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Church Announcing Members Gifting

I know of churches where a list of tithe payments are posted on the notice boards. Detailing name and how much is being paid. Is this practice wrong?

Moderator - How sad as the givers get the glory from man instead of an eternal glory from God.

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 ---pkay on 7/3/06
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Mima~ Yes, I agree with you, I am not a part of the 'AA' group personally, but I have been to a few of their open meetings since I have known some people in AA. Their meetings are often very inspiring, and the people are often very humble and truly striving to turn from their sins. I honestly do not see this godly spirit very often in the traditional churches. I honestly believe groups like 'AA' are more of an example of what Jesus wanted His church to be like, than what we see in the traditional churches of our day. Thanks for your comment.
---Anne on 11/19/08

The Priest has no choice, but happy to do what His Vocation is about.
Sacraments are not for sell. Never has been.

Now there were crooked Priests who told nonknowing Catholics they are for sell. But, note I said he is crooked and God will take care of him.

Just like many have resold the Brooklyn Bridge to many people.
New York City didn't honor the sell.
Neither did the RCC.

As for the Mass Card. The Money is paying for the CARD. As a memory.
If you don't want a card, then no money is handed over.
The Priest still says the Mass.
---Nicole on 11/13/08

IMHO,-There is No shame in what is freely given and affordable.5 fingers are not alike and some pockets are deeper than others.The real shame is in the Greed of the displayer of Lists.Like the municapality who hikes taxes of the rich and poor alike without thought except one"I say, you pay"
---Mic on 11/13/08

Moderator is correct the glory goes to man and the MONEY goes to a false minister because this "church" is not from God the tithes are given to man in this church not God

many people today stay within their "churches" because family members, co-workers, and friends go ...they never take any time to determine, or even care if they are in a church whose minister is LEADING with example of Apostles because it's more important to belong where everyone else belongs then to be part of a church whose service is truly to God

I would RUN from this false minister who is just a simple thief
---Rhonda on 11/13/08

Nicole,You made me smile, thanks! :-)

I would say that tithe payments posted on a board for all to see counts as shame for those who don't give. A person who does not believe that once you are saved, you always will be, can hardly function in a southern baptist setting. Claims of do this or that, believe this or that OR ELSE you go to hell, or be ex-communicated isn't shaming you into submissiom? Your a catholic right? Isn't the need to PAY for a mass to get one from purgatory a form of shame?

When a man (mankind) cannot "work our his own salvation" and is hindered by those who through guilt urge him in a direction he might not otherwise have gone, that is shame.

Peace Nicole!
---kenrank on 11/13/08

Many denominations, sadly, operate from a shame culture. When you ask too many questions, or the wrong questions, you are shamed into obediance to their way. Posting who paid what is given is an outrage, and that word doesn't even fit how I see this.

We have a place where you can go alone and give what you want. No shame, no hard feelings.
---kenrank on 11/12/08

Are these denominations in the United States?
You all sound like they are in China.

They don't sound like denominations, but Cults.
---Nicole on 11/13/08

The Moderator said it well!

Many denominations, sadly, operate from a shame culture. When you ask too many questions, or the wrong questions, you are shamed into obediance to their way. Posting who paid what is given is an outrage, and that word doesn't even fit how I see this.

I don't even think handing a collection plate around is right. Again, you are put in a position where you are shamed into giving. How many times have you had no money and you feel BAD when the plate comes by? Does God want you to feel this way?

We have a place where you can go alone and give what you want. No shame, no hard feelings.

---kenrank on 11/12/08

I wish I had said this. I truly believe it to be the truth.

"P.S. I think Jesus would prefer the company of those at an AA meeting over most of those in most corporate churches.
---Anne on 11/10/08 "
---mima on 11/12/08

Benny, for you to say there is nothing in scrupture to say the act of posting these details is wrong, either you have never read, or you do not understand what is written in Matthew 6:1-4.
---Rob on 11/10/08

P.S. I think Jesus would prefer the company of those at an AA meeting over most of those in most corporate churches.
---Anne on 11/10/08

This is an OUTRAGE!! Corporate churches who announce how much certain people give to their church need desperately to be reminded of the parable of the widow and her 2 mites, and that Jesus said she actually gave much more than the wealthy. For she gave all she had, while the rich only gave a very small portion from all their wealth. SHAME on any corporate churches for announcing such private matters!!
---Anne on 11/10/08

Yes it is very wrong and unnecessary. This is a power play and a guilt tactic. Either the pastor is guilty,its leaders are both. It is done to shame others into giving or paying tithes to benefit someone else. Our giving should be done according to what God has blessed us to give. If we have more,we should give more. If not, be happy and give an offering,cheerfully. God honors that. Shaming and coercing others is an evil and ungodly tactic, to use on others.
---Robyn on 11/10/08

That is one of the stupidist things I've read on here so far!
---NV_Barbara on 10/15/08

Let's be clear, there is nothing in scripture to say that the act of posting these details in public is wrong. But of course the motive for doing so is heavily suspect.
---Benny on 8/3/06

Our church sends us the proper paperwork at Tax time, but it surely isn't posted for all to see!
The only thing that is public is our church overhead, and by choice our pastor and ass't pastor include their salaries.
---NV_Barbara on 7/5/06

Rickey, any information regarding gifts, needed for the tax department, can still be kept confidential in the church and be known only by the treasurer. There is absolutely no need EVER to post details of ANY individual's gifts on a church notice board or in an annual report. The annual report simply needs the total given. The sheet of paper on the notice board is not what the tax dept. would need anyway.
---M.P. on 7/5/06

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No. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes folks need it for their taxes. Tithing is for today. It began before the Old Testament did. Therefore it is still required today. The cheerful giver part is for the ministry. Tithing is given to God. Tithing was in before the law began.
---Rickey on 7/4/06

2. I briefly attended, and became a member of, a church that did this. The first I knew about it was the day I became a member. I refused the tithe envelopes which identified me as the giver and continued to put in the collection box whatever I chose, just as non-members did. From that moment I did not fit in (where the heirarchy of the church were concerned). I left about a year later and have never accepted official membership anywhere since.
---M.A. on 7/4/06

Maybe they should start posting pictures on billboards along the highway of preachers that don't work for a living.
---Frank on 7/4/06

1.We are told that God loves cheerful a giver. I wonder how many give 'cheerfully' in these churches. Some of you would be surprised at how many churches do this. The amounts are printed in the annual report which is posted on the noticeboards and given to every member. Many are not happy about it but do nothing to change the system either because 'this is the way we've always done it.'
---M.A. on 7/4/06

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This practice would create competition among members knowing that the bigger the tithe one would give corresponds to the amount he receives. This is just a simple announcement to the world how much one earns. This will create a demarcation line between rich and the poor!
---Bebet3754 on 7/3/06

I once belonged to a church where the offering began by the pastor saying "tithers come", then the non tithers brought their offerings. I thought it was demeaning, to call attention to those who were not able to tithe. I too have heard pastors take the tithing message and carry it out for a couple of weeks. I'm not against tithing, I just don't feel people should be excluded, and made to feel guilty when they can't/dont do it.
---lynet on 7/3/06

While tithing is scripturally sound the practice of displaying names and amounts is most assuredly wrong.
---Frank on 7/3/06

Thank God my church is not like that. I have visited a church once where the total sermon was about $$$$$. I never visited there again. That is one big guilt trip.
---shira on 7/3/06

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---dave on 7/3/06

of course it is wrong! this is done to guilt trip others in the name of "encouragement" to give ever more money to the whore of religion!! truth. let your giving be done privately so that you can receive from Yahuweh openly! AND LEAVE THE WHORE TO HER OWN DEVICES SHE WILL BE PUNNISHED SOON ENOUGH! READ REV. CH 18 ALL OF IT!
---dave on 7/3/06

Money makes the world go round, money rules the Earth, people don't judge you by who you are but just by what you're worth!!!
---mima on 7/3/06

Amen Barbara.

What is the reason given for this practice?
---Bruce5656 on 7/3/06

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I pray that despite that, the Holy Spirit would still find a way to work in those peoples lives and that they would be set free and delivered from such nonsense.
---john on 7/3/06

It is difficult to imagine an honest or honourable motive for this practice.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/3/06

it is not biblical, It is amazing how we see falseness in thease buildings,everything from scripture use to personal use. I would not want to be a part of any church that does this.
---candice on 7/3/06

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