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How To Grow In Your Walk

What are you doing to grow in your walk with Christ? What are you doing to help others grow in their walk in Christ?

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 ---Alan on 7/4/06
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Isolation is a tactic of the devil, against you, Catherine. You should either fight it by making friends with the poor, lonely, oppressed, or you might want to accept it as inevitable.
---frances008 on 3/30/08

Nothing! I am too busy hanging on for dear life. God said for me to put this on here. So here it is.
---catherine on 3/28/08

Well, to grow in my walk with Christ I pray for wisdom. To help others, I talk about Jesus to my grand kids all the time, (and anybody else who wants to talk about Him) and try to set a good, Christain example.
---sue on 3/28/08

2Timothy 2:15
---Rickey on 3/28/08

Oh my goodness, I don't know. I just depend on Him, what can I say. And God has me pretty much isolated, So what can you do?
---catherine on 6/25/07

A friendship isn't born in one day. Think about how you initially developed your relationship with your best friend. Each time you two met, you both learned about each other. That is the same for God and me. Initially, I learned about God by reading the Bible only - no concordances, Christian dictionaries, novels, and other reference books - and God's relationship with His people. And I desired to have that same relationship. The Bible is God's resume. Little by little, day by day I learned about God...
---Steveng on 6/24/07

... After reading, studying and meditating through the Bible several times, it's gotten to a point where I don't rely on the Bible, but on the Holy Spirit to guide me. That's how far my relationship has grown. I don't go to church, but I am building my own vine/church by meeting the people that cross my path and sharing my beliefs. If they are interested, I ask them to join a church for a couple of years and develop relationships inside the church and to get to know God better through Bible study...
---Steveng on 6/24/07

... I help that person develop a stronger relationship with God, teaching that person things that a regular church doesn't teach. I then help that person grow his own vine/church after three years. Much the same way the early Christians built God's church...
---Steveng on 6/24/07

... As for the second question, I simply set an example relating to the two commandments Jesus spoke of in the NT and the same two commandments God spoke of in the OT. I share my beliefs with the people at work, to my students as a teach/tutor, to the people of the businesses I patronize, to the people I meet in the streets, to the homeless and poor people by providing food and sometimes money to them. By leading a very simple lifestyle, I'm able to give away half my paycheck to the people who need it.
---Steveng on 6/24/07

Recently while praying I felt an especially strong presence of the Lord. At that time, in prayer. I asked the Lord," what would you have me do lord what would you have me do"? That was perhaps a week ago. I am waiting for the Lord to answer. Many people asked for my advice and prayerfully I do my very best as the Lord gives me knowledge.
---mima on 6/24/07

Yesterday the LORD gave me His answer concerning what He would have me do. Working with a fomer Lutheran deacon on soulwinning at a fair unbelieveable events begin to take place. Pepole begin to cry while this man was witnessing to them. People stsrted to come to him and ask him ,"Ask me the question" and people began to pray with him very quickly.This man ask me what is happening, all i could say was it is the Spirit working.
---mima on 7/28/06

I trust in the Lord rather than my own understanding. In everything I do I acknowledge and recognized His presence and He guides and directs me. This guidance is embraced through submission to Him and a superimpose respect for Him. As far as helping others there is nothing I can do. The Holy Spirit is the only teacher or guide. He is lifted up in my submission. If I were asked the latter question my response would be, decrease and allow Him to increase.
---Josef on 7/7/06

until you start to fill your mind with scripture,and allow scripture to overide your thinking and control your thoughts your growth will be limited and your flesh will rear it,s ugly face.renew your mind in the word,let the word fill your spirit, and you will be amazed at how God can work within to change YOU. thats the begining of true spiritual growth.when you choose to allow Gods word to control your mind, and your actions and responses.
---tom2 on 7/5/06

I pray daily, and study the word of God. I try to be an example to others of what I believe He looks for in someone who's living for Him.
---lynet on 7/5/06

I read scripture daily, pray daily, listen to praise music daily, studying the Bible, worship God often, in and out of church, fellowship with believers and hold myself accountable to another believer.
---Madison1101 on 7/4/06

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