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Should Public Schools Be Christian

Should we push for religious and christian teaching in public schools?

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 ---marsha on 7/6/06
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Permit me to direct your attention to what is happening to Christians and Catholics In Orissa INDIA,where Christianity is being suppresed by Violent Extremist Hindus this is spreading to other parts of India WHILE THE WORLD SITS SILENTLY WATCHING.Priests Killed lay people murdered Property destroyed.Yes even written about in the Times of India and the Irish Press."He who loses his life for MY sake saves it."
---MIC on 9/23/08

"My Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim kids know how to practice self-control, and do their work without being a disruption."

Interesting. What grade do you teach? Do your observations speak to the validity of these religions?

"The Constitution says that there is to be no establishment of religion."

True indeed.

"It would seem that the parents of the students who are not Christian do a better job of raising their children with self-control and a work ethic."

What might be the reason for this?

"The teaching of children about God is the parents' responsibility."

---Bobby3 on 9/23/08

This is a complicated issue. As has been noted, the Constitution maintains the separation between church and state. However, public schools are not prohibited from teaching ABOUT religion (in the context of history or culture, for example). This would seem the only avenue for exposing public school children to Christianity. Is this desirable?

When answering, consider this: Would we want the teaching of Christianity to be the duty of non-Christian teachers (who might present Christian beliefs as mythology [or worse])?

The other alternative is to hope for an amendment to the Constitution. However, even if the unlikely should happen, we run into the same problem: Christianity in the hands of non-Christian teachers.
---Bobby3 on 9/23/08

I think the real question should be, why should we have public schools? I think that we should go back to teaching creation in the school and take out all the lies in the text books about evolution in the school books. I am afraid to say that you will never see christian teaching in our public schools today. The public school is teaching religion, but a false religion. Christian teaching goes against evolution, so therefore you won't see any christian teaching, but you want to see christian religious teaching in school, then you are going (with a lot of others) to have to do something about and try to make a change.
---phebe6653 on 9/23/08

Robyn & Trish:You may have the finest and most expensive and the Best That money can buy But if you do not KNOW how to use the Tools of Your Trade, You are as helpless as a babe in the woods.Trish you may be the exception to the rule and I am not pointing Fingers but Generalising.This is evident From the diverse attitudes to Jesus Word where each desires to say "I am right, You are wrong"Jesus says My church and man says No we are all believers.Sad isn't it.Problem"HOW DO WE FIX IT>Jesus says "Keep my commandments love one another"
---MIC on 9/22/08

I forgot this: Even if Christianity were a religion, it would beat all the rest of them, hands down. The priniciples and teaching of Christianity make the dumbest person wise,the most evil person loving,it brings comfort,peace and joy to the soul,mind and spirit. If practiced consistently. It makes one more loving,kinder,gentler,more generous and an all round wholesome person. Who in their right mind,does not want to be like that?
Jesus will be a friend,comforter,lover,mom,dad to us. He can be everything to us. That is a miracle to me and a privilege to be a Christian.
---Robyn on 9/22/08

Robyn, it is not the job of the public school system to teach the Gospel. That is the job of the Christian parents and the Christian church.

Mic: It would seem that the parents of the students who are not Christian do a better job of raising their children with self-control and a work ethic.

Both: The teaching of children about God is the parents' responsibility. That is the Biblical teaching that I used in raising my own children. I did not expect the public school to teach my kids about God.
---Trish9863 on 9/21/08

I predict that as they become the majority in your area you'll EAT YOUR very OWN WORDS That's a fact my story if far too long to discuss right now be warned I told you so!
---Carla3939 on 9/21/08

Trish:-What you are saying is Hindu muslim and Bhuddists have learnt control,whereas The christian Children have Not.Does this mean that the first 3 practice their Religion learning control where as the christians do not?Does this not bring on the conclusion that religion should be taught from the Cradle and continued into the scolastic life.Knowing what is right or wrong It needs PRACTICE not a knowledge it exists.In a few words "Do christian practice their Religion,and if so many denominations exist wont they be CONFUSED"?.Hence the need for a UNIVERSALCHURCH as GOD intended in Matt16:13-19.A viable solution."Women of Jerusalem weep not for me but yourself and your children."
---MIC on 9/21/08

Trish9863: You made a valid point. Thank you. I did not speak against religion. I spoke in behalf of Christianity. Hinduism,Muslim and the other religions you spoke of, are just that, religion! Christianity is not a religion! There is a difference.
The bible plainly tells us Jesus is the way..the only Way to Heaven. Anything else is a counterfeit. Not my words.
Now the Christian kids may be a problem. I don't argue that but if I were the teacher I would be more concerned about the Hindus Muslim kids, etc...Buddhists. You won't go to Heaven worshipping Buddha. That's for sure.
---Robyn on 9/21/08

Robyn, I teach public school, and have students who are Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist, in addition to my Christian kids. The Constitution says that there is to be no establishment of religion. Who is going to protect the rights of the students who do not practice Christianity?

Also, I find it interesting that most of my behavior problems are the Christian kids, not the others. My Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim kids know how to practice self-control, and do their work without being a disruption. They have a strong work ethic. My disruptive students, or the ones who don't get their work done, are usually the Christians.

---Trish9863 on 9/21/08

Most definitely. Everything else ungodly is thrust upon us.Why not something godly? Christianity is the backbone of this nation. Wny not teach its principles? Makes sense to me.
Anything that teaches you to love,honor and respect others,can't be too bad.
Could turn someone's life around,could save a life. Could produce a great teacher,preacher the schoolroom. Great decisions have been made in the early years of a child's life.Wouldn' that be a wonderful stroke for Christ.
---Robyn on 9/20/08

The children of today, all suffer from bleak and starved education in Christianity.This is the fault of those in Power While RCC still teach it as a subject in their schools. Yet it is insufficient and should be introduced as a mainstream subject.I know many will not agree with me because they will say it servec no worldly Purpose,and interferes with Human Rights (Balderdash) but on the contrary I disagree it strengthens a childs Intellect, resolve and shapes his/her Character and eventual destiny which is really what life is all about.
---MIC on 8/29/08

They used to be, back in the first part of the 19th century. A gentleman named Charles Finney changed all that. In fact he ushered in the newest era of man-centered-theology when is rampant today.
---Brooks on 8/28/08

"Should we push for religious and christian teaching in public schools?"
No. It is not the public schools responsibility. What we should "push for", as individuals, is "christian teaching" within our own homes before public education begins. A teaching that should be sustained throughout the impressionable age of the child.
The wisdom of proverbs 22:6 endures forever:
"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Training in righteousness should start at birth.
On a different note, I do not think that a child's religious beliefs should be purposely stifled by the public school's system.
---Josef on 8/28/08

As long as it's the Apostolic Christianity of the Churches of the East that is taught and not the degenerate pop-evangelicalism we see here, I would agree.

Otherwise, public schools should be neutral.

Either MY faith is taught, or none is.
---Jack on 8/26/08

I agree. Either my faith the RCC, is taught or forget it.

Keep public schools neutral or grant coupons to parents to pick the Christian school themselves.
---Nicole on 8/28/08

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Jack, what do you mean by pop-evangelicalism
---evangelistjerry on 8/26/08

As long as it's the Apostolic Christianity of the Churches of the East that is taught and not the degenerate pop-evangelicalism we see here, I would agree.

Otherwise, public schools should be neutral.

Either MY faith is taught, or none is.
---Jack on 8/26/08

Not unless you are going to rewrite the amendment to the Constitution that talks about not having a state religion.
---Madison1101 on 11/19/07

Maybe as an elective; definitely not as a requirement.
---Benny on 9/17/06

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I think we can probably reach out to the unsaved in our neighborhood without the PTA. I certainly do agree, however, that kids will do better in schools if parents work with the teachers (as a kid I felt at times that my parents were TOO involved;>)) My impression, though, is that public schools want parents to co-operate with THEM, but have little or no interest in what parents and taxpayers want for their children. I may be wrong, but that's my impression.
---Donna2277 on 7/9/06

Donna: As a public school teacher, I can assure you that the public schools want parents who are involved. There is nothing sadder than was at one school where I taught. The school population was over 950, and there was only one parent involved in the Home and School Association, our equivalent of the PTA.

If more Christian parents were to be on their public schools' PTAs, there could be a revival in reaching out to the unsaved folks in your neighborhoods.
---Madison1101 on 7/9/06

Today, Christian school students, (despite Christian teaching), may be exposed to bullies, profanity, users of drugs or alcohol,cliques, gambling, violence, pornography, out of wedlock pregnancies etc. In fact, I have known Christian schools that become veritable "dumping grounds" for problem kids (to the point of closing down) BUT I would favor a PRIVATE school (Christian or not) where parents pay tuition and therefore have leverage. Public schools don't like parents to "interfere".
---Donna2277 on 7/9/06

Jack, the point is whos' brand of Christianity do we want taugh? Baptist, mormon, SDA, Catholic, lutheran?
---nurseRobert on 7/9/06

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In UK all schools, whether church or state run, used to start every day with a 'Christian' assembly, said Grace before eating, said or sang a prayer at the close of the school day and had a religious education lesson at least once a week. Very few people learnt anything about the Christian faith through all this except how to recite portions of the bible and certain prayers etc. It had no personal meaning to them because truly born again Christian teachers were just as rare then as they are now.
---M.A. on 7/9/06

NurseRobert--that's EXACTLY the point I'm trying to make.

People who want to have Christian teaching in schools subconsciously want THEIR version of Christianity taught.

I was simply articulating this subconscious assumption.
---Jack on 7/9/06

That commandment to train up and teach children was to parents. Not to be pushed off on schools. Growing up in the 60's before the hallowed halls of heresy removed the reponsibility from parents I had choices to make. For example I chose Genesis over Darwin. My children followed suit and became strong in faith standing on it early in an unbelieving enviroment. Since the rise of Christian schools more "christians" have openly made a mockery of Christ with foolishness unheard of in times past.
---Frank on 7/9/06

I personally find Christian schools no better than secular. They shield children from real life and don't balance out the real world evil. Light manifests darkness and my kids are glad they went to public school as they had choices to make and chose Christ. Half of the children shielded in Christian schools where I live end up falling upon graduation when the real world confronts them. Not to mention it engrains false doctrine in them as bad as the dreaded Catholic church most Christians despise so much.
---Frank on 7/9/06

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No, we cannot expect public schools to teach Christianity. When there was a consensus in the community about faith and mores, it was possible. But that time is gone. Now our greater concern is what schools teach that is anti-Christian. Public schools are no longer accountable to parents. I think private or home school is much preferable.
---Donna2277 on 7/8/06

No, we should not. Israel was to establish their own schools for their children. Instead of pushing for religious and christian teaching in public schools, why shouldn't we be heeding the counsel of God and gathering our children into our own houses and teaching them? Church schools are the place where Christians should have their children if at all possible, whether that be in a home school or more formal school serving a geographic area.
---Wayne87 on 7/8/06

In a perfect world, basic Christianity could be taught in public schools. However it would take all day in class to teach about all the differing faiths that operate in this country. Yes, this is a matter of dividing church and state.
Children should be taught at home by the parents whom they trust to tell them the truth. If as much time was spent sharing the Word with your children, as they spend playing or watching TV, we would be bringing up a strong Christian majority.
---NV_Barbara on 7/7/06

Jack, that is EXACTLY why we have separation of church and state.
---NurseRobert on 7/6/06

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Only if we are ready to see ALL religions have equal time there. I would rather see NO religion or anti-religion in schools and more Bible taught at home.(MOO)
---mikefl on 7/6/06

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