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Drunk Mother Hits On My Husband

I'm friends with a mother of two. At a barbeque, she had too much to drink and acted sexual towards my husband. She wore a short skirt and keep lifting her leg to show my husband her toe she thought she broke. Her husband had to tell her to stop. What should I do?

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 ---deborah on 7/5/06
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Pray. Your husband did the right thing and told her to stop. Pray for your husband and your marriage. Bathe him in prayer for purity and for his mind to stay on you. God answers those types of prayers.
---Madison1101 on 3/2/08

Absolutely catherine.
We have all of these blogs where the husbands have dumped the wives, no longer give them the time of day; and here we have the neighbor lady lifting her leg. I say, show the woman to the nearest fire hydrant, and buh bye. Or the next thing we'll here, my husband ran off, what should I do.
---BillyGoat on 5/26/07

DO NOT BE FRIENDS with this woman anymore. We can pray and pray, and pray. But I am telling you for God, "stop the friendship".
---catherine on 5/26/07

are you a Christian?if so,why are you notpraying for this lost soul?alcahol addiction is nasty and difficult to break free vfrom.when drunk this lady willnot be awarte of what she is doing.Pray for her and love her and if opportunity arioses help her break fre of addioction.Jesus never turned his back on a hurtingperson and believe me she will be hurting
---doree4573 on 5/25/07

Speak the truth in love to her. By that I mean to TELL her to not to do that again,period. You can also explain how it made you feel, but let her know you will not tolerate that behavior. Also why did HER husband have to tell her to stop. Why did your husband not remove himself or tell her to stop lifting her leg? Might need to speak the truth in love to him as well letting him know how it hurt you. Both need to understand that you will not stand by quietly again during that type of episode Blessings
---jody on 5/25/07

My first question would be...are you and the other woman Believers? If so, then I would confront her (lovingly) and point out her recent behavior. Tell her that you were hurt by her actions. Be a willing listener to what she says. Then pray with her. If she persists in the same behavior then I would distance myself(and husband) from her.
---Dennis on 5/25/07

If she keeps lifting her leg, she might be needing to find a fire hydrant. A chokechain and a timeout in the doghouse will solve that. If she can't behave herself, she must stay in the doghouse.
No BBQ's for MumofTwo, until she sobers up.
---BillyGoat on 5/25/07

Such is the nature of alcohol in excess. It impairs judgment. If her husband has already spoken to her, I don't think there is much else you need to say.
---Linda6563 on 5/25/07

It reads like your husband took care of it. The most you should do, (besides praying for this woman,) is not to go to anymore activities where she is. However, I really doubt if she will cause anymore problems since your husband has already let her know he's not availble.
---wivv on 8/7/06

I agree with John and Barbara, protecting one's marriage does not mean having to reject a friend, particularly one who seems to have issues and is ripe for Christ's love. If as Christians we are more interested in protecting our own interests than in pursuing God-given opportunities to show love, we have utterly failed to obey the Great Commission laid down by the Lord.
---Benny on 8/5/06

I agree with John T, her husband acted correctly. Tell her you care enough about her to want to stay friends, but NOT under those circumstances. Discuss if she thinks she has a drinking problem, and that you would aid in getting her help. Don't cut her off as a friend, the circumstances seem to fall in your lap to help her get saved. God puts people in our path that gives us an oppurtunity to witness to them.
---NV_Barbara on 7/6/06


Meet her at McDonalds for some coffee. (neutral ground) Then tell her what she did under the influence of alcohol.

She has problems, obviously.

Let her know that your hubby's actions were appropriate, hers were inappropriate. She needs to see the full, unvarnished details.

Nevertheless, tell her you will remain friends as long as she does not try to damage your marriage--again. That will set in motion several important items, but she will choose her own course.
---John_T on 7/6/06

Is your mother a frequent drinker? She may have a problem with alcohol, and it impaired her judgment. Pray for her and for God to allow you to speak words of encouragement to her, she may need help getting off of the alcohol. She may need you to tell her the truth about how she hurt you. Pray for your husband also.
---Hope on 7/6/06

First off, it that were me, I'd tell her to back up the truck and play around with her own husband, don't start nothin' won't be nothin'!! Don't go around evil and then your husband won't be influenced by evil at least the demon in her. Stay away unless you want trouble in your marriage.
---Rebecca_D on 7/5/06

Don't be friends with her any more. Pray for her instead that she will get saved.
---Helen_5378 on 7/5/06

that is simple. Don't be friends with her anymore.
---shira on 7/5/06

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