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Husband Is Selfish And Mean

My husband is possessive, interferes alot. He wants me to please his exwife, kids and grandkids. They are unkind to me. We fight often because of these trouble makers whom he is protective of. I hate his selfish attitudes and verbal abuse. I also hate his family for trying to break us up. What can I do?

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 ---Obstacles on 7/3/06
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your husband needs to respect you and if not dump him
---mary on 10/31/07

why you think you have to be verbally abused? your husband is supposed to be your head not your slavedriver! ask him what he is frightened of. this may sound strange but all anger is from a fear of something. you on the otherhand not to fight anyone. are called to fight for truth only.
as to his ex and children you are called to love.
this is regardless of how they are! if this too difficult then leave what other option is there!you cannot change anyone except yourself.
---dave on 10/19/07

Get Christian counseling for your marriage. If your husband won't go, go alone. Ask for help.

And this you probably won't like ---
Pray for your enemies, Matt 5:43-48. I always try to pray for people when they hurt me. I ask God to bless them in the way that He sees fit and to help me to be at peace with them.

Life can be so hard at times, continually go to God in the name of Jesus and ask for His entervension on your marraige and for your extended family. I will be praying for you.
---KLH on 3/15/07

Dear Obstacles,
Just checking to see how things are going? Also, want to let you know that I'm still praying for you : )
---KathyLH on 7/12/06

Your husbands anger is about him and not you. And I agree with 'dave' in that anger is fear based. God puts people into our lives to learn somethings about ourselves and it appears that your husband has not learned his lessons yet. And again, I agree with 'Dave' when he said that you are to pray for your husband and his family, then release them to the Holy Spirit, and move on to a relationship where you will be respected and loved for who you are. And that is a child of God. Blessings!
---chloe on 7/4/06

Since he has already had one bad marriage, and seems to have another bad marriage right now, it is obvious that he and you need marital therapy. I strongly urge you to seek marital therapy, or therapy for yourself if he won't join you.

I also strongly urge you to get into a discipleship relationship with an older, mature Christian woman. Your hatred toward him and his family is damaging your marriage as well, not to mention your witness.
---Madison1101 on 7/3/06

That is the problem with divorce and remarriage. It is a shame we divorce over little things and expect God to bless us no matter how many time we divorce and re-marry.
---Rev_Herb on 7/3/06

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