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Ok To Kill A Child Molestor

The bible says not to shed innocent blood. What about guilty blood? Does that mean the death penalty is okay? And if so, then is it okay to kill a child molestor or murder since they are guilty?

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 ---mark on 7/7/06
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how does that make sense if your killin which is commitin a crime n yet that is why u want to kill whom ever?
---keyblade on 4/28/08

According to old testament law, the penalty for adultery was death.

Yet, when the woman taken in adultery was brought before Jesus, he said "let ye who is free of sin cast the first stone". But nobody was. Jesus said he didn't condemn her, and told her to go and sin no more.

Should we administer harsher penalties that Jesus himself was willing to do?
---StrongAxe on 4/10/08

I dread to think about the penalty some should face for Child abuse, I think the family and public should deal with a child abuser and murder should be judged on it's individual merits, we have have some EVIL people and death sounds about right. Is it right, No but then I've never been in that situation as a parent and if I had maybe I'd think differently. By the Grace of God go I....
---Carla5754 on 4/10/08

If you have been trained in this type work you have the authority to kill somone who has committed a crime punishable by law. Otherwise we don't have that authority. Vengeance belongs to the Lord. Not to us.We have no right to kill gays,for instance. Whether we agree with what they do or not. They have rights to live their lives as do straight people. The death penalty was put in place for our protection. Some people are a danger to you,themselves and others. Laws are necessary and are needed.
---Robyn on 4/10/08

mark, you should be asking God these questions. For He alone is our judge. However, the bible does say: IF you shed a man's blood, your blood shall be shed." NO ONE has the right to shed another man's blood. Says God, not me!!!
---Anonymous on 4/10/08

Been molested too, it is only another form of rape. You can hear eye for eye, or tooth for tooth, you can forgive and forget, my question mano - a - mano, What will you get, what will you receive, do it your way instant gratification, do it The Lord's way freedom and authority. What do you want, to destroy the person who did this, or the spirit in control. I know the way out, it is the cross, you must know why, this is your choice and yours alone.
---Stephen on 3/12/07

I_aint_no_christian - Hi. God loves you very much, so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die on the Cross for you. The very reason that all these horrible things happen is because people do not know God, nor do they seek after Him. He loves you and He wants to be a part of your life and give you a soft beautiful heart, and take all the hurt and pain away.
---Helen_5378 on 9/15/06

I am totally against the death penalty, no matter how bad the crime. We are no longer under "an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth" but in the age of Grace. It sickens me when I hear that somebody has been "put down". I say "put down" because with the lethal injection it is not much different than giving a lethal injection to an animal to put it down.
---Helen_5378 on 9/15/06

Bless you Linda6563.

Christian wisdom & compassion manifested. I sincerely hope he/she hears you.
---joseph on 9/14/06

Three days later, Jesus was raised from the dead, ascended, and sat down at the right hand of the Father, haveing obtained eternal redemption for all. He pursues you even this day, not to harm you but to love you. His hand is never shortened that it cannot save. Won't you receive Him who will never hurt you but will protect and keep you?
---Linda6563 on 9/7/06 spoke more about the things that humans do than you do humans themselves. You say you hate humans when, in fact, you hate the deeds that those who are dead in sin do. God did too. That is why He made Jesus to become sin and dealt with sin through judgment on a cross. The price has been paid, even the price for your hatred.
---Linda6563 on 9/7/06

the only sollution for the child moldestors....are giving them the same pain that they bestow upon those poor childrens (especially little boys). impale them through the rectum with an iron rod. burn them at the stake with uttermost hatred. unleash a serial killer to kill them one by one. wipe out each and everyone of those pedophilic busterds. nevermind but i hate them very very very much. please dont mind on my replies. i am a misanthropist. i hate humans in general, i hate THEM the MOST.
---i_aint_no_christian on 9/7/06

The identification and location of sex offenders is public information IF the offenders register. They are encouraged to (in hopes of leniency) but NOT required by law to do so. The worst ones don't register.
---Donna2277 on 8/5/06

Sorry to hear that MP I hope they succeed on getting this info out for you guys. I could not believe it when I logged onto the site and saw how many sex offenders there were in my neighborhood and differant
neighborhoods around here. I feel sorry for people with young kids now a days. Scary.
---sue on 8/5/06

M.P. No he didn't. What he says to me, it only goes to me. I say nothing about it. He needs to talk to someone about some of the things he sees and I am here for him, I listen to him. he is also a Fireman, EMT, and a Preacher. I got my hands full, keeping up with him. He is about to stop being a fireman, and focas more on preaching and the Police Force.
---Rebecca_D on 8/5/06

"Sex offenders indentification and where they live is public information anyone can get." Thanks Sue, this is not so in U.K. yet but many are trying to change that.
---M.P. on 8/5/06

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Sex offenders indentification and where they live is public information anyone can get.
---sue on 8/1/06

Rebecca, "I know before hand being a cop's wife." didn't your husband have to sign a confidentiality clause when he joined the police force?
---M.P. on 8/1/06

One of the ten commandments says do not murder, you will wake up in hell so give it up in Jesus name and receive life.

God bless you.
---Susan on 8/1/06

**But he is still a sinner in the eyes of God**

Are you claiming you are NOT a sinner in the eyes of God?

As St. John said, if you say you have no sin, you deceive yourself, and the Truth [Jesus] is not in you!
---Jack on 7/31/06

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And there are some people that have done this and no one presses charges, so the person goes free. (sometimes) I do know that if a person is convicted of this type of crime that they have to register as a sex offender, and it is on the internet around your area. I check around my area, and plus I know before hand being a cop's wife. but some of these people only gets a slap on the wrist and that is it, because no one presses charges against them.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/06

I know that the person that molested me, no longer does what he does. But he is still a sinner in the eyes of God but his wife (my sister) she is a Christian, and we have become very, very close during the last 8 years. Everything has a reason.
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/06

I wonder if anyone that is in favor of releasing from prison, a child molester, a rapist, or a murder, if they are willing to put up their family members to see if the convict is rehabilitated? I don't want my granddaughter, son, or daughter to be a test that goes bad!!
---Annie on 7/17/06

Jack; I din't quote it right, the man should be killed. Due 22:25-27. the period thing is, a woman is unclean for 7 days, and my husband doesn't touch me during those 7 days. Lev 15:19
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/06

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should men and women get the same punishment for the same crime? Because they do not in this instance. Female teachers who have sex with their minor male students get significantly less punishments than male child molestors. Is it not the same thing?
---mark on 7/17/06

Alan, my point is simply not to claim Biblical authority for one's own opinions when the Bible doesn't say even close to it.
---Jack on 7/16/06

Experience has shown time and time again that pedophiles are not amenable to rehabilitation. Having a goal in life and a skill to serve the community does not prevent recidivism, because few sex offenders accept the blame for their crimes.

I've seen on TV the report of a judge who gave a few convicted sex offenders a choice between life in prison or chemical castration. It turned out that the judge could not legally offer this. But guess which all the offenders chose...It wasn't life in prison!
---Donna2277 on 7/15/06

Jack ... You are of course correct. But we have had many cases in the UK where child molesters have struck again and again, and after being released from prison, they do it again. Rapists too. I believe they should be chemically castrated to protect the innocent children.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/15/06

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***I think we should go back the Law of Moses, if you get get caught raping, casterate them, get caught stealing, cut their hand off.***

Rebecca, please give BCV where the OT orders castration for rape and mutilation for theft.

Are you willing to apply other OT laws to yourself, such as isolating yourself during your period, making sure you don't sit on the same chair a man is likely to, keeping kosher, etc?

Or are you just for SELECTIVE enforcement of OT laws?
---Jack on 7/15/06

2. ..and rehabilitation, so that the prisoner will have a goal in life and a skill to serve the community to which he/she is returned. I do not think punishments should be so brutal that the person comes out a far worse person than the one who went in. In the past that used to be the case and in some countries it still is. That helps absolutely no-one especially the community into which they have been released.
---f.f. on 7/14/06

Rebecca, I would not like us to start following all these old testament laws e.g. cutting off a thief's hands. Muslims do that and the reason is because they do not understand the word 'forgiveness' which you obviously do because you forgave your brother-in-law. I DO agree with all you say about prison not being what it was though. I believe prison should have 2 specific elements, punishment (severe enough for no-one to want to ever return there) .
---f.f. on 7/14/06

Well I guess blood is thicker than water but it wasn't in this case. I think we should go back the Law of Moses, if you get get caught raping, casterate them, get caught stealing, cut their hand off. Prison is not like what it used to be. Now they get three meals a day, get a degree in whatever, sue someone on the outside, watch tv, etc, they should have no rights at all. they can have a small window in their cell painted in pink, three meals a day is fine, Prison is too soft for hardened criminals.
---Rebecca_D on 7/13/06

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Pedophilia is about power, control, manipulation, domination, and the imposition of the will of the stronger and more powerful on the weaker and more vulnerable.

In that regard, it resembles rape.
---Jack on 7/13/06

M.P.-- I agree. Rebecca, I could never understand in a million years how your sister could still be married to this man. What about blood is thicker than water? As far as you forgiving this man...God Bless You for that!
---angela on 7/13/06

I have said for many years that I think rapists and child molesters should be castrated but then the cry goes up "Oh, that would make them more aggressive", "You can't do that, you'll take away their human rights/dignity/etc." (Like they care about someone else's dignity!!) Perhaps castration should not be until after a second offence but, having said that, if it was performed after the first there will never be a second victim.
---M.P. on 7/13/06

I was molested as a child and told my parents about it. When it came time for the court hearing, the only thing this man got was probation for 4 years. It took me 17 years to forgive this man, and I can honestly say I can have a conversation with him today. He is my brother-n-law, yes still married to my sister. I don't know how she can stay with him knowing the past, but I done my part in forgiving him. but to say that the child will grow up to moleste other children isn't true, at least not for me
---Rebecca_D on 7/12/06

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No, it's not OK. Murder is a sin. I do think castration would be good. What do you think?
---angela on 7/12/06

To murder someone would not be fit punishment for any crime, because who ever does this will be a murderer and God will judge come the time. But to have that person locked away for LIFE as long as they live would be just, however there are not enough prisons and some countries still have a death penalty. Casteration would be safe it it would stop men from doing this but then they would do something else so I guess prison would be the only christian thing to do.
---Carla5754 on 7/12/06

I agree with Creamcup. Anyone who hurts a little kid should be medically casterated and put in jail. Never to be around little kids again. What damage it does to a child to be hurt like that! Sometimes it ruins their whole life. High percentage of people who are addicted to a drug have been hurt as a child.
---sue on 7/12/06

Donna 2277 - What you say is thought provoking. It is hard to imagine someone for e.g. like Saddam Hussein stay alive after all the atrocities he has committed. However, I am convinced in myself that it is wrong. There have been many in USA that have been put to death proclaiming their innocence, and after they are dead and gone the real criminal has been found. God is the only true Judge.
---Helen_5378 on 7/12/06

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Along with murder the motive is to inflict the ultimate level of disrespect upon someone. To see them as nothing.
I sometimes believe in the death penalty. The problem for me is that when you kill someone, they no longer have to deal with the crime, only the family is left to suffer. Until judgement day of course.
God's judgement surpasses anything we could do.
---lynet on 7/11/06

Jack you are right, a subject such as this needs plenty of room for discussion.
Professionally, I say that child molesters are very dificult to be rehabilitated, personally I say the same thing.
The prevaling reason being they very seldom take responsibility for their actions. It is known to be the general concensus that no matter how young the victim is he/she wanted and enjoyed the act perpetrated upon them.
The motive for the act is very seldom sexual, but power and control.
---lynet on 7/11/06

I think anyone who hurts a child in any way should be castrated and jailed, when released not alowed near children. Any children they already have, need to be taken away from him or her permanently. The perpetrator should not be aloud to live with anyone's children or even be alone with them, even if they are his or her step children. From what I hear child molestors are very often repeat offenders.
Jesus talked about someone who offends a child, who believes in him. Matthrew 18:6
---Creamcup on 7/11/06

nv barbara:

True. That is what happened to a pediphile priest. Someone murdered him, and proudly proclaimed it.

It is also why Michael Jackson fought with so much of his money to stay free. He would have been murdered there if convicted.
---John_T on 7/11/06

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Interesting that 2 people mentioned the woman who did not "resist" or "cry out". It gave me pause... I was in a situation like that, but didn't call out or resist because the attacker had a knife at my throat. Was this sort of violence more rare then? Would my injuries have been considered in my defense? Incidently, I didn't "hate" the guy..was never allowed to see his me he was just impersonal evil. I wanted him to go to jail so that others would be safe.
---Donna2277 on 7/11/06

I've heard that prison has its own 'caste' system ttbbtts, is that true?
Child molesters are on the bottom rung, so to speak, and other inmates often kill or injure them. Even hardened criminals can't abide by child molesters or child killers.
---NV_Barbara on 7/11/06

Helen--The same chapter in Exodus (21st) from which you get "an eye for an eye" also says " He that smiteth a man so that he die, shall surely be put to death". We know the death penalty was used in the OT...even for some behavior which wouldn't even be criminal to us. I have mixed feelings about the death penalty..not that a murderer (or other violent criminal) doesn't deserve death, but that our method of determining guilt is flawed. I'm not sure how guilt was determined in the O.T.
---Donna2277 on 7/11/06

In prison, I got to know some child molestors well before I found out their crime. It was real hard for me to get my mind wrapped around it, but I did. I could only think of the innocence that was stolen, never to have again. I definitely would never say kill them. That is not for us, God knows that persons future. He forgives, so should we. Who is to say that person may one day be born again, that person may help others to protect their children.
---ttbbtts on 7/10/06

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Dt 22:23 If a damsel that is a virgin be BETROTHED unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her;
24 Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour's WIFE: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.

This woman was consenting to adultery because she did not resist.
---a_servant on 7/10/06

It amazes me how the Old Testament seems important to people when we talk about the death penalty yet in so many other instances people here are saying the O.T. has been fulfilled, abolished (any word you choose just so long as you can prove we don't have to live by it). The O.T. also says that a woman who is raped but does not cry for help must be stoned to death. Has anyone tried reviving that ancient law (other than in Islamic countries I mean)?
---emg on 7/9/06

I won't try to express an opinion about the death penalty here. But what I have seen is that NO child molester has ever been "rehabilitated". No amount of counseling, insight or conditioning makes a change. These folks need to be somewhere where they CANNOT get access to children. All best intentions to keep them in the community have failed. Prison seems a necessity. Christ is their only hope; and He can be found in prison.
---Donna2277 on 7/8/06

sue--Pedophilia is too complex an issue to discuss in 85 word blog-bites, but it is true that many molestors (not all) seem to have been molested themselves.
---Jack on 7/8/06

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Is it true that a child molester was molested as a child? If thats true, well then, we might as well kill the children that the molester molested so they wont grow up and molest more chldren.
---sue on 7/8/06

The commandment literally says "You shall not murder". Murder is to take the life of one whom you do not fear will take yours. There are those assigned a legal task to carry out judgement of law. We as laypersons are not (thank God) in that position. B.T.W. car crashes kill many times more people each year than guns, swords, or knives in this country so should we not "take up the car"? We should let the legal system determine (within reason)acts of justice. Or vote for changes.
---mikefl on 7/8/06

In the light of the track record of molestors for repeating the crime,and eventually killing the children,I have of late thought that to give them the death penaly is the only way to protect innocent children. They can't be rehabilitated.The same thing with childporn. God has exterminated the vermin who pryed on others in the Bible with a death decree. God forgives sin but the sinner must answer for any broken laws on earth. God help the children!
---Darlene_1 on 7/8/06

We don't create life and have no right to take it. Vengeance belongs to the Father alone. The woman caught in the act of adultery deserved death according to the law. What was Jesus' response?
---joseph on 7/7/06

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I am strongly against the death penalty. God is the giver and taker of life, not man. It is up to man to punish, but not to put to death -- that is like the Old Testament "an eye for an eye". Vengeance belongs to God.
---Helen_5378 on 7/7/06

Shira--Lighting fires on the Sabbath is a captial offense, too.

Do you want to see that imposed?

Or do you pick and choose about which Biblical crimes that call for the death penalty will be enforced.
---Jack on 7/7/06

Mark: What part of "a citizen should not take the law into his own hands" and "Those who take the sword shall die by the sword" did you not understand?

It sounds to me like you're looking for someone to bless you to carry out your own revenge.

As it said in the movie ANATOMY OF A MURDER, "Those who commit murder and claim justification under the 'unwritten law' are asking for a one-way trip to the chair."
---Jack on 7/7/06

I beleave that thier time will come so will ours. Worry about the log in your eyes then the sliver in other. We are aloud to get angry for the right reasons and this would be one but to judge then it's not our place. Even the dogs get fed at the table so pray hard for those lost people there are lots of jail ministries.
---Tina on 7/7/06

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I have never been to jail. I have a pretty good idea what goes on being a cop's wife. Could you just for a moment, put yourselves in a child molestor's or murder's shoes? What goes on in their head all the thoughs of evil and demons around them, in them. Could you imagine how much pain their mind is going through with and how sick they are. Satan is in the mind of a killer, etc. I do know that if a child molestor goes to prison and the inmates know, that person won't live to see daylight.
---Rebecca_D on 7/7/06

God said that we need to obey the laws of the land. Meaning whatever is against the law in your state, abide by it. child molestors, murders, etc are sick in the head, they have been so influence by evil it isn't funny. Satan feeds off of our anger, and he wants us to act out. If I done something to be put in jail I would much rather have the judge throw the book at me than to sit on the Judgement seat facing God Almighty.
---Rebecca_D on 7/7/06

If a criminal has done something worthy of execution according to the civil laws, the death penalty should be carried out according to due process of law, not by a citizen taking the law into his own hands and become prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner.

As far as I know (and I may be mistaken), no state in the US gives the death penalty to child molestors.

To drag a Stranger into the conversation: Those who take up the sword (or gun) shall die by the sword (or gun).
---Jack on 7/7/06 the death penalty is in...what about those that do not get the death penalty, or worse, are set free, but are still as guilty as ever. Or those that never get caught. Should Christians take things into their own hands? Would that be a sin?
---mark on 7/7/06

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I believe all premeditated murders should be put to death. Any person who would molest a child should be put to death. I also believe drug dealers should be put to death. They kill deliberately also. Worse yet, they kill for $$$$. I am 100 % in favor of the death penalty.
---shira on 7/7/06

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