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True Account Of Tongue Speaking

My wife told me about an experience she had. She said she once prayed for a couple (in tongues) and afterward began revealing things to them that they hadn't told her about. She said it was a very uplifting and awesome feeling. Is this a true account of tongues speaking?

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 ---dannyboy on 7/7/06
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Eric has this topic totally in-hand. I have been to MANY Tongue speaking services and feel I can say with confidence that I have NEVER heard the TRUE gift of Tongues. These babblers are deceived by their own PRIDE and LUST. At crunch time, they ALL show their true colors, serving only their own appetites.
---Chris on 5/26/08

The power of God has left most churches and very few have the gift of tongues. When the power of God comes into a Church, you will know it. There will be no doubt. Love will dominate the meeting, then the Spirit will move.
---duane on 5/26/08

People often deceive themselves. Walk into any tongue meeting, rattle off a Psalms in Spanish or French, and someone will give you an interpretation. That is what a Greek professor in Arlington AOG did and left the place in a state of pandemonium.

The spiritual gifts are legit, but often people deceive themselves into thinking they have those gifts, or they simply do not understand their function or use.
---Lee on 5/26/08

sounds like soothsayers to me.
---shira on 5/25/08

Yes it is a true account of tongue speaking, in this case prophetic tongues was given. I have never personally had prophetic tongues,but I have had the experience of understanding the meaning of the tongue message before it was given by someone else.
---mima on 6/18/07

My church once sent me and some others to an Alpha seminar to explore the possibility of starting an Alpha programme at my church. At some point in the seminar there was a worship session and everyone began singing in tongues. I was *extremely* uncomfortable with it and did not participate. I already had misgivings about Alpha before owing to connections with the whole Toronto Blessing thing and this did little to reassure me of the wisdom of pursuing Alpha.
---Benny on 8/3/06

Is truly amazing that the people who do not have the gift of tongues have so much advice concerning this gift.
---mima on 7/31/06

If someone says that I am lost because I do not speak in tongues the way they do and I dont have the Holy Spirit I just quote Acts 1:8

"But ye shall recieve power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you; and ye shall be "witnesses" unto me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and in Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

When I have the Holy Spirit I "witness" to people about the gospel and I speak it in a language that they can understand.
---eric on 7/10/06

When Peter first spoke with tongues or "languages" there was many different people from diff places with diff languauges present. Acts 2:6-10

They heard him in their own "language" Peter didnt get up and start babbling and rollings his eyes in front of the croud. They would have thought he was possesed by a demon.

Satan has entered the churches and given them a "good feeling" and has convinced people it is the Spirit. A very great decpetion.
---eric on 7/10/06

to all the people in here who speak in tongues or I call nonsense jiberish, I say be very careful.

You may have thought you had the Spirit when you started uncontrollably mumbling and babling but dont think right away that it was the Holy Spirit. Satan can also produce manifestations.

The Holy Spirit does not posses people to speak in some kind of jabbering nonsense. To say that is from God is a insult to the creator.
God is not the author of confusion
---eric on 7/10/06


But they are not speaking jibersish but actually speaking a language right?

Some peopel have great memories and yes that would be a gift.
---eric on 7/10/06

Eric I do not regularly attend tongues speaking churches but when I do I have never witnessed interpretations given after every few words, as you suggest. This is how an interpreter would do it in the business or political word, so that people can follow sensibly. I have only ever heard several minutes of tongues and then several minutes of the interpretation. If genuine, these interpreters have very good memories also, which would be an additional gift of the Holy Spirit.
---emg on 7/9/06

Speaking in tongues is not babbling and rambling jiberish. I have heard and seen people who "speak tongues" or jiberish that seem to be actually possesed and unable to do control it.

That is not tongues. It is all about speaking languages instantly wihtout learning the language. But for me to speak in my english tongue to a spanish croud I would have to have a spanish interpretor with me or else what am I doing there?
---eric on 7/9/06

Your right Frank, there's alot of blaspheming going on no wonder so many christians are sick and dieing.
---Exzucuh on 7/8/06

Well I have never heard of someone giving a message in tongue for a hour and know one intereping I have heard of people geting the Holy Ghost and couldn't speak english for three days People can give a message and then can
interpe what the message was
---Betty on 7/8/06

I went to a church that had tongues spoken for a 1/2 hour no one interpreted which is wrong. What would be the point of tounges be with out the message being known to the congration? I don't think that you can do both, the Holy Spirt gives us all gifts that's why someone else interperates other wise it's not from God.
---Tina on 7/8/06

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Question: Why do tongues speakers have just as much difficulty learning Biblical languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek) as non-tongue speakers?

Think about it.
---Jack on 7/8/06

It is amazing how those who do not speak in tongues risk blaspheming the Holy Ghost to give such insight into this which some of us do. And to say it's not from God, but the devil does this. When they said Jesus had an unclean spirit the word said they blasphemied. I wouldn't be too quick to judge. Speaking in tongues still does exist and even though the devil mocks God in all areas I wouldn't be to quick to speak that way about tongues or the Spirit.
---Frank on 7/8/06

The true way to interpret a tongue or language is to let the person speak in their language and then after about 10 or 12 words the other person interprets what they just said like translating english to spanish. Not jiberish to english.
---eric on 7/7/06

I dont believer that the way chuches practive their tongues is biblical or from God.
in the bible the word tongue means language.

so speaking in tongues means speaking in languages. People say they speak in tongues but its not a language at all. someone may ramble something and then someone else gets up and interprets what they said and say its a prophesy from God.
I dont believe it. Even Satan can make miracles.
---eric on 7/7/06

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Speaking in tongues is not rambling and mumbling things incoherently like I have seen many people so. This is not the true gift.

Do you think Peter got up and started rambling jiberish in front of all the people that were there?

The people that were present were from many different regions so there was a number of diff types of people who knew diff languages. so if Peter were to get up and speak in greek that would be fine for the greek people there but not for everyone else.
---eric on 7/7/06

Miraculously being able to speak a language that you dont know to give a message to someone of another language.

A pastor held a meeting and every night there was a spanish lady who came to listen. He was preaching in english and she only knew spanish. One day he asked her in spanish why she was coming to the meetings since she dosnt know english. She said she loved the meetings and he explained everything clearly.

He spoke in english but the lady heard it in her own language.
---eric on 7/7/06

Not only that but she was prophecing to them. Only God can show a person things like this. She was a mouth piece for God. This happens quit a bit at my church, God will show things to my Pastor about certain people that need a touch from God. It is amazing to witness and oh so beautiful when the spirit of God gets ahold of my Pastor, you can see the glory on his face.
---Rebecca_D on 7/7/06

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