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How Does God Speak To People

My largest question is how does God speak to us? Many time I've heard people say God told me this or that. When is it Him talking? I've asked this question many times but the only thing I get is put my trust in God. How does he speak to you other then through the Bible?

Moderator - Through dreams, visions and that still voice to my mind. Prayer, fasting and seeking His will are key. However, many people that make the comment you stated, it is their own mind speaking to them not the Holy Spirit. Most are not willing to stay in the center of His will for their life.

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 ---Tina on 7/7/06
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I have heard so many time on television ministries , "the Lord spoke to my heart this morning/" and this is what he told me to do.. Most of these are TV evangelists who take pride in telling this. Are they more qualified to hear God.. We are all sinners. Then of course most say God speaks to us through the Bible his word,, But the Bible is not a direct dictation but the inspired word of God. Why are only the men of 2000 years ago chosen to hear the voice of God or word of God and write what they were inspired to write? The people of today are not Holy enough I guess to hear God's voice and write what they think He said. Ummn
---Russell on 3/5/11

Back in the day when i still use to turn on TBN once in awhile, i saw a prophet being interviewed. He was asked if he ever was wrong (in giving out prophecy) he said yes.but when im wrong its because i didnt hear God correctly..

Without thinking, i recall blurting out to the TV, then youre a false prophet buddy! (lol, yes i talk to my TV]

These so-called prophets believe if you get 50-60% of your prophesies to be correct, then thats great!

Can you believe that nonsense?
---pjmiller on 5/15/08

As you spend time with God, you begin to hear Him more clearly. I hear God better when I stay in prayer and fast. God is able to speak to me, but sometimes I cannot hear Him because of myself. I hear best when I wait and ponder, trying to be quiet after I have prayer. I do not always trust my dreams. I have had false ones as well as true ones. Use wisdom and ask God to confirm things...because satan comes as an angel of light.
---Amy9384 on 5/12/08

It is easy to be misled by you heartfelt desires and God's will for you life. By seeking God's will for you life and daily Bible reading you will grow closer to God and His Holy Spirit will speak to you through your heart, mind, and soul. Isaiah 30:21 Your ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way, walk in it," whenever you turn to the right or to the left.
---denna7667 on 9/6/07

Moderstor is correct. We do have to be careful that we don't answer our very own questions in our minds.. But God loves talking to His people. He does talk to His people through their minds or intellect. Audibly is better but that is mainly for new baby Christians until they learn the other ways God has . He also talks through circumstances. Now these are a few ways I have discovered that God talks. We do not serve a dumb can not talk can not hear God.
---catherine on 9/6/07

God speaks mainly through His Word(the bible) to us today.Dreams visions, other people(confirmation) and the still small voice. We have to be very patient,prayerful and in the will of God to hear from Him, through the still small voice. When you have heard from God, you will know. He makes Himself very clear and plain to YOU!
---Robyn on 9/5/07

There is a vast difference between the mind speaking to you or God speaking to you with His voice. Some will say that God can't talk so you can't audibly hear Him. The Bible says my sheep hear my voice. That's the most common way in the Bible.
---john on 8/22/07

The Lord has spoken to me many times. In His word, through a dream, verbally and in visions. Sometimes when He speaks it's a word that you can't shake off. Though the Bible says to test the spirits to see if they are of God. If it comes to pass,it is.
---Yolanda on 3/16/07

Such education. I must thank the moderator. Yes, God does speak more in my mind than any other way, It is so important to learn what is of God and what is you. It isn't that hard, really it isn't. Also, God loves talking to His people. So listen up. >>>To Him.
---catherine on 3/16/07

I agree with the Moderator here.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/16/07

The Moderator is so correct, God does speak to our mind. Amos 4:13 says, "And (God) declares to man what are His thoughts." God places His thoughts in our minds. The difference between our imaginations and God's thoughts are the weight and quality of the thought that impresses us. You just know that you know, that you know it was God.
---James on 3/16/07

I agree with the Moderator. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/15/06

God has spoken to me through my cat. No, I'm not crazy! I had been going through a very difficult time and was crying out to God for help. Immediately afterwards my cat jumped up onto my dresser; something he has NEVER done in all the 12 years that I've had him. He knocked something off into the floor and then quickly jumped off the dresser. It was a small picture with an inscription of Proverbs 3:5. I knew this was the answer to my prayer.
---Kay on 11/15/06

Recently I was in a quandary over what God wanted me to do. After praying looking and meditating I thought I had arrived at the right decision. Notice the I's in this answer. However while traveling with a friend he said here's what we can do, and mentioned using my golf cart to do it. Immediately the spirit showed me that he was speaking to me through my friend, problem solved.
---mima on 7/31/06

Through His word written and spoken through others and in that still small voice or even a louder one. I hear Him all the time. He does not speak KJV tho He sounds just like you and I.If you think you heard from God check it out in the word it will line up with His revealed word and nature
---becky on 7/17/06

Moderator; What would be an example the kind of instruction or information that this still voice would give?

Moderator - Typically, Words of Wisdom and Words of Knowledge during times of prayer and fasting for evangelism, healings, etc. The Holy Spirit will give exact information as to a situation that I would have no prior knowledge.
---1st_cliff on 7/10/06

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Well he spoke to Moses from a burning bush and Balaam through a donkey! Don't limit God!
---wes on 7/10/06

How does the mature christian know? Is it faith which can also blind one to what god wants because they want so much for god to talk to them. Where in the bible does it tell us that it's a still voice?
---tina on 7/10/06

Moderator; What's a "still" voice?

Moderator - The Holy Spirit talks to our mind not out loud. Mature Christians know when the Holy Spirit is speaking to them versus their own thoughts.
---1st_cliff on 7/9/06

Stillness. the problem is most people do not listen.
---candice on 7/8/06

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Through our consciences--through circumstances--through other people.

If you want to know what God's will for your life is right now--take a look at what is happening in it.
---Jack on 7/8/06

How do you know it's him telling you to go some where from a vision or dream ? Is it possable that god and our free will are closely linked so that we need to put our faith to the test? Did Jesus not have visions from saten? how can a person tell the differance eg a vision of going over seas to mission leaving behind a job that may have been important to that persons walk with Christ?

Moderator - The Holy Spirit is how one tells the difference.
---Tina on 7/8/06

Hey folks, you want to hear from God.???? open up a bible and many so called christian for some reason beyond my understanding dont get the point .God has wriiten a book. Devoted entirely to spiritual truth, and love. a book in which he reveals himself,his son,and his holy spirit.Use it thats why it was written want to hear from God ? start turning the pages.
---tom2 on 7/7/06

ts , tell me why is it most christian get convicted after they have sinned. and usually many more times than they should, and many times they don,t even come under conviction.In a time when most christian are living a comfortable life after they have searched, and searched , and finally found the perfect church they still complain and question continously???? why??? they are letting the flesh control their mind.then the emotions kick in and lookout.questions.
---tom2 on 7/7/06

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well lets see. We have the living word of God. God speaks thru every page of the bible. Probably the best thing for a new christian to do is study deeply Gods word and learn Gods nature, his love for you,his commands. AS you mature you will discover that knowing the word and keeping it in your heart makes a spiritual walk with God possible.wonderfully when Gods word is within you the holy spirit brings to remembrance the commands, and ways to handle life, you will know the answer to your question.
---tom2 on 7/7/06

When I'm studying the word sometimes the Holy Spirit will make a scripture stick out like a big black ink spot on a white shirt. That's called "rhema", a spoken word. In Hebrews 4:12 the word "word" in the grk. is "rhema". Sometimes the Holy Spirit unctions me to or not to do something with any uneasy feeling about it.(Romans 8:16)
---Rickey on 7/7/06

On a number of occasions God has "spoken" to me by filling my spirit with His peace. This happened one time when I was at the Bank and had to make a big decision -- suddenly He filled my spirit with His peace and I knew to go ahead. Other times, it is more like a "knowing" of what He is saying to me.
---Helen_5378 on 7/7/06

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