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Good TV Programs For Kids

What is good for kids to watch on t.v. My daughter is allowed to watch just about anything Disney, but lately it seems even Disney has crossed the line. Any suggestions?

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 ---kathy on 7/9/06
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If you have access to the channel Boomerang they have good cartoons like scooby-do, smurfs, tom and jerry, etc. If there is a new cartoon on, I watch it first and if I think it is okay then I let them watch it.
---Rebecca_D on 4/21/08

Watch the programs with your daughter. And then discuss the program with her. Use the programs as teaching tools for your daughter. Not only are you watching what your daughter watches, but you are spending quality time with her and getting her feelings on certain topics that might be addressed in programs, such as dating and relationships.
---Katie on 7/13/07

Flee from TBN!!! Their products are low-quality attempts at imitating their view of "pop culture," and at time border on heresy, poisonous to the soul (i.e. Benny Hinn). In the spirit of 1 John 4:1, flee from TBN!!! Be not captivated by Jan Crouch's makeup or hair!
---Bryan_Fulton on 6/25/07

TBN has a new channel for kids only. Suppose to teach good, godly morals and values. Teach kids from a christian point of view. Praise God for TBN.Perhaps you could also buy good clean movies for the kids to watch at home since tv programs are limited for kids. Provide more table games, puzzles and other activities they can do instead of watching tv.
---Robyn on 6/24/07

We must remember that satan is the power of the air which encoumpasses television,radio,telephones ect.Quite litterely, he rules the world. This is why the Lord says to Christians to "come out from among them and be ye separate". All worldliness is enmity with God. There is nothing good about television so do not be surprised.
---jody on 6/24/07

Whats wrong with Disney? They are politiclly correct, I heard on the Lion king film they had a Gay character. If Disney is not safe, we are doomed!
---MikeM on 6/23/07

Gee, I wish more teen-oriented American shows would be less on nasty comedy, more on emotion and emotionally complex characters (even if the character is elite or whatsoever). I wish there were more Christian comics and cartoons that address Christian ideas on sin, death and Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. Why would necromancy and psychic powers be funny when they are scary and morbid in reality? It's more of the moral downfall of America.
---CNoEvil on 9/18/06

As each generation passes, popular youth and children's media have become more politically correct. However it's also becoming more obssessd with paganism, Darwinism and magic (except for LOTR, that's nice to read), not to mention songs are increasing more focused on anger, suicidal thoughts and sex. This is especially true with comics, read one comic and spot the dark theme (be it psionics). Recommendations for Christians: Powermark.
---CNoEvil on 9/17/06

Them Teletubbies scare me, those big beady eyes, anatomically disordered bodies.
---MikeM on 7/17/06

Margareti: I think NV Barb and the rest were kidding.

Disney the corporation, has an open policy about supporting their employees who are homosexuals.

If that bothers you, don't watch Mickey. If not, then let the little rodent into your kids' world.
---Madison1101 on 7/10/06

Now I will probably get my head chopped off, BUT, the concept of the circle of life IS Biblical. Jesus said that unless a kernel of wheat falls and dies it is only a kernel of wheat. Dying, it becomes many seeds.

Without Jesus death, we could not have our eternal life. Death brings life. That is the circle of life.
---Madison1101 on 7/10/06

Nv Barbara, Mickey Mouse was speaking in a high voice and wearing gloves long before Micheal Jackson was born. Who copied who, do you think, lol.
---Margaretj on 7/10/06

Kathy, get some DVDs of old cartoons, or The Little Rascals, Felix the cat, Bullwinkle (my personal favorite). You can find them in some stores, or online, or order from magazines that specialize in that.
---NV_Barbara on 7/10/06

Disney puts out alot of good cartoons and movies for the whole family. It is so stupid that people "look" for things to harp about. Lion King doesn't have a gay character, alot of the things people hear is just hearsay and they repeat it not knowing what the truth is. Lilo and Stitch is good, Mickey Mouse has been around for years , the house of mouse, good clean cartoons. I would rather my kids watch Mickey Mouse than Batman or Catdog.
---Rebecca_D on 7/10/06

Hi, I cant STAND that cartoon, Scooby Doo! It used to scare my kid! And it was boring. I like things that interest me and my kids, and there isn't much out there! I used to watch Fred he was a trip! But my kids loved him!
---sue on 7/10/06

To assume Disney is safe is dangerous in itself. Lion King is mentioned, and I loved it, but what doctrine is the "circle of life". There is much pagan in Disney, subtle perhaps, seemingly good...but, remember the enemy comes in sheeps clothing
---christina on 7/10/06

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Check it out down there in Anaheim Mike.
I have my doubts about some of those pirates! And what's up with the high voice and white gloves that Mickey possesses hmmm?
A little too Michael Jacksonish to me!
---NV_Barbara on 7/9/06

Disney has many underlying bad things for kids to pick up on dumbo's drunkeness, alices drugs and other films that were not ment for young kids. We have veggie tales and other Christen movies for the kids. We limit what they can see because movies are getting worse aiming at adults not the kids.Tapes are safe and so is tree house t.v.
---Tina on 7/9/06

MikeM, I hope that was a sarcastic tone I heard!
---Tracy on 7/9/06

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