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Not Wearing Wedding Ring A Sin

Is it a sin to not wear your wedding ring if you are married?

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 ---luke on 7/11/06
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The only reference to a wedding ring was the ring attached to the face of the wife of Isaac.
Wedding rings are just an outward display of marital status.
If the lack of a wedding ring can damn one all married ladies professing Christ better get a nose ring.
---Frank on 11/26/10

//Of course it is a sin! you will burn in hell for eternity if you do not wear your symbol of commitment to your spouse.//

I am left handed. is it a sin to wear a wedding band on the right hand?

it is also a sin to not provide for your family. for safety reasons, the wearing of any jewelry is considered hazardous.

btw, wearing a wedding ring does not show the condition of the heart. i think that has more bearing, don't you?

i hope you were being funny. otherwise, please have somebody explain the gospel to you again.
---aka on 11/26/10

LOL, I'm sure DeBeers loves this blog!
---AlwaysOn on 11/26/10

Where in the BIBLE does God command any marriad couple to wear a wedding ring?

When did people start using wedding rings?

What did wedding rings first symbolize?
---francis on 11/25/10

The wife and spouse should wear rings as a token of their love and symbol of their marriage.If they both agree on this. It is nice to do so. But it is most definitely not a sin! Hearts,minds and souls together in love is definitely,enough.
---Robyn on 11/25/10

Of course it is a sin! you will burn in hell for eternity if you do not wear your symbol of commitment to your spouse.
---Ronald on 11/25/10

Just a hint for those who want to wear their wedding rings but can't wear them on their hands due to health reasons--wear it on a chain.

This has long been done by expectant women whose fingers swell.

Oh, and for the blogger who said his sect didn't allow gold--new rings can be bought in titanium or other metals, and I think gold can be plated (One would have to check with a jeweler for specifics.)
---Nancy on 12/1/07

I have been married for a year and been wearing an engagement ring for two years. I have never had a problem with dry skin, but my finger often swells up and my skin cracks around it. I love my rings and I want everyone to know I am commited to my husband and I cherish him as I do the symbol of our love and on a day-to-day basis it is the only jewelry, but it irratates me severly at times. I know that God knows my heart and so does my husband though, so I am not concerned with committing any sin.
---Jesus_kid on 11/29/07

I don't think it is a sin to NOT wear a wedding ring. I know many men and women who prefer not to wear their wedding rings because they don't like wearing rings in general. I think the people who notice a lack of wedding ring on others and read further into it just enjoy gossip and drama. It's just a piece of jewelry after all. As long as two people are committed to one another that is all that is important.
---Heather on 8/26/07

My father could not wear his ring while working because he worked with electronic and electrical equipment - it was hazardous. Rings are actually a more modern token of marriage. So it is not a sin to be without your wedding band unless you are doing so in order to engage in adultery.
---lorra8574 on 5/28/07

Many married men do not even have a wedding ring.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/28/07

lynet, thanks for the idea I have heard of them but have never used them maybe I will try it out, I have used yarn and that don't work for me I start picking at it till it comes off lol, I know of others wear their rings around their necks as well which I have thought of doing..thanks again
---mary on 1/21/07

Why should it be a sin not to wear the wedding ring? I wear it 24 hours a day as a sign of commitment towards my wife but if I happen to hate wearing gold, I would not feel bad to remove it.

Re women running after a un-rung men (nice word isn't it?), some run after any man with or without ring. It's up to the man to refuse nonsense. A dignified man would not fall for such silly temptations.
---Caring on 1/21/07

I'm sorry to hear about your wedding ring dilemma. I recall a freind that had a ring guard put on her ring. Perhaps that could be a solution for your problems:)
---lynet on 1/21/07

Luke - There is no commandment from Christ or from the Word regarding the wearing of a ring. It is between you and your wife. To help you with this is what James 4:17 says;
To him therefore that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
If both of you are not at peace with not wearing a ring then wear it.
---Edmond on 1/20/07

That depends on WHY you don't wear it. An occupational hazard or something shady, so to speak? The wedding ring in Genesis 24:47 is very obvious but has been perverted by many of our youth today. That which should signify betrothal to a Prince of peace in a spirtual sense is used for a fad or whatever today by our youth. Blasphemy in a sense.
---Frank on 1/20/07

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The wedding ring is a symbol, many men never wear them, and sometimes women don't either.
Stepping outside the "VOW" of marriage as in adultery, is a sin.
---lynet on 1/20/07

i am not sure if not wearing your ring on you finger would be a sin, there is alot of us out there that has finger either that swells up or is to skinny to keep rings on the fingers, i have very skinny fingers and i already lost my wedding ring, have the other one still, i have to keep my hands closed just to keep it on, in the sunner time they swell up, making the rings smaller don't work for me either, so in hopes it isn't a sin...
---mary on 1/20/07

I was asked the other day if I was married as soon as I raised my hand the man declined and respected that fact. However whilst on Holiday in the carribeans it made no difference. I have no arguement with those that don't believe in a wedding ring. I wear mine and I am proud of it, I waited so long to be respected and married and enjoyed every hour of it and had a blessing when we came home, showing off my new wedding ring and dress all over again from our honeymoon after our wedding in the carribeans.
---Carla5754 on 8/10/06

**The scripture read the plaiting of hair,KJV which the translater is talking about vanity in general before worship to God.**

The KJV is not talking about "plaiting" hair; it doesn't use the word. "Broidered" is related to the word "embroider" and "embroidery.
---Jack on 8/4/06

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What's your beef Jack? I didn't mention broided, or braided. The scripture read the plaiting of hair,KJV which the translater is talking about vanity in general before worship to God. the doctrine has since been ammended and appogigies for the hurt caused. Get over it! I wear my ring regardless as I have to answer to no one when I raise my hand, meaning intrusive men not at church.
---Carla5754 on 8/1/06

It's just a cultural thing. If it is not a big deal to you and your spouse, its not a big deal.

teach love
---frank_cos on 7/28/06

Helen_5378 I don't like wearing jewelry because I just don't like it. There is no spiritual preference and/or conviction. I just don't care for it. I haven't worn a watch for a long time. If others do it is fine. If women are seeking companionship it is my responsibility to know that I am married not them. There are those who seek out the married because the married "have to" keep the activity secret. A ring protects nothing. It is the heart that must be prepared.
---Elder on 7/28/06

The word "broidered" is not an archaic spelling for "braided" when talking about hair.

It is an adjective meaning "fancy"--ever hear the word "embroidered"? It's from the same root.
---Jack on 7/12/06

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In Timothy the scripture about the wearing of Gold and plaiting of hair I think, anyway that was some years ago and the point was that it is not sin to wear a ring for status unless you use the idea for extra marital relations.
---Carla5754 on 7/12/06

<< Our demonination had a (doctrine) that stated the wearing of Gold was considered a sin,>>

And where did they come up with that idea?
---Jack on 7/12/06

I think a married persons behavior both with and without their spouse being present should be evidence of the fact they are married, not a piece of jewelry. I good MALE friend of mine does not wear a ring, but he finds a way to work how much he loves his wife into every meeting of a new person, seen him do it lots, been married 25 years. More men and women could learn from a person like that.
---Linda3 on 7/11/06

No, it is not a sin not to wear it. However, I believe that men should wear a wedding ring to "notify" seeking women that he is not available. It's good enough for the woman to wear one, the man should too.
---Helen_5378 on 7/11/06

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Our demonination had a (doctrine) that stated the wearing of Gold was considered a sin, and many did not wear a/their wedding ring and it caused a lot of confusion with some of the unsaved spouses and a lot of marriges broke up because of this ruling years later the breathren were allowed to wear their rings. It is a sin to decieve the opposite sex by taking off your wedding band to entice someone into a realationship but otherwise no sin!
---Carla5754 on 7/11/06

Aside from times when safety is an issue, it has been my experience that there are usually underlying reasons why somebody chooses not to wear a wedding or engagement ring. It is a sign that the person wants to keep their options open and it should be looked at as a harbinger of potential future problems.
---ralph7477 on 7/11/06

Anciently, the wedding ring was used in pagan Roman times and was something picked up by Christians as being the usual social convention.

In some Christian cultures, such as Greece and Russia, or among Jews, the wedding ring is worn on the RIGHT hand.

In the ancient Chrisian churches of India, placing a necklace around the bride's neck is the symbol of marriage.

Song of Solomon 3:11 suggests that CROWNS (also used by Orthodox Christians) were the original Jewish symbol of marriage.
---Jack on 7/11/06

When I was in the army, a friend of mine worked in the motor pool. His wife insisted that he wear his ring. Working on a generator, he almost lost his finger because of the ring.
My dad was an aircraft mechanic. He NEVER wore a ring because of safety issues.
When working as floor nurse, I dont wear my ring becuase of washing my hands so much. I would develop rashs on my finger under the ring from the moisture.

A ring is just a symbol, nothing more. No, its not a sin.
---NurseRobert on 7/11/06

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Marriage is a spiritual union. The wedding ring is an outward symbol of your commitmnet. Jesus is not walking among His churches looking at the ring finger on the left hand of all His children to be sure they are married. He looks in your heart.
---Ryan on 7/11/06

I think it would epend on why the man or woman has removed it. If you've never had one and that didn't bother either of you from the start then why worry now. If you or both had one initially but no longer wear it (except for the time it might be being re-sized) then perhaps there is a problem and you should ask why? There is no law about wearing one. It is not like a slave bangle (unless some of you women know differently!!)
---f.f. on 7/11/06

The only reason not wearing it could be considered sin that I can think of is:
If not wearing the ring is meant to decieve (send the message that you are not married.) Exodus 20:16, "Thou shalt not bear false witness...
---Bruce5656 on 7/11/06

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