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My Parents Pick On Me

How are you supposed to deal with a parent who wants to critize you for everything you do? I don't know what else to do. I know it's a sin to disobey your parents, but this is driving me crazy.

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 ---Chrissy on 7/7/06
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Reply to this BlogPost a New Blog that it will overflow out of you to your parents. Just be honest with Him and let Him know how you feel. He already knows but He loves relationship and wants to hear from you. He imparts grace to the hearer (you) to make you strong in Him. Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world. What others say to drive us crazy does not change who we are in Him or who He is in us. Believing that is the beginning of experiencing the deliverance from evil He has paid for with His blood.
---Linda6563 on 11/13/07

Chrissy::When we are growing up we have all sorts of desires & inclinations we want to try every thing "all at once"I shalll give you one verse Its a bitter pill But you will taste it Now & Later in Life God did not ask ua To honour our Parents without a reason.It is for Protection. Luke2:51 if you want wisdom read 52
---Emcee on 4/21/07

Chrissy: This is a good opportunity to grow up. It is likely that the world will treat you much worse than your parents.
---jerry6593 on 4/21/07

Crissy, are you sure it's criticism and not just plain correction and instruction? And some parents haven't learned how to instruct without it coming across as criticism.
Approach your parents, be straight forward and tell them your feelings on this. Maybe they could use a little wake up too, not realizing they are doing this.
---john on 4/21/07

Chrissy, just believe what your heavenly Father says of you and pursue peace with your parents through obedience in the Lord (if you are a minor) or reverencing them if you are an adult. Although it is a sin to disobey your parents in behavior, it is even more so to hold anger or bitterness toward them in your heart. I would simply suggest just spending some quality time with Jesus, receiving grace and mercy in your own life that will establish you in His love for you....
---Linda6563 on 4/21/07

Chrissy, meaning no disrespect, but I'd be curious to hear your parents' side of this story.
---Jack on 7/8/06

More data, please.

What is "criticize everything" mean? What may you contribute to the situation?

Your age may have lots to do with your impressions. But you MAY be correct, also. Iif that is the case, can you talk to your youth pastor, and ask him/her to meet with parents?

If you have "bad family secrets" then you MUST talk over things with someone else, like the pastor.

BTW How old are you?
---John_T on 7/8/06

Chrissy, I have struggled with that. I learned that when I am under their in their home,obey them unless it goes against God's word. If I'm right and they're wrong ... I obey them. I know I am in obedience and God will change their hearts if He wants me to do something. If you are an adult and live on your own... then you must respect them... and follow your own judgement. God loves your parents. God loves you for who you are... and remember WHOSE you are in the bigger picture.
---Amy9384 on 7/7/06

The word of God says that when my mother and father forsake me the Lord will lift me up. Sometimes parents may be allowed to be this way for a season as the Lord trys you to see if you will love him and honour them regardless. He'l deal with them if you trust him. Continue in faith and trust the Lord. He does not try with child abuse tough. It's easy to love God when things go good and parents as well. Love and trust both he and they.
---Frank on 7/7/06

Chrissy, put on the whole armour of God so that you may be able to withstand, and having done all to stand, stand therefore and trust in the Lord. Fill yourself up with the WORD of God which is the Sword of the Spirit. Then the fiery darts of criticism will bounce off of you and not effect you. But you MUST fill yourself up with scriptures like: "I am the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus." "I am more than a conqueror to Him that loves me."
---Anonymous on 7/7/06

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