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Are Magicians Demonic

What do you think of the new "breed" of magicians. Are they demonic?

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 ---Criss on 7/6/06
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No sorry your answer is rubbish, tricks require slight of hand and misdirection. There is no spiritualism involved what so ever
You should not be allowed to post such nonsense just because you don't know how something is done
---GUY on 8/26/18

Yes, there are being helped by demons. In the past, Christians would pray to bind the demons and the "magic show" would collapse and the entertainer would have to go to another town. But judging from all the YouTube videos, few in the audience are Christians and no one is praying to bind the demons, hence they are getting more bold and more public.
---Dennis_Gannon on 11/21/15

Love your answer Scott! :D :D Good one!
---Mary on 6/16/11

I have this cool box. I put dirty clothes in it and in about an hour with me laying on the couch taking a nap. The clothes are nice and clean. Or I can put a person in a 2 cubic inch device and talk to them. It is called a cell phone. Magicians use technology and sciencfic principles to do stuff that looks extraordinary until you see how it works. The same is true for a washer or cell phone to a person who does not understand how it works. Chris Angel and many others use distractions (aka the fire, smoke, weird stuff) to overload your body's senses so that they can do a trick. They just do not tell you how.
---Scott on 6/15/11

God commanded us not to partake in that which is evil - OR EVEN THE APPEARANCE OF IT. Many children, especially young children, read books like Harry Potter (or heard about them), a fictional person, and then see a magician, a real person, will connect the two and see both as real.
---Steveng on 6/12/11

The magicians scripture speaks of are those who are involved in the occult, astrology and things such as that, not entertainment.
It sounds like some are saying, "your of the devil because you made it look like that women disappeared. He has a demon, he made it look like that ace changed into a spade". Maybe we should stop playing peak-a-boo with our babies too.
---willa5568 on 6/11/11

Oh my, My Grandfather, who was a pastor, would pull a quarter out of my ear every time he came to visit. He also did the detached thumb trick too!

Too funny!
---kathr4453 on 6/11/11

...But bad religious indoctrination will not allow many to even consider that what you're saying is true.
Would love to see you perform. I'll show you my Detaching Thumb Trick... if the demons allow. LOL
---Legends on 6/10/11

First and foremost let me say that I am a follower of Christ.I read and believe the Bible and try my best to abide inGod's Word.I am also a drummer in a Christian praise band and serve God in this capacity.I am also a proffessional magician who has perform many shows,even State fairs to the amusement of great numbers of people.The tricks and illusions that you witness on tv by the so called new breed of magicians are nothing more than tricks involving either sleight of hand ,misdirection or camera tricks.If you do a little research on You tube you will discover many of the secrets of magicians like David B. and Criss A. Magic as performed today is neither of the devil or the occult,but a very clever artform.It brings joy to many.God bless it!
---Ray_Gayleard on 6/9/11

It is of the devil all magic, another one of satans deceitful tricks the bible says if you have not the spirit of christ you are none of his all magic is evil
---michael on 2/24/11

Either they are demonic or they are tricksters (much metter if they are tricksters)!
---peter3594 on 1/15/11

I don't believe most magicians use evil spirits--just tricks and sleight of hand is all.
---Mary on 1/4/11

Magicians are demonic, old or newbreed. They use evil spirits to perform all they do. God will not accept sorcerers/magicians Rev.21:8.
---Adetunji on 1/3/11

obviously nobody has much experience with magicians and witches. to confuse an illusionist with a witch really shows no knowledge about the subject. truth is most of these 'magicians' could not perform their mega-act before a live audience because they need to be able to trick people with the camera or the light and darkness effects etcetera.
witches and magicians -at least here in africa- are human blood drinking dark lords of destruction always busy murdering killing and enslaving. i have a few real stories about witchcraft that would make your hair fall out. totally nothing to do with those petty amusement artists from the west.
---andy3996 on 12/31/10

YES. Especially this Criss Angel character. Get it? Criss "ANGEL" as in "fallen angel". They're tricks and deception. The guy is dark and sinister. A pawn of Satan and the coming Anti-Christ.
---Gordon on 12/30/10

The Magicians of Xanth are mostly humans with the most powerful magical talents. With such powerful talents, they are the only people who qualify to be the King of Human Xanth.I know that magics is prohibited by God. Is the magic we can see in movies or just like in television are not to be watched? What about the children of the JW who are very pond at this things? I am an adult already but I do love magical movies or series in television but I am not fascinated with actual magics performed by the true magicians. I know the accounts in the bible a teenage with a demons in herself so she can perform magics but it was expelled by Paul, am I right?
---Los_Angeles_Magician on 12/29/10

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Paid Illusionist are simply better at SLEIGHT than we've ever seen.
Am I demonic when I take my thumb and deceivingly make it appear pulled off in front of my laughing kid. Who hasn't done this?

Hypocrites' Listing Naming Other forms of Sleight:

Boxing! Fake jab. Throw a hook.
Football! Statue of Liberty, Your favorite teams Option Offense.
Hair!Toupees, Weaves, Wigs
Clothing! Wonder Bras, Anything named Playtex.
Duh! It's all deception!

Someone pays me money to see my thumb illusion, my Christian self will perform it. Get over our inacurate religious interpretations of prohibitive scriptures having nothing to do with entertainment and more with our religious or non-religious, selfish manipulations.
---Legends on 8/26/10

Yes. Magicians are using demonic powers along with scientific phenomenon. Satan comes as an angel of light. A wolf in sheeps clothing. What appears harmless is not when it comes to illusions, majic, etc. Copperfield owns a Museum of majician artifacts complete with extensive books on witchcraft. It is called a Conjuring Library. Whatever a majician does is only a counterfeit, and he is enslaving himself to the spirits that give him the unnatural abilities.
---Elaine on 7/1/10

Yes, anyone who practices magic is from the devil.
---catherine on 4/25/10

My ex-boss practiced the magic tricks. He was tempted by the devil into the knowledge of Wicca as well. He also was a witness of a situation when one of his acquaintances gave up a satanic religion. I am a born again Christian and I can tell you that I have never been attacked by the devil more then I have been attacked since I met this guy. I no longer work with the company where he is a manager. I plan to write a blog on this matter. Anyhow, yes any type of magic is demonic, it is just another way of satan coming as an Angel of Light to lie, kill, destroy and bring souls to hell. Stay away even from magic shows or tricks.
---Michelle on 4/25/10

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Magic is "make-believe","not-real", "not-true" spiritually & or physically done. You can link it with telling lies. You can trace it to the liar and the father of all lies(for entertainment or damaging deceptions), the devil. Those who believe in God should avoid anything of magic & not keep its materials in their homes. Read Rev.21: 8, John 8: 44. Webster dic describes magician as a wizard, enchanter(same as a witch or sorcerer). Note also that magic does not contribute positively to human development.
---Adetunji on 8/12/09

It depend on if they use the forces of evil within their presentations, if that is at all necessary. Otherwise I (think) I don't know most entertainers are just very good tricksters.
---Carla3939 on 8/12/09

deut 18:10-13 is in reference to the canaanite's who were curious into occultic references. these occults claimed to have the ability to see into the future. the bible teaches that all we need to know about the future is what God wants us to know through the holy spirit. so illusionists are not bad as long as they do not become occults. besides judgement is not for us. if the holy spirit does not urge you to stop something and you have no guilt, then the illusionist is not bad. if someone is saved then the illusionist could be a tormentor or not. its up to what the spirit sees fit for that christian. God bless you.
---robert on 8/11/09

David B, is a magician who stops people in the street to show off his skills. He does tricks and while distracting the audience he also takes their watches off them. This is not good. He returns them, naturally. But I read of a case where a man offered to help people with their bags off a train, and afterwards one of the victims watch was gone. Magic can be easily abused. It makes for a distrust between strangers. Be careful. Keep 100 per cent alert all the time.
---frances008 on 5/4/08

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Discern right from wrong. There are magicians/illusionists which are the equivalent to actors portraying others, whom perform skits and routines only for enjoyment and to entertain their audience, and this is 100% harmless and righteous as long as the content is not ungodly. Then there are magicians and warlocks who are conjurers and workers of evil, like Jannes and Jambres whom opposed Moses the messenger of God, and God is not mocked therefore God's wrath abides upon every one of these until they repent
---Eloy on 5/4/08

Demon bible quiz.

Magic of any kind is demonic. You can call it fun entertainment for the kiddies, but the bible says it's evil.
Play with it, delve into it, become a magician. It has it's lure for a reason, so that eventually you might fall for all of it and believe it's all an illusion. Harmless, not real. Then you will have no qualms about picking up the ouija board, crystal ball, tarot cards or reading occultic material.
---lisa on 5/3/08

Most 'magicians' are entertainers who use sleight of hand to confuse their audience. It is very clever but not demonic. There are some modern 'magicians' that I find very creepy though and I do wonder sometimes where their skill (power if you want to call it that) comes from.
---RitaH on 5/2/08

One foot in black magic and the other foot in the church. One hand on the ouija board and the other hand on someone's head praying for them or speaking a prophecy over their life.
Mixing good and evil, an unjust balance that God hates.
---lisa on 5/2/08

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Holy Spirit is constantly counterfeited.

New Age - He is called visualization.
Scientology - He is called transcendent reality.
Buddha-ism - He is called self-realization.

Black Magic - mental delusions, illusions of the mind, evil - devil instructs you to realize that none of it is real so that it will lose its power to destroy you.
That's the delusion, illusion, it will destroy you.

Magic wants you to deny there's any demonic power there, it's all an illusion.
---lisa on 5/2/08

Word of God says that evil is real, but not final.

If you live in a world of counterfeit-driven reality and mix it with the church, you will find unstable compromise. Evil is real, magic is a vehicle. Take a ride in it and you will not find yourself seated in heavenly places.
---lisa on 5/2/08

Even Criss Angel has to counterfeit God's Holy Spirit.
Criss - a counterfeit of Christ
Angel - a counterfeit for God's real Angels

If you like Criss Angel, illusion, delusion and authentic black magic - I pray that God loves you so much that He removes the blinders before blessings are replaced with demons.
---lisa on 5/2/08

If your church was in the path of a tornado, but inside the church were members that had no qualms about playing with black magic, maybe even inviting a magician to your church - would God be obligated to save that church from a tornado's path?
---lisa on 5/2/08

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If there are Holy Spirit counterfeits in a church, strange fire on the altar, is God required to save that church from the greater reality of His just judgment? Allowing any counterfeit of the Holy Spirit into your own heart or church opens a door or lessens God's true angelic protection for you.
---lisa on 5/2/08

Elisha prayed,
"Lord, I pray, open "their" eyes that "they" may see."
"And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha."

Criss Angel is a counterfeit of a real angel of God. Magic of any kind is an illusion, delusion to deny that evil exists, it's fun, it's entertainment for the kids, let's invite it into the church.
---lisa on 5/2/08

No, they're just incredibly talented prestidigitators.

Now their agents.... (Joke!)
---Nancy on 5/2/08

I think criss should have asked his ? a month earlier, so the date Could give you MY answer!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/27/08

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To many people, the ouija board is only a game. Putting on a Halloween costume is fun role-playing. Reading Harry Potter books may be innocent reading. It may start out as an innocent game or dress-up or innocent reading, but it can lead up to catastrophic consequences - from leading us away from God or even demon possession. God commanded us not to partake in that which is evil - or even the appearance of it.
---Steveng on 4/27/08

Lisa :Since mine is the only post below yours I take it you address me,Is that true?If a magician uses his power of illusion to entertain,and earn a livelihood. How can you assume that he is not of God and doing the work of Satan.Is that not bearing false witness against your neighbouror Magician.He is not usimg His powers to entrap & dissuade his audience away from God.Like in the case of David Koresh & the Jonestown Fiasco. Being over sanctimonious is a bad trait.
---Emcee on 4/27/08

You are either in Christ or you are not.
A good illusionist, good magician, good witch, good satanist, good pagan.
You are either a believer or you are not.
Magic, illusion, trickery. Play with it, practice it, use it - serves no Godly purpose. God doesn't need it or advocate it in His Word.

A nice 'sorce'ry of entertainment, opens a door for the stronger sorceries that will fascinate and entrap you.
You can wait for Judgment day to find out, or you can stop being deceived now.
---lisa on 4/27/08

---criss::What is a new breed of Magician?I always was under the impression a Good magician was an illusionist.People who use the power of satan to show magical powers are His followers Not Illusionists. They are real cohorts of the devil and should be avoided as they want your soul. A magican wants your money,in recompense for his entertainment.
---Emcee on 4/26/08

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Well, the Lord also wants us to condemn all magic. Yes, God condemned divination and magic in every form. In Leviticus 20:6 commands the people to avoid those who engage in such practices, linking it to harlotry.[prostitution] To engage in divination is to be unfaithful to the Lord and to commit abomination. Yes, the man is evil. And yes the man is demonic. Sorry but he is. People are exhorted to listen to God's prophets instead.
---catherine on 4/26/08

I cannot believe some of you. He is a magician, it is not real. I don't care what you hear, it is illusions. I have seen how a lot of the things he does is done. He is an entertainer, not a demon, not an evil man. You preach love and all of this other pish posh but are the most judgemental hateful bunch I have ran into. This is not how the Lord wants you to treat others or look at others. Shame on you all!
---Jennifer on 4/25/08

Criss Angel uses a phony crowd of onlookers who are part of the fix. However, the devil can do supernatural things. That is why people believe in ghosts and poltergeists, and experience them, in fact they are demons.
---frances008 on 4/22/08

Yes, they are. Criss Angel is a fallen angel. Mere flesh-and-blood men cannot do the things that he does. GOD did not give mankind those kind of abilities. Such as walking through a glass window, climbing upside buildings (without climbing gear, etc,), and spending time buried underground without breathing gear, etc. and not suffocating. Criss Angel does not give YAH (GOD) any Glory for what he does, it's all to make himself look awesome. C.A. glorifies himself and Satan and the future Anti-Christ.
---Gordon on 4/22/08

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They are being idol-worshipped, and are getting lots of attention, and becoming a platform for stating New World Order agendas. They are tools of the Antichrist. However, going to the local library to see a 'magician' do some 'magic' tricks with a few cards and bowls of water, that is just traditional entertainment and an entirely different thing. There is no agenda behind those people (I think). Although they may come out with themes like 'conservation'. You cannot wrap kids in cotton wool.
---frances008 on 4/21/08

I don't think it is good to encourage any popularity for these things. Children are very vulnerable. The best way to protect them is by telling them beforehand that it is all tricks, and that tricks are in general not nice. It is all about deception, distraction, and mind control. Very, very dangerous.
---frances008 on 4/21/08

Keep telling yourself that one, too.
Magic and illusion, it's all witchcraft.

Without the Holy Spirit, those who fight hard against the Holy Spirit, deny His power, they will willingly fall for the illusion of the antichrist and be glad to do so.
---Ted on 4/21/08

There is a big difference between a magician and an illusionist..
---NurseRobert on 4/21/08

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READ Deuteronomy 18:9-12 This will answer your question
---Terry on 4/21/08

There is nothing wrong with seeing a magician. There is something wrong with seeing an occultic magician. You won't find the occult kind on a stage in Vegas.
---Matthew on 5/14/07

No mate, they are just children playing magic which equials to foolish wind...thats all they are..
---jana on 5/14/07

Specifically, I was speaking of magicians like David Blane and Chris Angel. And I said that I think they are evil, not necessarily "demonic."
---Criss on 5/11/07

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I hope that I'd dislike psychic powers (which I'm beginning to defile). Magic, most celebrated in cartoons and comics except for the "magic" in LOTR which is more of gift though it seems like that to hobbits. Geez, please stop being so in love with magic. It looks like more kids are starting to be "psychic". It's nice to redefine psychic as in pertaining to the minds and overall nature of demons.
---CNoEvil on 9/18/06

Their "tricks" are more advanced every day. Mind Freak levitates high in the sky, walks on water,(commercial shows you all that.)If it's only enticing entertainment, why does your spirit man cry out that you're watching something very evil. They're not feeding a crowd with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. There's nothing new under the sun. Counterfeits will always be with us.
---Raine on 8/10/06

Copperfield performs a lot here in Vegas. He 'elavates' people and other quirky stuff.
I've never seen him, and don't plan to!
---NV_Barbara on 7/9/06

These magicians on TV if satanic, are less so than preachers on TV.
---MikeM on 7/9/06

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Is David Blane the guy who stayed underwater for so long? Demonic? No, not very smart. David Copperfield? I wonder if he's a warlock. A special on TV this man was flying. I was convinced.
---Nellah on 7/9/06

Jack, the info I had came off the Net. He became obsessed with debunking spiritualists, but at the same time he still held an interest.
It was he who told his wife to hold seances after he had died to try to reach him in the 'spirit world.'
---NV_Barbara on 7/9/06

I don't know that there is a "new breed" of magicians. You probably mean the ones on T.V. (where anything is possible). Those you see in person are very skilled at "slight of hand" which takes much practice. They are only evil to the extent that they claim to have special supernatural power or knowledge.Such powers, if they do have them, are of satan. But slight of hand is an art that anyone can learn to entertain others.
---Donna2277 on 7/8/06

The 19th century French illusionist Jean Eugene Robert Houdin (where Houdini got his name) invented the "new style" of wearing evening dress and having settings that looked rather ordinary, rather than using exotic and mystical looking sets and surroundings.
---Jack on 7/8/06

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Why would you think that? It's a magic show in which no evil forces are used. If it were a movie then you wouldn't worry but because it's right before your eyes you panic. If they started chanting or using false gods then yes it would be but they just prove that even normal people can pull the wool over your eyes proving you stand no chance against demons with out Jesus
---Tina on 7/8/06

NVBarbara--From what I've read of Erich Weiss Houdini, he was very much ANTI-medium and did a lot to expose and debunk them.

Houdini NEVER claimed to be a medium and fought and wrote against this fraud. In fact, his REFUSAL to believe in mediumship cost him his friendship with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes.

You can verify these facts for yourself on Google (Houdini + Medium) or Wikipedia.
---Jack on 7/8/06

Criss, your ? says demonic, not evil. I think most are just entertainers and use slight of hand tricks in their shows. David Copperfield made the statue of Liberty disappear on TV, high tech foolery.
Some like Houdini thought they were 'mystics' of a sort or 'spiritualists.'Some modern day magicians to this day can't figure out how Houdini did some of his 'illusions.' He claimed to be a 'medium', this sounds demonic.
---NV_Barbara on 7/7/06

I'm not too sure what you mean by "new 'breed' of magicians."

What is billed as magic is properly called sleight-of-hand or illusion.

It's theatre and entertainment, in and of itself.

The opinions and philosophy and beliefs of the entertainers don't affect what they are doing.
---Jack on 7/7/06

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What's the difference between evil and demonic? Aren't they describing the same thing? I need help here. English is not my first language.
---Bebet3754 on 7/6/06

It is television entertainment. Just because you see it on TV and it is presented as "real" dosen't mean you should believe it to be so!

With digital manipulation and just simple "camera tricks" you cannot believe what you se on TV. It all must be treated as suspect.
---Bruce5656 on 7/6/06

Ummmm. No. They just have many more tools at their disposal today, such as freeze frame and editing of videos. The first magicians known to me historically were the Magi as in the visitors to Jesus in Jerusalem. Look 'em up on the net. They were religious people who used "magic" to interest people in their message. Like almost everything else, humans have perverted that to total carnal use.
---mikefl on 7/6/06

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