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Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant

What is the Ark of the Covenant and where is it today?

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 ---mary on 7/5/06
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I think that Ark of the Covenant is under the spot where Jesus was crucified called Golgotha. (or also known as the skull)
---T on 3/5/08

In the Church of St. Mary of Zion, Axum, Ethiopia.
so they say...there is even a sentinel who watches over it 24/7. he is the only one allowed behind the gate that is locked until he passes away and a new keeper is placed there.
---lisa on 12/11/07

The ark of the covenant is in heaven.
---Audrea on 12/10/07

We are. The presence of God dwells in us. We are His temple. No use to look for one built with mans hands.
---john on 5/7/07

I believe God raptured it up into heaven. Remember, noone could look into it let alone touch it.
---jana on 9/16/06

We are to live by faith in the word of God and BELIEVE it. Anyone that has read Revelation should know that John saw it in heaven. If you have to have it on this temporal earth it's no longer faith. We are to be spiritually minded.
---Frank on 7/9/06

Jack, I can see how my last phrase "who can say?" might imply I don't believe in any 'finds,' so want to say categorically that's *not* true in all cases! But I'd want some kind of evidence beyond just a mere 'possibility' (many of which have been later 'debunked'). E.g., if an inscription is unearthed from beneath the Temple mount in Jerusalem by a group of reputible scholars, and judged to be ancient, then I'd be more apt to believe in its authenticity.
---danie9374 on 7/8/06

If our faith is an historical faith, it should not surprise us if physical traces of things described in the Bible could be found.

How one can prove that this or that relic is in fact authentic (whether it be Noah's ark, the Ark of the Covenant, or other) is an entirely different issue.
---Jack on 7/8/06

Speaking of another ark: You know people have been lied to, scammed, fooled so often now, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if it's no longer possible for anyone to believe they actually found Noah's Ark, even if we really did! Josh McDowell and others just came back from Iran (with petrified wood) saying they have! But with such a vague thread between this find and Scripture, and nothing but a 'delapidated mound of rock,' no discernable boat-like structure, who can really say?
---danie9374 on 7/7/06

A little editorializing: If some group claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant today, how could anyone know for sure it was 'the real deal' anyway? What if the Queen of Sheba had decided to make a COPY of the one she'd heard about when in Israel? All the specs were there in the Scriptures and it would be so old (the wood, etc.) as to be very difficult to say it wasn't the original; it prob. wouldn't contain any stone tablets though.
---danie9374 on 7/7/06

In the Church of St. Mary of Zion, Axum, Ethiopia.
---Jack on 7/7/06

Forgot to mention: Although the phrase 'Ark of the Covenant' isn't mentioned until Numbers 10:33, its description simply as 'ark' and how it was to be constructed by God's commandment if first mentioned in Exodus 25:10 and following! This is the most detailed account of what it looked like!
---danie9374 on 7/6/06

lee: Although Revelation 11:19 is true (and the ark will be around during the reign of Christ on earth), like those who've died in fires or became dust long ago and are raised in new bodies, God most certainly could re-create the ark before placing it in the Millennial Temple! Furthermore, John had many 'visions' which aren't necessarily literal in every aspect; esp. of heaven (note 'appeared' in the verse). So, I see no reason for assuming God must use the same 'physical ark' here.
---danie9374 on 7/6/06

mary: Read Hebrews 9:1ff. (it's mentioned in verse 4) for a simple description of it inside the Temple. You can find references throughout the O.T. to it as well. Num.10:33 seems to be first ref. to it; and Deut.31:25-26 says the 'book of the law' was placed inside it. Jeremiah 3:16 is an interesting comment about it no longer being significant in eternity!
---danie9374 on 7/6/06

The ark of the covenant is the box or container that contains the contract that will be used to clarify the determining factor used to settle the Fathers justifiably enforceable declarations concerning His judgment. It is now where it has always been in the central sanctuary of His temple. (Rev. 11:19) The one made on earth was simply a model of the original. The last known place of that ark was in the house that Solomon built. (2 Ch 35:3)
---joseph on 7/6/06

Nurse: LOLOLOLOL.....I was thinking the same thing. Even though it was Biblically inaccurate, I did love that movie.
---Madison1101 on 7/5/06

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I think you need to ask Indiana Jones...
I thought it was in a government warehouse somewhere in Washington, DC.
---NurseRobert on 7/5/06

The Ark of the Covenant is in heaven -

Revelation 11:19 Then Gods temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple. There were flashes of lightning, rumblings, {Or voices, or sounds} peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.

Sometime along the way, the Lord must have grapped it and brought it to heaven.
---lee on 7/5/06

The Q is clear.what is the ark of the covenant and where is it today?can those who know the answer give it to us please.Those who dont have a clue should not wangle and waffle their way as if they are answering the q.
---pkay on 7/5/06

Didn't the Old Covenant have to pass away to establish the New. I think the Ark,as part of that Old Covenant, was completely distroyed,done away with, since it was no longer needed and the focus should be on Christ not an Ark.
---Darlene_1 on 7/5/06

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The ark of the covenant is were the presence of God abided.There is now no such thing as the ark of the covenant as was in the old testament.If you are looking for the authentic article you would have about as good of a chance of finding a piece of the cross Jesus died on. The main thing is that the presence of God now abides with man, inside of every blood bought believer and not in an article made with mans hands.
---john on 7/5/06

What evidence do you have that the Ark of the Covenant is in Heaven?

Truly, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. That accounts for where the Holy Sirit is today but does not answer the question about the original Ark of the Covenant.
---Bruce5656 on 7/5/06

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