we will be able to view the matter from a pure standpoint, and render a righteous judgment, thus bring about a correction. Then we will be able to lift up to a higher realm those who are to be corrected and disciplined, until they learn to walk in the right way.
---Fred_S. on 7/5/06

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Psalms 149:7-9 To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: THIS HONOUR WILL HAVE ALL HIS SAINTS. IMHO, I believe God is in the process of separating ALL HIS SAINTS.
---Fred_S. on 7/5/06

A church where the preacher is a woman should not expect to attract droves of men. Perhaps the low church attendance rate of men can be proportionately linked to the rise in the number of female church leaders.
---ralph7477 on 7/5/06

Men, by nature, are designed to be leaders where women are designed to be followers. This natural desire to lead and be in charge tends to oppose the humility required in allowing the Lord that place of control over their lives. Also, women are generally more relational than men. Since Christianity is essentially a relationship (with Christ) women often have an advantage here.
---DoryLory on 7/4/06

There are many reasons, but the largest is the obvious hyprocrisy of preachers / followers who do not truly follow.

We are to forgive, demonstrate Spiritual charity, be sacrificial, and have brotherly love by the Holy Spirit indwelling.

Churches are famous for unforgiveness, arrogance, clics, segregation, sexual misdeeds, Spiritual adultery, & dilution of Scripture.

The church is the unfaithful Bride. Why go to church to find the world?
---a_servant on 7/4/06

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peopel today go to dr phil for the answers instead of God.woman are unhappy why?many are living lives outside of Gods word,so are men by not being the leaders in their homes . they expect their wives to take over in areas which are biblically their responsibility.God has a plan and we have strayed far from it.
---tom2 on 7/4/06

maybe its modern women,ouch ,ouch,ouch.actually its a sign of what we have sowed in society.and the love of many will wax cold.
---tom2 on 7/4/06

If all men who participated in the study are Christians, then the question "What is it about modern Christianity that's driving men away?" could be considered a good question. But with the different beliefs existing in America, I think, the 65% percent of American men are found somewhere on Sunday, and not in a Christian church, because they are not Christians!
---Bebet3754 on 7/3/06

It is alot harder for men to let go of themselves (pride, ego) than women.
---Lynn on 7/3/06

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From the "Apostasy" quiz.

Q2. God is going to send a deluding influence so many will believe what is false. The correct answer is True.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 - And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

I don't get it, why would God delude people? What's He trying to prove?

Moderator - These people don't want God and He is letting them have what they desire.
---Zeb on 7/3/06

Jesus may have been meek and lowly but still made a scourge of small cords and drove out those who sold doves. That is one man that could be followed. Maybe one day he'l drive some of the modern preachers out of these churches and put in a man that men can follow.
---Frank on 7/3/06

I did some Internet searching on the topic and found source for some stratified data from the The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. They have an 18 page pdf file with a lot of interesting charts & demographic data on church attendance and political activity for those who might be interested.
---notlaw99 on 7/3/06

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