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How To Celebrate Holidays

If Christmas and Easter are pagan the way we currently celebrate them then how should Christians celebrate them? What holidays should we celebrate?

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 ---mary on 7/6/06
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Satan likes these kind of nitpicking stuff, it blurs the picture

Very TRUE ...Satan likes anything that BLURS GOD ...TRUE Christians are called out of this world TO SEPARATE ourselves from all things pagan NOT To believe we are above the deception of Satan be mingling and playing with pagan ways
---Rhonda on 4/15/08

...Satan knows that taking your eyes of Christ allows more of his deception to get a strong hold in ones life ...

Yes Satan likes it when those who call themselves christian professing Christ on their lips do as they please ignoring God Almighty ...Satan is the god of this world ...deceiving MANY not a few into believing that dabbling in pagan ways is okay if Christ is the "focus"
---Rhonda on 4/15/08

A true christian has no fear of anything, love drives out fear. Paul emphasizes that we can relate and celebrate with all people. We have nothing to fear in any of the cultures. As long as our mission is to present Christ and Him crucified. Satan likes these kind of nitpicking stuff, it blurs the picture.
---dan on 4/15/08

true Christians don't celebrate xmas and easter ...these days are no different then any other day of the year ...there are no world holidays Christians celebrate that "honor Christ" as these all have pagan based idolatry mixed in ...we follow Christ and everything He did was an example to follow ...Christ observed all of Gods feasts 4 in spring and 3 in fall
---Rhonda on 4/14/08

Jesus told us to make ourselves separate from the world. There may have been a time when celebrating these feasts made us stand out as Christians, but now non-Christians have retaken back the holiday seasons for the purposes of enjoyment and making a killing on commercial aaspects of the feasts. I won't support them any more. I enjoy celebrating by reading my Bible at home. Every day, not just twice a year.
---frances008 on 4/14/08

We are told in Jeremiah chapter 10 not to celebrate these holidays, they have nothing to do with Jesus, the church just gave them a "christain" twist. We should celebrate the feast days in the bible.
---Eve on 4/14/08

On both Christmas and Easter my family goes to church services. We hear what the preachers get to say about Jesus birth or resurrection. We praise God by singing hymns and praying. These holidays are Christian ones that have nothing to do with santa clause or easter bunny. If I had kids I would tell them that santa is not real, but that Jesus is.
---elena on 4/8/07

The fact that there were non-Christian festivities at these times is irrelevant. Jeremiah did not tell us not to celebrate the Birth and triumphant sacrifice of Jesus. It is good to celebrate these things ... more so still if we can use them as a witness
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/12/06

We still celabrate the holidays but put a twist in it. We don't do santa but we have christmas. We don't do easter bunny but we still have eggs. We use the occasion to add extra dementions onto our families growth in jesus. eg easter we did a cookie that told the easter story. We have taked santa out and repaced him with jesus we tell our kids the truth staight up and the don't even miss it. It's more fun to them then a fat guy in a fake suit
---Tina on 7/7/06

I know many will disagree with me.
I'm Christian, not pagan. I celebrate the birth of my Savior and His Resurrection in traditional American ways. Don't KNOW what a decorated tree or bunch of eggs meant to some long ago pagans..don't care, either. Why deny kids a make-believe Santa or Easter Bunny? Do we ban Batman or the Cookie Monster? Never yet met an adult that worshipped Peter Rabbit. Kids learn by watching and imitating PARENTS. Kids learn that JESUS is REAL by living in a CHRIST-CENTERED HOME.
---Donna2277 on 7/6/06

I celebrate jesus everyday, why wait till christmas, and easter?????just add them to your daily list.I go to bed thinking jesus and wake up thinking jesus.CELEBRATE AIN,T A GOOD ENOUGH WORD TO DESCRIBE HOW WE SHOULD FEEL ABOUT OUR LORD.
---tom2 on 7/6/06

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