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There Is A Demon In My House

Help me on this one, my wife wakes in the night saying there she sees a silhoutte of someone standing on the top of the stairs, but at that very same moment, I wake up thinking someone is trying to reach out to us. What could this mean?

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 ---j on 7/4/06
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Whatever it is you have to command it to leave and never come back. You can not show it fear or confusion. God is more powerful than anything and you have the authority through Him to dismiss this energy from your home
---Gena on 4/18/15

Does this silluette have a face, if so, you might have a ghost instead. unlike demons, ghosts are mostly harmless (although some can be evil and just as bad as demons, those are usually the ghosts of people who have done evil things) Again, most ghosts are good, most died a tragic death and do not know they are dead or they were victimized and are asking for someone to help them and bring the people who victimized them to justice. If it is a ghost, you must in the name of Jesus Christ guide them to heaven by letting them know that you are going to help them, then through prayer, guide them to the light, so that they can cross into heaven. If this is a demon, you must rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ, the same with spirits of evil people.
---Eric on 4/18/15

Your very lucky in a way. I think i have something in my house, he'called rupert :) makes him less scary. he likes to play with the lights, run up and down the stairs, open and shut doors, etc but he does pretty mad things to, lately we found an old tie, tied in bow in the attic above my mums bed.. hes pulled shelves of the walls, emtied drawers and moved glasses in front of me etc i know it sound like im crazy but i wake up scratches all down my back, they've ben deeep enough to draw blood. Also, i think iv felt him move y hair when im sleeping.
rupert used to talk to me and brother when we were younger through the radio he never seemed that bad... wuld u say hes a ghost or a deamon?
---Jade on 3/29/11

me and my mom have seen a shadow person in our house its always in the hallway and runs into her room,we also have lights that flicker alot,and i believe its a spirit and sounds like you have 1 too,we have a good spirit that i know of so far,and idk about yours,ill look into it
---alyssaR on 3/28/11

SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL (*)google the prayer and look 4 the long version ... also look for prayers against demons or demonic spirits.
---james on 3/28/11

I didnt read all of the replys..some ppl ar ful of it and others just watch 2 much tv..its my belive that spirits suround us,lost,waiting 4 the day God comes for all of us..and ther is a very easy end to your trouble..go to a 'old apostolic' church..ask the priest to pray to send the spirits wher they belong..also to pray to make a holy ring of fire around your house..thatz wierd stuff..and remembr ther is no fear when you walk with God,the devil feeds on fear
---Deon on 3/28/11

Pray before you go to sleep. If you're both sleeping good, then you won't wake from sleep to "see irrational things" or to "think impractical things".
---Eloy on 3/10/11

Like others have said, I'm in agreeement with annointing your home with oil (on the doorways and windows) and praying in Jesus' name, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ command all evil to flee. Also anytime you stay in a hotel room (Lord knows the things that took place) rebuke it in Jesus' name. Pray to God to let you see anything in your home that could have a demonic influence so you can get rid of it. Be careful about what you allow into your home including what you are exposed to in tv or music. Youtube Pastor Phil Endris/Fearless and get a glimpse of what seemingly harmless media is saturated with.
---Sarahc on 3/6/11

I had terrible problems with demons in the house before and was instructed by a pastor to pray the Father in the Name of Jesus to send His warriors to do battle on my behalf, and to tell them to leave in the Name of Jesus. After this, I had to read the Bible out loud, and to pray and plead the Blood of Jesus. They can't take hearing the Word read and will be forced to get out. Don't listen to anyone telling you to talk to a demon. A true Christian would not counsel you to follow a demon. The best thing you can do is see if there is any area of sin in your life. Do not attempt to fight them yourself. You have the authority to pray over your house.Rebuke the demon, pray over your house, read the Bible, and go back to bed.
---Carrie on 3/5/11

Olive oil[Eloah]-agreed.

The Authority is In-the Name[Know it].Ask the Father[He will teach]-Reveal the awesome power-In the Authority of The Name-wait on Him to confirm. [1Cor2,1Jn 5]Eph 4:27 Neither give place to the devil.Mk 3:23-29
27No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man, and then he will spoil his house.Lk 24:45-47 Then opened he their understanding,that they might understand the scriptures,And said unto them, Thus it is written, and thus it behooved Christ to suffer, and to [rise from the dead] the third day:
And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in [His name] among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

Repentance unto remission
---char on 3/5/11

The devil does appear as an angel of light when possible.First if this is a rented home that you have been in for a short time perhaps you need to anoint each room with olive oil and pray commanding that anything not of God leave in Jesus name.Also I would plead the blood of Jesus over me daily body,soul and spirit and tell your wife to do the same.Most of all don't worry nothing can harm you if you're a born again child of God.By the way we are surronded by spirits good angels and bad demons all of the time we just can't usually see them God is most powerful and protects His children.
---shirley on 2/8/11

It could mean a very many differen't things. I have gone through this many times, still do to this day. Its a gift of sorts for me and hard to explain. But if this is not and has never been common for you or your wife then it could be very possible that this spirit has a connection to one of you and has something it must say or reveal before passing. Make sure before acepting it that you and your wife have not recently gone through any emotional pain or weaknes, because if so then it could be feeding from that pain and creating fear within her to continue to feed. I would also trust your instincts if ever you feel fear or discomfort it might be time to seek out help, away to clense your home, your spirit and your mind.
---Traci on 2/8/11

I have been able to good and bad things since i was little i now currently have 5 demons that are in my bedroom every night. I'm trying to burn sage to rebukeing them out of the house while most go there is all ways one I have to stare down he smaller but seems to be the strongest of all. my boyfrined and I pray have been holding prayer and i have been holding prayer with my mom and dad as well but this seems to make them more stirred up. I turly feel these are demons that are out to get someone or something by trying to push them out it only seems to make them more angry. the only thing protecting me right now is when i ask God to enter my heart when ever i do i smell the scent of lavaender.
---courtney on 12/7/10

The description sounds like a shadow being or entity. These are a form of organisation without matter or energy, some call them demons. They can be attracted to people who are vulnerable or upset and often attack at night during sleep paralysis. Although intimidating, they rarely cause harm and can be banished with a word.
---Breaneainn on 9/19/10

(1) Sincerely invite the Lord Jesus Christ anew into your life and home. (2) Declare with your mouths that you and all yours are properties of the Lord Jesus Christ. (3) to the best of your ability and zeal do away with anything that is irritating and displeasing to God(music, books, relationships, behaviour etc). (4)Like others told you fill your house with God-pleasing things. (5) With the name of the Lord Jesus instruct any evil spirit(s) in and around your home to leave and go to where-ever the Lord Jesus allows them to go.
---Adetunji on 4/14/10

It means you should be praying to God to get the demons out of your house and to find out how they got there in the first place.
---Betty on 4/13/10

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You could invite the demon to stay and do odd jobs around the house...yard work, etc. I have a friend in Phoenix who did this with mixed but mostly good results. You just gotta make lemonade sometimes...
---Darryl on 4/12/10

Light and darkness do not have any fellowship in common
rebuke them in Jesus name and the will flee

Bible tells us to resist the devil and he will flee

demons are not your play mates...

it is the leading of the Holy Ghost you are to follow not demons!!
---pat on 7/31/09

I urge you NOT to listen to Katelynn Smith. The reason being, is if this is a demon, you will be following a demon, and it could try to harm you. Please ask God to give you the gift of decernment of spirits - so you can know what this spirit is (of God or of the devil). This is the best advice you can take, and it is what Jesus would do.
---Leslie on 7/31/09

Maybe the spirit wants you to follow it try it and see where you end up. It might also be wanting to tell you something.
---Katelynn_Smith on 7/30/09

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This can't be good
---Dima on 11/3/08

I once had some people call me to rid their home of evil spirits. I went and anointed their House with oil and prayed that nothing evil could live in that house or upon the land around the house. immediately the owners left that house and moved to another state and no one could get them to even walk upon the grounds around the house. So maybe the spirits are not actually in the house.
---exzucuh on 9/20/08

I observed this blog to be two years old.Nevertheless,evil spirits are all over the world.There is much you need to know about what you are dealing with.However,I will only respond if you need to learn more.Yes, devils HATE praise and worship,but that will not drive them away.If these entities are still manifesting,please be advised that they are UNHOLY.Holy spirits come to the Saints to deliver messages.Evil spirits are around to torment us and our surroundings.But, don't be afraid,He has not given us a spirit of fear but...if they begin to touch your bed or body,just shake the covers and rebuke them in the name of Jesus.They want to have fun and they want you to be afraid!
---Danelle on 9/18/08

If you are seeing specters in your house,it means that there are generational spirits present.It usually means that one or,both of you need deliverance from something you are obviously involved in in atracting demons.That is what you are seeing,a DEMON! But before you freak out,I must advise you that any sign of fear in the person the devils are trying to intimidate,will only cause the devils to have fun at your expense. There are many ways to attract an evil spirit.I will enlighten you as I deal with devils daily.It is not SOMEONE,but SOMETHING reaching out to you,
---Danelle on 9/17/08

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I would suggesst that you and your wife examine yourselves.Do you have Occult objects in your home? Is there unconfessed sin in your life? How closely do you walk with God? Is there discord in the family? Have you been involved with witchcraft? Or rebellion? Have you broken soul-ties with people you may have been involved with? Do you ,or have you used mood altering drugs?(pharmacopia) I have a long list of ways demons can enter a person,but I must await reaction to this blog.I have gotten a lot of flack because of this most abhorrent subject.
---Danelle on 9/17/08

This could be either demonic or angelic. If it is a demon, it will cause fear. In that case, plead the blood of Christ over you, your family, and your house. The blood will protect you. Also maybe think about an exorcism over you, your family, and your house - Bob Larson is a good Christian exorcist. If it is an angel, you will feel peace. In that case, draw closer to God, so you can see more angels.
---Leslie on 9/16/08

I think it's time to seek the Lord with all your heart.
---Frank on 9/16/08

You must be parents.
Seriously, fill your house with prayer unceasingly. Is there any history of the occult in either of your lives, even "innocent" stuff like horoscopes? Pray to Christ for release from those bonds and then claim freedom in his name. Beware of Acts 19:14-16. Ask believers to pray for you. I will.
---david9769 on 8/27/07

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All you have to is to rebuke what ever it is in Jesus name
---betty on 9/13/06

For years my children wet bed and wouldn't sleep alone but never told me that they had experienced the sense of someone watching them until a couple of months ago despite our bad experiences. The way to remove unwanted spirits from your home is when they appear rebuke them in the Name of Jesus, continually repeating Jesus's name allow his name to roll off your tounges until they go. If not, fast and pray continually untill you break thru.
---Carla5754 on 7/31/06

I don't know how true it is, but I sometimes watch that tv show (here we go again) Ghost Hunters, where these guys go into these places to see if they are haunted. Maybe if you had the money, you can call them. I'm not cracking jokes. My sister used to live in a haunted house.
---Rebecca_D on 7/20/06

I do not know if this will work but you can give it a try.

Play Gospel music - particularly praise music on your CD player. It is possible that if there are demons there, they will have to leave as something they cannot stand is praise music.
---lee on 7/4/06

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Exz ... are you saying that the coup;le themselves were the demons?
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/4/06

Why would anyone need to call a priest? Jesus is the Great High Priest and the fact that He dwells in you makes you a priest.
---Linda6563 on 7/4/06

I woke in the wee hours once and saw a grizly looking thing standing at the foot of my bed. That'll wake you up fast!
All I could whisper for a moment was "Jesus."
Then I shouted at it and told it I was a child of God, covered in the blood of Jesus, and for it to go back to hell where it belonged. I never saw it again.
---NV_Barbara on 7/4/06

I once had a man call me said he had a demon in his house he was told by his paster that I could rid his house of the Evil, I went and anointed his house and prayed over it that no evil could live in that house. The man and the woman packed their belongings and left that house and never returned. Demons will not stay around the Holy Spirit,they only stay where they are welcome.
---exzucuh on 7/4/06

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If you follow the plan given by---wes you will see amazing results. Special emphasis should be placed on speaking about the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ; The following scripture applies-Revelation 12:11 "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony".
---mima on 7/4/06

rebuke the demon in Jesus name and tell him to leave your home. I felt like one followed me home from church once. Some of us ladies were discussing demons. When I went to bed, I felt an ugly presence. I prayed for whatever to leave in the name of Jesus and I put my bible in bed with me.
---shira on 7/4/06

Sounds like you have a demon problem. Don't call for a priest. You can do a lot of praying and tell the demon to leave. I would not recommend fasting at this time because it will leave you in a vulnerable state. What church you could have a lot to do with it as well and what they teach. Many of the so called spiritual churches have the wrong spirit in them.
---Rev_Herb on 7/4/06

Anoint your house with anointing oil and plead the blood of Jesus over the house. Get some brothers and sisters to come help you pray over the house. Curse any evil spirits that may have been in the house from the previous owners.
---wes on 7/4/06

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