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Is There A Burp Demon

A friend of mine burps all the time. Another friend says that it is a demon coming out. Is this possible or is this utter non-sense?

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 ---Mackey on 7/4/06
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This is interesting. I am currently undergoing deliverance as I have struggled with demonic spirits for most of my adult life. Now that I am moving closer to Christ, the demons that have attached themselves to my throat region are beginning to get uncomfortable and I belch several times a day. More than normal.I continue to pray and lean closer to Jesus. I know that God is delivering me from them.
---Sara on 11/5/20

Here is the burping blog from 2006.
---Johnny74 on 10/3/18

She burped like every 5 seconds...She was nuts.
---Sandra on 3/7/18


Thank you for a great laugh!
---Mark_Eaton on 3/7/18

I once went to a "New Age healer" She burped like every 5 seconds while she was conducting the healing, which by the way was the most ridiculous thing I've ever participated in. I would be embarrassed to describe it. She told me that her burping was MY demons coming out of her. She was nuts. I never went near that place again. I believe she had demons.
---Sandra on 3/7/18

Pure nonsense.
---mandy on 7/16/17

Can demons manifest themselves via physical infirmities? Yes. Are all (or even most) physical infirmities caused by demons? No. There are natural explanations for most of them, and it's a good idea to try to find natural explanations first before looking for demons under every rock. See a doctor before seeking an exorcist. The explanation might be simpler than you think.
---StrongAxe on 6/18/17

First off, you're not crazy. I found this blog in the first place, because I am experiencing similarily and was searching for answers. A little of my back story simplified, i grew up in church but fell away, due to sexual abuse and near parental abandonment, i almost killed myself when I was 16 and G_D stopped me, told me to put down the knife, that G_D had a purpose and a plan for my life. I sought THE LORD for real, THE LORD revealed many things. Fast forward through some struggles and some disobedience and i was in a car accident 6 months pregnant and endes up with a mild Traumatic Brain Injury that affected my memory.
---Catherine on 6/18/17

Matthew 14 16-21 please read. Demons are very real.. they can possess people in very crafty ways. While everyone here makes jokes in this christian web site. Read the passage.. demons come in seizures, panic attacks neck and head pain. Some things do come from injury, over eating junk food (chemicals). Demons enter and exit through the mouth and if anyone has any knowledge of exorcism, When they are being expelled by the power of God a person will drool bile, burp and vomit. Why do you think Jesus says to pray and fast??
---Diane on 9/19/16

We all know (least one person) one of those folks, every conversation Oh, my goodness, negative..if you listen to everyday, you zero! What we take in our minds, affects our daily
MindSet, conversations...that's why a lot of people "stay prayed up!"
What ever the problem give it over to Jesus!
Love of jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 12/14/14

Thank you Elena. Yes our own behaviour (habits) play a huge role in such matters and others. If we slouch in a chair for hours we will have a stiff back, if we take long walks in poor footwear our feet and legs will ache and so it goes.

Many things cause burps. Some can be cured by our changing our eating habits and some need medication but, whatever the cause, we must leave demons out of this.
---Rita_H on 12/7/14

Hello,Sis.Rita you are right, it begins a tangent we say here...burp comes fr perhaps, too much greasy food, or it could be eating too, fast! trapping air n your esophocus can't catch up, well, you get the idea,just bad eating habits.Demons are not responsible for bad eating habits..I noticed my late mom had this issue smoking too many cigarettes quickly, always gas later.Some things we bring on our of Jesus!
---Elena_9555 on 12/7/14

There are very many 'Christians' who seem incapable of not attaching a demon to everything. We all know that Satan is crafty but let us not make him sound quite as important as he wishes to feel by stating that he has powers he does not have.

Most of these people seem to be attached to charismatic churches (often the health and prosperity type) and seem to not dare to ever challenge their leaders on these issues. They seem to be prisoners of that church and the leaders - incapable of using God-given common sense.
---Rita_H on 12/1/14

\\Some Christians seemingly have a demon for everything. I would command the burping itself to stop, but then burping is a natural human thing.
---HELEN_4633 on 11/27/14\\

Better to belch and bear the shame
Than squelch the belch and bear the pain.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/30/14

burping is the result of gas in the stomach. I would hate to know a demon is in my stomach.
---shira4368 on 11/29/14

I ate some delicious broccoli/cheddar soup on Thanksgiving--had two helpings in fact.

And I was gassy both ways all night long, too.

Glory to jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/30/14

Some Christians seemingly have a demon for everything. I would command the burping itself to stop, but then burping is a natural human thing.
---HELEN_4633 on 11/27/14

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I cannot think of anything worse than teletubbies. I know some will say barney, but in it's 2nd to 5th season, it was pretty good. This is back in the day of seasons.
---aka on 11/27/14

the simpsons is the most stupid thing to ever hit tv besides tbn and mtv.
---shira4368 on 11/26/14

when homer simpson burps, do you see his lips quiver. now, that is a # & !!ish burp.
---aka on 11/24/14

I have been burping for 13 years non stop except when I go to sleep. I tried everything even got my gallbladder out. Last night in the name of Jesus I casted out the burping demon and have not burped since. So yes there is a burping demon and you can cast it out in the name of Jesus it is a shame as a Christian it took me 13 years to cast it out. Jesus gave us the authority we just have to believe him and do it.
---Theresa on 11/21/14

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Okay Cassie, it is very apparent what you wrote is a JOKE. Now I am waiting for the PUNCH LINE.
---Rob on 6/29/12

my goodness. I must be demon posessed because when I drink a coke or eat certain foods I burp. does that mean when I burp the demon comes back out of me? now...let me get this straight....does the demon get back in me until I burp again????? The Holy Spirit dwells in me so when the demon tries to get in, he just is not able to do so. maybe when I burp the demon runs away.
---shira4368 on 6/29/12

Yes there are burp demons no lie... Have them say the prayer for devine mercy at an adoration chapel then Jesus is the Son of God! Under God's athority ask the demon to tell you its name then strongly command it to come out with GOD's power- but the chapel is most helpful the actual presence of God is in there! As I recall hearing on the EWTN channel the Devine Mercy Prayer Chaplet is said every weekday at 3:00, Lord Jesus Christ's death. It is not a laughing matter do not be fooled it is out to damage . Prayers sent! God have mercy on us all! You may need to try this for a while and lay hands on a Bible or u can in private! God Bless them and you!do not talk to it more than its name and avoid its voices listening to them imitating angels ect.,
---Cassie on 6/28/12

Shirley, I never burp. After I eat I do make little purring sounds to show I am satisified. I learned this from a cat that had a dog demon.
---Elder on 10/12/11

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Rhonda, I think most of us are just having fun with this demon. it is so stupid, it becomes funny.
---shira4368 on 10/10/11

Shirley, no kidding they still build them.
---Elder on 10/9/11

a demon coming out? sometimes I truly believe there are people who lay claim to christianity for the sole purpose of spreading nonsense around

there are several digestive disorders as well as diseases that can lead to excessive burping ...not to mention each persons body is different maybe there are foods this person eats that cause it that would not cause someone else to burp --- they like the food and don't care if it causes burping

your friend should be checked out by a gastro intestinal doctor to find the cause

THEN consider eliminating the friend who suggested "demons" it is best to stay away from mentally imbalanced people or those who USE religious terms as a hoax
---Rhonda on 10/8/11

Elder, as a young person I could identify vehicles because there weren't many different ones around and they all had their own signature. Now, they all look alike. Oh, never heard of a Dodge demon. I hope you are kidding me.
---shira4368 on 10/6/11

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Hey Shirley, Dodge used to sell a Demon for people to drive around in.
---Elder on 10/5/11

how many people have a curse demon, big mouth demon, gossip demon, "don't pay your bills" demon, don't take a bath demon, food demon, cake and chocolate demon, cigarette demon, whisky demon, beer demon, liar demon, adultry demon, smart mouth demon, wreckless driving so many demons around.
---shira4368 on 10/5/11

Utter nonsense--or even superstition.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 10/4/11

your kidding right? it is a problem with the esophogus then or airway for burping to be all the time, not demon related. have her see a regular doctor.
---candice on 10/4/11

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Some burp demons come through the throat because they are full of pride and don't want to be seen coming out the other end.
---Elder on 10/4/11

when I read some of these answers, I start laughing real hard then start sneezing. Wonder if I have two demons????
---shira4368 on 10/4/11

Your PH balance in your stomach is out of wac or you have an ulcer. Ulcer don't necessarily have to be painful. Go to your Doctor and have him check you for H-pylori(its a micro organism that damages your stomach lining)
---gabe on 10/3/11

I always get "the runs" demon after I eat at that restaurant with the dragon and the statue of the little fat guy with the marble in his belly button with water trickling over it.
---Jed on 10/3/11

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the "burp" demon comes after you eat the food demon with the gas demon. How ridiculis.
---shira4368 on 10/3/11

How about a fat denom people have, or a cough demon. Something to really think about. We are surrounded by demons. A skinny demon, or a beautiful demon. How about a coffee demon? This is just too much to take in one day. You guys are real funny.
---Dan on 10/3/11

This has to be the silliest topic I have ever seen on ChristiaNet.
---Jed on 10/3/11

//Hi, Yes I believe it is a demonic manifestation. //

i will agree IF you think those idiots who have laughing attacks "from the Spirit" AND Spiritual Drunkenness are also really a demonic manifestation.
---aka on 10/3/11

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Hi, Yes I believe it is a demonic manifestation. The demon itself might not be called a 'burping' demon but it can manisfest in that manner, especially if the burping is involuntary and his chest, back or throat feels tight or 'bound'. There are witches and there is witchcraft. This could be a product of witchcraft. I have been suffering with the same thing for about 10years now. It is no joke. I have been to many doctors and have tried a variety of treatments. none have worked. been diagnosed with GERD,IBS, GE, acid refulx, hyperacidity, stress disorder, and received medication for them but until this day the problem manifests. I got born again in 1999 and this problem started around 2001.
---needdeliverance on 10/2/11

Utter nonsense.

Give the guy a TUMS.
---Nancy on 11/9/07

Sometimes in deliverance certain distortions of the mouth can occur. I have no knowledge about burps being one of these distortions.
---mima on 5/10/07

I heard that "God bless you" or "Gesundheit [German for Good health!]" when one sneezed dats back to the days of the black plague when sneezing was a frequet early symptom.
---Jack on 7/7/06

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Another one: I always heard that people say "God Bless you" when you sneeze is because you're heart stops beating when you sneeze. ?? I know, doesn't make too much sense to me either.
---sue on 7/6/06

Oh boy, I thought this blog might just deliver us from "deep" and labyrinthine theology. Do we need Pliny to tell us that a sneeze is beneficial? :>)Though, I'll admit the first time I read II kings 4, I did marvel that God taught the prophet mouth-to-mouth CPR!

I hope ordinary readers who read modern English Bibles, realize that Henry's Commentary is a classic that uses old style English. The boy did not contract the same disease that kills puppies, i.e. "distemper".
---Donna2277 on 7/6/06

The breath here comes from the prophet who has stretched himself out on the boy in complete identification. Sounds like Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection. Sometimes we just need our heads cleared by the Word that He speaks to us, which are spirit and life.
---Linda6563 on 7/6/06

Most people, as well as philosophers and physicians, have remarked how beneficial sneezings are to the removal of obstructions in the head. Sternutamenta, says Pliny, Hist. Nat., lib. xxviii., cap. 6, gravedinem capitis emendant; Sneezing relieves disorders of the head.

If you really think about that, it takes a breath in and a breath out to sneeze.
---Linda6563 on 7/6/06

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Some more:

2Ki 4:35 -
The child sneezed seven times - That is, it sneezed abundantly. When the nervous influence began to act on the muscular system, before the circulation could be in every part restored, particular muscles, if not the whole body, would be thrown into strong contractions and shiverings, and sternutation or sneezing would be a natural consequence; particularly as obstructions must have taken place in the head and its vessels, because of the disorder of which the child died.
---Linda6563 on 7/6/06

The "rumor" you have heard regarding sneezing (and I have heard it too) just goes to show you that those looking for a demon under every rock (and in every person) are probably going to find one in their own imagination.
---Linda6563 on 7/6/06

After a while, the child sneezed seven times, which was an indication, not only of life, but liveliness. Some have reported it as an ancient tradition that when God breathed into Adam the breath of life the first evidence of his being alive was sneezing, which gave rise to the usage of paying respect to those that sneeze. Some observe here that sneezing clears the head, and there lay the child's distemper.
---Linda6563 on 7/6/06

Hey Rebecca, I found something interesting in Henry's commentary regarding sneezing. I had been thinking about the son of the widow who died and, when he was restored alive, how he sneezed seven times. This is what I found:

(2.) How gradually the operation was performed. At the first application, the flesh of the child waxed warm (2Ki_4:34), which gave the prophet encouragement to continue instant in prayer.
---Linda6563 on 7/6/06

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can someone please show me in scripture where any born again spirit filled believer had a demon cast out of them? there were many unbelievers that yahushua ministered to in this way but no believers neither did any of the apostles or disciples why?
---dave on 7/5/06

I am wondering whether there are many "demons" in the English language? I saw in here "lemon demon" now this "burp demon". Hey, what are these? We only have one demon in my country. That demon is named Satan!
---Bebet3754 on 7/5/06

This is really silly. I heard that when someone sneezes that if they don't put their hand in front of their mouth, then their spirit will escape. People really come up with stupid things don't they? Common sense will tell you that it is stupid to think or even say this. Your friend needs to read her bible and pray for common sense.
---Rebecca_D on 7/5/06

Wow, Sue...that was funny! And with a house full of boys...well, you get my drift. Oops~~no pun intended.
---Linda6563 on 7/5/06

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Anyone who believes in a burp demon would also believe in witch doctors that make children crave lemons.

Come on, people! I thought God had given us the Spirit of a SOUND MIND--not fear and superstition.
---Jack on 7/5/06

A Burp Demon?(lol,lol).That was a good Laugh.You know everyone trying to look for demon everywhere.

I know a old lady that everytime she looks at a Light bulb she said "Look its the eyes of satan". Everytime she looks a stick, she saids "Look its the tail of satan, run!".
---Ramon on 7/5/06

wow, if a simple, innocent burp is considered demonic, what would an evil fart be?!?! just wondering,
---sue on 7/5/06

Seriously? Incredible.
---Bruce5656 on 7/5/06

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A burp demon? Yes, and his roomates are the hiccup and the sneeze demons. They're quite a noisy crew. Their neighbors, the giggle angel and the wish fairy complain all the time!!
---Criss on 7/5/06

I have found this phenomenon in several extra church groups, who usually have something else wrong with their doctrine.
Here in the UK the major proponent of this theory is a group called Elell Granhe, lead by Peter Horrobin.
---mike8384 on 7/5/06

I really have had a good laugh!!!
---pkay on 7/5/06

Check out what's causing his chronic indigestion first. If and only if normal, common sense, and natural explanations and remedies don't work would I look elsewhere.

FWIW, for two decades I suffered various symptoms of gall bladder trouble, but I didn't know what it was until all the symptoms hit at once (including back pain) and a dr. confirmed it.

Prayer and anointing and good surgery got rid of the problem (including some I didn't know I had such as sallowness).
---Jack on 7/5/06

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Mackey::Continuous BURPS is an acidity Reflux,improper digestion or eating too hot & spicy food,causing Heart burn too .it is a medical disorder see a Doctor & change your diet.It also leads to other problems like HBP & cholesterol.
---Emcee on 7/4/06

I have heard of demons talking through people, and heard of people vomitting green stuff when the demons come out.
---Madison on 7/4/06

Sure, there's a burp and gas demon, he lives at Taco Bell..
---NV_Barbara on 7/4/06

Is this burping something he cannot control? Is he distressed by it? Or could he be just seeking attention? My advice is to give him a "Tums" and see if the "demon" departs for awhile. If not either talk to him about manners or take him to the doctor. Maybe he has the demon of "not-taking-responsibility-for-one's-own-behavior".
---Donna2277 on 7/4/06

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LOL Burps all the time hey -- how many demons are supposed to be coming out hey???? Seriously if somebody has cast a demon out of this person then maybe, but all the time -- no. I would put it down to excess wind.
---Helen_5378 on 7/4/06

Thats the funniest thing I've heard all day! Although it may sound like a demon, I dont think it's one!!! Seriously, if burps are the devil, my husband is truly EVIL!!!
---sue on 7/4/06

It is nonsense.
---Rickey on 7/4/06

If there is a gas demon, there must be a burp demon.
---shira on 7/4/06

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I do feel that we must be very careful about ascribing demonic activity to everything that goes wrong in our lives.
Mackey, I think that your friend should see a doctor, as excessive burping would indicate a problem with his gastro-intestinal tract. (Gut). Or, perhaps, look to his eating habits. Some people eat in such a way, that they swallow excessive air. That must go somewhere. and usually comes up! God Bless
---Margaretj on 7/4/06

If these are real BUUURRRPS, maybe he just eats too fast?
But if just continuous hiccups, it may be medical condition.
I don't go on the idea of demons coming out.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/4/06

Sounds like someone is looking for a demon under every rock and around every corner. One will usually find what he is looking for. My guess: indigestion.
---Linda6563 on 7/4/06

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