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Makes Fun Of Christians

I have a family member who is constantly in and out of jail, makes fun of Christians, addicted to drugs and alcohol and completly unwilling to hear Gods word. Is it a sin for me to "give up" on him? There seems to be little hope.

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 ---lilly on 7/9/06
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The natural reaction would be to quit. While perhaps not a sin of commission to do so would absolutely be a sin of omission, it would be the sin of neglect. We unknowingly do this many times, but we should not knowingly(intentionally) sin this way. In the final analysis continue to pray that the Lord will send his spirit to this man's spirit that he might come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ
---mima on 5/2/08

Evangelism is knowing when to speak and share, and when not to. Ask him if he's tired of the way he is living his life, and "don't you want to have anything better, then what you have now?" Let him know that he can have a much much better life, but it will require him to do one thing. In order to have a good, clean, peace-filled life he will have to surrender his life that he has right now, up to the Lord Jesus. And hopefully you will get a chance to lead him in prayer into accepting Christ.
---Eloy on 5/31/07

He probably mocks christians because 1)they make his life look bad and is trying to bring them down to his level to avoid admitting he has made many bad choices 2)he has alot of false ideas about what christians believe and alot of unanswered questions about understanding life and the world around him. So, ask him what is so dumb about christians, study to give the proper answers, then perhaps he will find reasons why NOT to do the things which cause him so much trouble.
---Anthony on 5/31/07

What is said as the blog sums up most born again christians catholic and protestant lives exactly. Most know what the bible says, but are in total rebellion against what they know is true. lol. one day they will recognize they need to love the Savior unconditionally and avoid evil, instead of embracing it with open arms. look at the blogs posted. lol
---ashley on 5/31/07

His lifestyle speaks for itself. He is in a terrible shape. Especially spiritually. Just keep on praying for him. God is able to change anybody, anytime,anywhere. Let him know from time to time that you are praying for him and only want the best for him. Keep the lines of communication open between him and yourself. Don't be judgmental. Show him the love of Christ through you.
---Robyn on 5/31/07

JUst pray for him, and don't force things on him he's not ready for or willing to hear.
---Jack on 5/31/07

Depending upon your relationship with him, it may be time to ask some tough questions. 1) Why does he mock your faith? 2) In what/whom does he believe? 3) Is he satisfied with his own lifestyle, and 4) How's it been working for him - in light of his in and out-of-jail circumstance. Regardless of his answers, be interested but non-judgemental. If he thinks you're really listening rather than getting ready to preach at him, you might encounter an open door.
---daphn8897 on 7/11/06

I have found that the best way in family situations like this is to talk to others in the room who are interested, keeping eye contact only with those who ask the questions. The others are defiitely listening but they can never accuse you of pushing it down their throats because you were not saying it to them. If one interrupts and says "I'm not interested in this" just say, "No, but xyz is." and continue with what you were saying without argument. And pray for them.
---emg on 7/10/06

No don't give up on him the devil has a hold on him and you may be the only one praying for him .When you pray for him picture in your mind you see him standing in a church with his hands lifted worshiping the Lord.
---Betty2 on 7/10/06

No don't give up on him just keep praying for
him the Devil has a hold on him and you may be the only one praying for him to get deliverce.When you pray for him picture him siting in church with his hands raised worshiping the Lord
---Betty2 on 7/10/06


Pray. Pray positive prayers. Speak positively of this person. Ask God to unsear their mind, to bless them with Himself (GOD) and ask God to send the right people or person into their life to be that one witness that can get thru. Pray for God to bless the drug dealers and makers with His Presence(GOD's) and to convince them of His (GOD'S) way.

Never Give Up... You may be the only one praying...and your prayers can fight for them.
---Amy9384 on 7/9/06

You don't need to "give up" on him. But maybe you need to "give him up" to God at this time. Don't YOU try to carry the burden, hand it to the Lord. PRAY. God can work in ways nobody else notices. Ask God that this man's eyes be opened and his heart he softened to the Word and the Holy Spirit. Ask that if he seems receptive, the HS will give you the words to say. Then just quietly wait, watch and keep praying. I prayed 30 yrs. for my father, then God came through and my dad was saved.
---Donna2277 on 7/9/06

Not knowing you, I can only apply to me. Sometimes we have to back off, overwhelmed by people. I "let go & let God" when that happens. He alone knows our abilities and our limitations. I would offer this person back to God and wait for His direction. Just be the light he would want to come to when the time comes...
---mikefl on 7/9/06

As long as there is breath in their body, don't ever give up on them. They hear what you are saying to them, they just act like they don't listen. You have planted a seed in this person, and it will follow him/her wherever they go. The Holy Ghost never gives up. God is working even when we think he isn't. Don't push God on him, just be a light around him and one day his eyes will be opened.
---Rebecca_D on 7/9/06

Lilly, you seem to have done all you can personally do so I would now turn it over to the Lord. Still pray, but just turn it over.
---shira on 7/9/06

It must be difficult for you.But dont give up coz God never gave up on you or anyone of us while we were sinners. Keep on praying for him.
---pkay on 7/9/06

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It might be time for you to "give up on him" as far as telling him about the Lord and just pray and pray for him. Pray about it and see where the Lord leads.
---Helen_5378 on 7/9/06

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