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Should Christian Have Law Suits

Should Christians participate in law suits?

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 ---lilly on 7/10/06
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justice is important.and our rights should be fought for and prayed for. Christians have a right to protect and defend themselves legally.
---lisa on 12/24/07

While Christians are cautioned against suing other Christians (since such infighting brings all of Christianity into reproach), since we are citizens of our various countries and subject to their laws, we are also privileged to avail ourselves of our rights under those laws.

When Paul was brought to trial, he didn't go meekly (as Jesus did before Pilate). Rather, Paul invokved his right to trial before Caesar, which was his right as a Roman citizen.
---StrongAxe on 12/24/07

If there is a need for it. I dont think we should lie and cheat to get our hands on money from a possible suit but there is a time for all things (Ecc ch 3) in the bible. Christians are people with feelings, we suffer mishaps and mistreatment by many people. The courts can be a protection for us. We were not put here to be abused and treated worse than we treat our animals. Enough happens to us, everyday, as is.
---Robyn on 12/22/07

Hasn't anyone brought up the fact that God gave judges even to His chosen people. (See the book of Judges). What Paul wrote about this could NOT from God, nor was it inspired by God. Our court system IS broken, but it does keep people from killing one another. So, the answer is YES!
---Dr._Rich on 12/22/07

We all have the right to defend ourselves..and legally is the right way to do it.
---lisa on 12/21/07

What right does a Christian have to go to a court of law?
---Alberta on 12/21/07

What right does a Christian have to go to a court of law?
---Alberta on 12/21/07

look i don't mean to affend anybody but jesus was the ultimate forgiver, and when we are told to carry the cross we should. my opinion is that if someone does something wrong to you then first talk to them three times and if they still deny then yes you are free to take action for you have rights also.
---Daniel on 5/18/07

I believe the recovery version Bible says that when we sue a brother, we are both defeated already. It is better to do without than to go to court with a brother and take the side of the accuser of the brethren. Love covers a multitude of sins. That is rendered as "love, like a thief in the night, steals sin's opportunity." Like as if money (which is the primary means of settlement) could do what only God could do (raise the dead, heal a broken body, restore a soul, etc.)
---Linda on 5/18/07

I would like to continue on this discussion of law suits. The Devil would love nothing more than side track God's people, keeping us in court so that our attention would be more on rotten people than on God. Folks, we,as God's people, must be smarter than the Devil.
---catherine on 5/18/07

You know if we sued the people that deserves it, we would not have time to serve God. And God is not looking for that kind of publicity. Leave the issues to God. You know the scriptures.
---catherine on 5/17/07

It depends on the situation. There are some incidents which can only be settled in a court of law, no matter how great your faith. That is the law of the land.
---lynet on 5/17/07

I agree with M.P.---totally.You are right on the money. Christians have rights,too. I would not want to sue another Christian,for sure. I would want to try to work it out. Why? Because God said so in His Word.Even this can backfire.Everyone that say that are christians, are not. You may be forced to go to court with a counterfeit christian.
With an unbeliever it may be necessary. They do not know or care about the things of God. In order to resolve our issue, court may be the only resort.
---Robyn on 5/17/07

Christian should not initiate lawsuits. However sometimes Christians get sued. A man sued me over a matter of two cents per bushel of hauled soybeans. It as been many years ago now but I believe the sum of something like $350 total was involved. I let the suit go right up to the trial date. I was certain of my innocence in this matter, and actually had me witnesses to that effect, however on the date of the trial I handed the man a check for $350!!! I do not believe Christians should demand justice.
---mima on 5/17/07

I know a dear Christian man who works in the same jail ministry that I work in. He was a contractor. Build a house for a man and the man refused to pay resulting in my friend's bankruptcy. My friend went to court. In the meantime my friend had been led into a study course ministry within prisons country wide. His adversity has been turned in to a blessing by Almighty God!!
---mima on 7/10/06

I agree with MP 100 totally on this.
---Frank on 7/10/06

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It depends on the situation. If your being accused of something criminaly that you know from the depts of your heart that you didn't do and it was ruining your life and your families life, then yes by all means sue.
---Rebecca_D on 7/10/06

I think as Christians when a person or organizaton does not pay for a service rendered and you have tried to work things out with him/them minus the Court of Law, then taking him to court without malice but to receive what is rightfully yours, is when you should utilize the system. A few hundred dollars may be one thing but several thousand dollars is a bit much to ask to allow to go by. Prayer first, Court of Law if necessary.
---Suzanne on 7/10/06

There is a place for Christians to participate in lawsuits. When I was a baby Christian I adamantly said "No" to lawsuits. However, looking back I realise that the Law is there for a reason and it is ok to take someone to court so long as it is not for vengeance because vengeance belongs to the Lord.
---Helen_5378 on 7/10/06

I believe court is God's arm of justice. In unjust plunder to your finances, is it Scriptural in EVERY circumstance to lie down and roll over when Abba has provided a means of help? He can fight for us there, too. For sure, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, and mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Does that mean we simply stand and see the salvation of the Lord?
---Charlene on 7/10/06

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These verses speak of going to court 'brother against brother' which means Christian against Christian. If a non Christian sues a Christian we might have no choice but to go to court and there might be a time when we would have to sue a non-Christian. Otherwise we should try to sort things out as Christians, between each other and before God and not show ourselves up in front of 'the world'.
---M.P. on 7/10/06

Some guy threatened me and the police pressed charges, I didn't want to go to court, but I was told by the police and District Attorney I had to be there to state what happened. I won, but didn't feel good about it. I was scared and just wanted to flee which I did, I moved out of the house I lived in for 12 years.
---Donna9759 on 7/10/06

Read 1 Cor. 6. It is very clear that going to law against people is not the way of God. It's sad to see it happen so often. God has placed the church in the position of decision making in cases of disagreements. This falls into the category of forgiving our debtors as we are forgiven of our debts.
---john on 7/10/06

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