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Stay In A Hellish Marriage

Should Christians stay in a marriage that feels more like Hell than Heaven?

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 ---Inspiring_Sisters on 7/10/06
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It depends on what is going on. My ex husband physically and verbally abused me for 8 years(including kicking me in my stomach during both of my pregnancies) before I finally filed for divorce. I tried to make it work, but I couldn't take the abuse any longer.
---Melissa on 12/10/07

I hope you will read 1st Corinthians Chapter 7. And remember God called us to live in peace.

I cannot put my heart into an answer unless you are more specific.

I am praying you are ok.

We are all in this together.
---Amy9384 on 12/9/07

What do you consider "hell?" Is he physically abusing you? Are children involved? I was being abused physically,(severely) and being terrorized with a gun, etc., I stayed UNTIL God stepped in. I had cried out to the Lord, maybe you should do the same and see how God responds. He will remove you. He doesn't want one of His children being a victim of Domestic Violence IF that's what you are referring to when you say "hell." Is it?
---Donna9759 on 4/18/07

(2.)Only 2 ways to break the bond of Marriage, adultery, and death. I would never advise a woman to stay with a abusive husband, she should vacate immediately! But as for Divorce the only 2 Bible acceptable reasons are Adultery and Death. But one must keep themselves clean, to be qualified for remarriage, one cant give excuses to do the same thing the other did.
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/24/06

(1.)A Spouse is to be a "help-meet" not a "hurt-meet"(Genesis 2:18). Many marriages are in shambles because of the lack of true companionship, helping and edifying each other, this wasn't the plan of God. For some a husband or wife that "snores" is unbearable and a reason to divorce, but that's not Bible....
---Mrs._Morgan on 9/24/06

I have a friend who is married to a couch potato. One day she realized he'd been missing for 3 days. She though he'd run off with someone else. While looking for her hair brush, she found he had slipped behind the cushions down into the back of the sofa. She quickly retreaved her hair brush, releaved to find him still around, now giving extra support to that saggy sofa.

Life IS Hell, who said NOW is Heaven?
---kathr4453 on 9/24/06

Hi; I was in a marriage for several years that was mostly emotional and verbal abuse. Believe me, it can do it's damage! It's just as bad as physical. No one can see my scars but they are certainly there! I personally don't recommend staying with emotionally abusive spouses; they can make life "hell on earth" indeed!
---Mary on 9/21/06

If you are being physically abused, get out now. If your partner has been having sex with another, then you have to decide if you are going to stay or leave.

If none of the above exists, then I suggest you get marital therapy and/or individual therapy to discuss the problems that exist and possible solutions that could be effected.
---Madison1101 on 7/10/06

I encourage you to pray. Ask God to help you as you make decisions about what you need to do.
This is a very personal situation. Marriage is not to be entered into or left without guidance fron the Lord.
---lynet on 7/10/06

I'm wondering more what the verb "feels" refers to.

At some point in any marriage, romantic haze wears off, and the day-to-day (if not minute-by-minute) challenge of living together and accepting the other as s/he is, faults and all, begins.

If you "feel" something like, "I'd rather see you hit by a bus than look at you over the breakfast plate," it says more about you than the other.
---Jack on 7/10/06

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