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Pop Culture Sermons Acceptable

Should churches be using pop-culture to design their sermons around. For example, a pirate themed sermon on "Who Owns Yer Soul, Matey?" and using "The Pirates of the Caribbean" as a theme.

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 ---leslie on 7/10/06
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The smallness of our human minds is very frightening.
---mima on 8/2/07

Let's look at some of Jesus sermons
There was the:
"Woman lost her coin"
"Man squanders inheritance"
"Flowers and birds are looked after"
"Tree is unfruitful"
"Hypocrisy is like a prettied up grave with a rotten corpse"
and then there is the ever popular
"Money in the mouth of a fish"

In other words, Jesus used the culture around them to make his points. Why shouldn't we?
---Bruce5656 on 3/21/07

When St. Paul visited Mars Hill and spoke to the men there, he didn't quote their poets to them, now did he?

See, even St. Paul ignored what was the "pop culture" of the day.
---Jack on 7/11/06

Helen 5378--You're exactly right. Jesus didn't use worldly things like harvest, buried treasures, fishing trips, wedding suppers, or taxpaying to get His message across, did He?
---Jack on 7/11/06

Helen: You obviously have not read Bruce's examples of where Jesus used the culture of His day to reach the lost.
---Madison1101 on 7/10/06

The basis of every sermon should be the Word of God. If it's likely that a large number of the congregation have seen the movie, it's fine to allude to it. "Pop-culture" appeals to a limited age group. The parables of Jesus were such that anyone in that culture could well as people in the 21st century ( with a little explanation needed for some parables.) The priciples in God's word are universal.
---Donna2277 on 7/10/06

2. We will not regain that same sense of divine authority by dabbing in popular psyschology and footnoting our speculations with a verse from God's word. The only way to regain the authority of a "Thus saith the Lord" is to return to an exposition of His Word first. What did God mean by the passage been presented?
---Lupe2618 on 7/10/06

I believe the intrinsic meaning of God's word on the passage being use for the sermon or topic should be given first. This way the minister or pastor stays within the context of that passage. To speak with authority of a "Thus saith the Lord" the minister or preacher must expound His (GODS) Word first. The authority of Moses,Jeremiah, Amos, Peter, and Paul came from speaking forth as the Holy Spirit empowered them (2Peter 1:21)>
---Lupe2618 on 7/10/06

Leave the world out of the pulpit. When Jesus was on earth He gave it to them straight - He told them the truth outright. This is a seeker friendly approach to the gospel which tickles peoples ears, and it is gravely wrong.
---Helen_5378 on 7/10/06

I don't feel good about the term pop-culture. What exactly does it mean?
---Creamcup on 7/10/06

Does it make a point that is in scripture? Sometimes whem my pastor reads a portion of scripture, he tells an example of some event or circumstance in his life, that is related to the text. He may go on to say he reacted differently than or like the person in the text. It is normal to talk about subjects we can relate to the like work place, farming, or family. As long as the person does not water down the meaning of the Word of God, it should be ok.
---Creamcup on 7/10/06

No problem with it... as long as we do not use Dixie Chicks or Ann Coulter.

During the Clinton years, during the 'blue dress scandal" I preached on "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" the purpose was to uphold all the elected leaders.

People in pews loved it. Higher ups (UMC) hated it. Go figger
---John_T on 7/10/06

I can see nothing wrong with this providing that it all fits the congregation listening. What will get the message across to one age group will not necessarily work with another but if it's relevant use it. I think that we are meant to use our ingenuity. That is why God gave us a brain.
---M.P. on 7/10/06


You're brilliant, and those were excellent examples!
---Criss on 7/10/06

I think it's very creative. An example also used was Finding Nemo.
---sandiee on 7/10/06

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