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We Want A Donor Sperm

Me and my husband want to have a baby in the near future and are planing to use donor sperm. A few people I know thinks it's wrong but we really want a baby. My husband had a visectimy because he has md and doesn't want to risk passing it on. Are we playing God?

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 ---Tina on 7/6/06
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the patriarchs using surrogate parents mentioned did it in unbelief, not trusting Gods promise. Something else to consider. Though you may have a baby (not guaranteed) it will be another mans child. There are other options such as adoption, which would be a blessing to you and some child who has no family. Personally me, and my wife especially, think it is not the right way to go about doing this. But this is just my input, the decision is for you. May God give you and your husband the wisdom and knowledge to do what He would have you do.

Gods grace to you
---willa5568 on 5/15/11

"The Bible mentions surrogate parenting. When Abraham and Jacob's wives could not concieve, they took their wives' handmaidens"
StrongAxe on 5/13/11

Very well put blog entry!
---Nana on 5/13/11


The Bible mentions surrogate parenting. When Abraham and Jacob's wives could not concieve, they took their wives' handmaidens.

Your comments are very judgmental, using words like "deadly sin", "self gratification", "unequally yoked" etc. Can you cite any scriptures that justify them? Fornication is wrong, but can you show anything saying using donor sperm is that, or being "unequally yoked with unbelievers" (do you know the spiritual state of the donor?) Or wanting your own children is selfish? The Bible constantly encourages children, but rarely mentions adoption.

Also, if she DID commit adultery and got pregnant, you would insist she keep the child rather than abort, yes?
---StrongAxe on 5/13/11

It's adultery with a stranger, and unclean.
---Eloy on 2/15/11

No, its not.

However, a decision like this is fraught with problems. Pray about this long and hard before making this decision.
---NurseRobert on 5/13/11

Dear ones,
My wife and I had been married over 5 years with no kids. Then a dear friend of hers, a single mom with five kids, suggested that she get pregnant from me, and she would gift the baby to us right after it was born. It all worked well. We are the happy parents of a well groomed young teenager, who stands out in his school as the student who is kind and loving and a good influence on those around him. Find a nice guy and go for it. It's God's will to make babies! I'm a pastor!When love is, there is no sin.
---jo on 5/13/11

Have you considered adopting an embryo? Unwanted embryos are leftover from women taking fertility drugs? Cheaper than adopting at least & you could rescue one.
---Aaron on 3/19/11

my sentiments indeed!!!

Three ungodly offers of fornicating advice and merely one Godly reply.

The road is wide(sperm donors) that leads to destruction but narrow is the road thatleads to salvation (Eloy's godly advice).

now read for yourself in Revelations of the fornicating sin that has engulfed this world of sinners that also befall kings, it shall all burn in the lake of fire with fervent heat along with the devil and his hosts.

I suggest with all wisdom and supplication to the word of Grace, that you all repent of your ill doing and change your mind sets, Christ would paid the price for the remissions of your sins.

Behold I come quickly with the wrath of destruction upon the children of disobedience.
---Carla on 2/16/11

It's adultery with a stranger, and unclean.
---Eloy on 2/15/11

I don't see that view that this method of having children is wrong.
I'm am willing to be a donor, if you can prove to me that your will be fit and capable parents.
---Keith on 2/15/11

Hello i am willing to help
---Sarah_Nelson on 12/2/10

Check out christian sperm donors on gmail groups.
---Ross_Comyn on 12/2/10

[Gal 4:27 For it is written, Rejoice, [thou] barren that bearest not, break forth and cry, thou that travailest not: for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband]

A harsh reality and Gods only knows why he regardless of our refusal to accept the truth and either foster or adopt, God certainly knows what he is doing.

Why put yourself at risk of being out of gods plan by allowing another man's seed into the temple of God when it will be someone elses child not your husbands, The truth is who told you otherwise?

Is adoption not an option?

Sin is always widely available!
---Carla on 10/25/10

been trying,praying for a child for 8 years. lead youth at church and mentored young girl and still have deep yearning for a child. prayed to God for direction and have received many mixed opinions. don't believe that using sperm donor is sin do believe that it is human solution to problem not Godly solution, Abraham and Sarah tried to solve their childlessness human way before they were blessed with Isaac. Condeming someone for choosing donor is not loving Christian behaviour. Let those without sin cast the first stone. God is good his plans for us are good,he is with us when we cry, when we laugh. He calls us to be loving and gentle in our correction with each other. God bless
---Lindsay on 10/22/10

A person is weak in the faith to depend on man to do what God is suppose to do. Whatever is not of nature is not of God. You can make all sorts of excuses that this procedure is right, but it's not right in the eyes of God. You're relying more upon what man can do than what God can do.

Keep your faith in God who will bless the mother wannabe with a Godly child. He knows when you are ready to have children. Don't depend on your selfish desires and the ways of man to do something when you are not ready.
---Steveng on 2/23/09

God gave Dr and the Dr knowledge for a reason. I beleve is it no more wrong to have your eggs implanted a donor sperm than it is to have a heart transplant.

What would make anymore playing God to have sperm donated to bring life into the world than to recieve a haert to keep life from leaving this world?
---Kim on 2/23/09

Betty, have you heard of the word Judgemental? Just wondering, until you've been in her shoes, don't judge her so harshly--they're very painful shoes to walk in when you're infertile--trust me I've been there.
---Mary on 2/22/09

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Yes, you're playing God. Furthermore, it's all wrong. Never do that, for it is a sin. Leave that to God. If you want a baby, pray for a baby.
---Betty on 2/22/09

Some are having multiple babies, and some are saying some of these babies will have all sorts of mental and physical problems. In the light of this, God should be the one who lets you have a baby. And by no other means. I do not wish to come off as being religious. I must write what God gives to me.
---catherine on 2/22/09

Your obviously playing God with your God given Body that's right God given not Weldon given!

May God have mercy on your disbelief's and sinful nature!

How selfish are you for asking why don't you adopt or foster you are all poor excuses using the body of Christfor Self Gratification.

You'll all pay greatly for this deadly sin!
---Carla3939 on 2/21/09

i would be willing to donate
---weldon on 11/16/08

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no you are not playing god, i think your husband was very brave to make the move he made, and with that i think all he was thinking about was the child, and you both would make very good and caring parents good luck to you both.
stephen mallett
---stephen on 10/29/08

Tina, don't tell anyone your personal business and they won't judge you. I don't blame you for the decisions you and your husband made. That is your personal decision and no one else's business.
---shira on 4/5/08

He said in the last days that he would open the womb of THE barren , I haven't checked that scripture could be wrong! He never encouraged SIN .Pls go back and Read this account Again. BOTH disbelieved God. Don't encourage people to be double minded.
God is able Studying you'll find GOD does EVERYTHING Well despite our selfish actions. He delivers in his time, Emcee and that might be child/less but Heaven/BOUND without the sin.
---Carla5754 on 5/18/07

Carla::Please do not be upset its just an opinion & I based it on the story of Abraham Sara & Hagar .I did not consider ungodly mens actions but the need of a woman to nuture a baby& be fulfilled as a woman, a primative need instilled by God.
---Emcee on 5/17/07

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Carla ::Read Tinaa's heart wrenching cry does she appear as a sinner & her suffering Husband.To err is human to forgive divine.
---Emcee on 5/17/07

Men who have no money can go sell their sperm to these places and no one knows their true background, sinners uses this service what your telling me Emcee that you don't know that! pray that God will open your eyes to the reality of ''Selfish living'' Don't mask it by saying it's okay clearly on moral grounds alone it IS NOT, for the sake of Artificial insemination been unequally yoked with unbelievers is now fine?. God Forbid. Forget the little package that comes from it(poor soul). God is not Mocked.
---Carla5754 on 5/17/07

If ever I was in your position, I would go to an abortion clinic, and save a life.

God would be Thrilled with you!
---Cynthia_1 on 5/17/07

Seek God as your source and not man. Children are a blessing and there is no reason why donated sperm is unGodly in my opinion. Women of old whould allow their handmaidens to bare children for them when they were barren. I those cases, there was actual intercourse. I think people enjoy finding fault. I guess it is better to just not tell people. It is personal and not their business. I hope you are soon pregnant and have a healthy baby. Blessings
---jody on 5/17/07

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Carla::What you are saying a number of people are contributing to the crime, if Adultry--But is that adultery.Is that what Jesus said -is there a pleasure derivitive-What is the nature of the intent.ReallyThe object is different & therefor not the same as you expressed.IMHO
---Emcee on 5/17/07

All you will be doing is sexually interacting with several individuals instead of one man to commit Adultery. 1. The person that gave it,2 collected it, 3. handled it 4.prepared it 5. that injects it. when you could 1.apply to foster/Adopt 2.assessment/counseling/ screening 3. acceptance/financial support/Guidance and PARENTHOOD. At least you'll still be getting the sperm/eggs without the COSTS/clear conscience above all the SIN.
---Carla5754 on 5/17/07

My husband and I used a male donor. we have two girls they are 13 and 8. I look at it this way if it wasn't for me to have children God would have made it that I couldn't have gone this way either. I had a friend that said that she didn't believe in the way we went and I said it wasn't her choice it was mine and my husbands. Look at this way it is ok for a woman to use another wowan's egg and nothing is said. this is between you and your husband and God not anyone else.
---debbie23453 on 3/16/07

tina please contact me at my c-net addy becky9466 I have a website for you and we can't share web-sites in the blogs
---becky on 7/13/06

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I have no experience in this, but just wish to share that you and your husband are the only people who need to know your decision. Pray together, get marital therapy to discuss any concerns you have about this, and seek God's wisdom in it.

May God bless you with many children, however they come to be.
---Madison1101 on 7/9/06

I feel very uneasy about the use of donor sperm or egg. I appreciate the heart-break of being infertile and I know that there are very few small babies available for adoption these days because abortion is so easy and more help is given to single mothers wishing to keep their babies but I don't see that carrying someone else's baby in your womb, whether that means 'not your own' or 'not your husband's' is the answer. Pray long and hard about this.
---emg on 7/9/06

Where are the scriptures that say you can use another man's sperm or another woman's eggs? When MAN does things HIS way, that's opposite GOD's way, that is what grieves God's heart and "whatever is not of faith, is sin."

It's a lack of faith to "borrow" sperm or eggs and use them for our own fulfillment. "He who has the Son, has LIFE." He can quicken the dead womb. He can quicken dead sperm. Where is your faith if you use another man's sperm?
---Anonymous on 7/7/06

O.T. law says for the husbands brother to give seed if the brother passes on without leaving offspring. That way the name ligitmately carries on. But there is no instruction to the N.T. church. May God bless you with several wonderful children. In whatever manner you choose.
---john on 7/6/06

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Just make sure that your relationship can handle this. Some men are very sensitive to this sort of thing. Men can also have very fragile egos. This baby will be "another man's baby" technically. On the other hand, there are plenty of good, godly men who can accept another man's baby as their own in the case of artificial insemination or just a simple remarriage - happens all the time. My best advice (having been there)? Get some couseling before embarking on this journey.
---Been_There on 7/6/06

con't #4 if I was younger I would do it again but not that young anymore. Don't let anyone tell you can have medical problems so you can too the natural way too. God bless you and I wish you luck. go and get all the information you can before you do it and make sure it is right for you. It is not something to go into lightly.
---debbie23453 on 7/6/06

con't #3It hasn't changed anything between any of us I can tell you that. Just do alot of praying about it and God will guide you in the way to go. We encourage her to ask questions too about the way we went. If you decide to have more them children make sure you use the same donor. Our daughters you can tell that they are sisters for sure. I wish the best for you. It is your decision between you and husban and god no outsiders or anyone else. I don't regret doing what we did one bit.
---debbie23453 on 7/6/06

con't We tried everything else to have kids and ended up going this way. I have some advice though be very honest with the kids when they get older. My oldest knows and she has excepted it well. The day she found out by us was on mothers day and I felt the need to tell her because just in case medical that could come up later. I remember when we told her she walked up to my husband and said Daddy I love you. she found out three years ago.
---debbie23453 on 7/6/06

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