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Man Made For The Sabbath

There is much talk about the Sabbath, therefore the following question arises, what do you think Jesus meant when he said the Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath?

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 ---mima on 7/12/06
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The statement is a reflection of God's intent on setting the Sabbath day, just as he set the annual holy days along with the practices He wanted them to adhere to. Paul reminds us that the ancient laws and practices were "shadows of things to come" and added that Jesus was the substance that cast that shadow. If people properly understand what the Sabbath forshadowed and what it means today, they wouldn't ask the question you've just asked.
---Lewis on 11/12/07

The Sabbath is a type of the rest we get in Christ. When we accept Christ as our Savior, we are to cease from all our own works, take a rest( a permanent rest) from self works. The Sabbath was made for man because the Sabbath is Christ and He was created or made for us to reconcile humanity to God and provide a dwelling place (tabernacle) for God.
---Debbie on 5/31/07

Mk 2:27 And he said to them, 'The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.'

One basic rule of interpretation is that any verse must be interpreted within its context.

Jesus was addressing only Jewish men on the issue of his disciples working on the Sababth; He was not addressing the entire human race.

It is much like saying that 'men' should salute the American flag.

But "men" here does not refer to males in Ukraine or elsewhere; only in the USA.
---lee on 10/13/06

eric - agree as previously that Hebrews speaks of a change in the priesthood and the laws associated with the priesthood.
And there was a change in the law regarding circumcision and we can assume from Acts 15 that Gentiles were not required to observe Mosaic law including the Sabbath. And we can see that from early church history.
I did read the rest of the verses you listed and nothing there supports observance of Sabbath keeping.
---lee on 8/21/06

Lee,You didnt even read the verses I posted. The law that was chngd in heb 7 is the levitical laws of preisthood. Because according to that law you could only be a priest if you were from the tribe of levites. since Jesus is the new high preist and He was from the tribe of Judea there must be a change. He is a priest that lives forever so the law that says the priesthood is handed down to the priest sons is changed. The changed law in heb 7 is NOT the ten com.
---eric on 8/20/06

Perhaps eric, jerry or jana may have some insight into answering the question posted by JohnT to Geoff about God hating wicked children?
---lee on 8/19/06

eric - **who told you that the law was changed and the sabbath is not relevant?**

Take circumcision for instance. It was a law required of jews under the Old Covenant relations but it was annulled in the New Covenant church - Acts 15.

Also read in Hebrews 7:12 where we read of a change in the priesthood and thus in the laws.

None of the verses you listed state that the church is required to observe the Sabbath. You are readiing into those verses something that is not there.
---lee on 8/19/06

On another blog said Geoff: SDA Church does NOT teach..
God hates wicked children
"But wicked children God does not love. He will not take them to the beautiful City, for he only admits the good, obedient, and patient children there." His Mothers Letters AY 61.2} Iowa City, Iowa, March 14, 1860. #62

Who now may be bearing false witness?
---John_T on 8/19/06


who told you that the law was changed and the sabbath is not relevant?

It didnt come from Jesus. Gal 3:15, Heb 9:16-18, Luke 16:17, Matt 5:17-20, Matt24:20, Acts 16:13, Acts 13:42-44, Revelation 14:12!
---eric on 8/18/06

Never stated that "the 10 Commandments are ceremonial"; only that the Sabbath commandment was a ceremonial law given only to Israel as a sign of the covenant between God & israel - Exodus 31. And liken to circumcision, dietary laws and other jewish customs, etc. are not binding on the church. Acts 15

Where we disagree is your assertion that observance or ritual must be viewed as a moral law.
---lee on 8/12/06

Lee, I think you will agree with me that the handwritten Ceremonial Laws were fulfilled in Christ. This is why we no longer are required to circumcise or cut the throats of lambs. The difference in your and my perspectives is that you say the 10 Commandments are ceremonial and I say they are the Moral Law. Who is right? The Bible is correct:

Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross-Col 2:14
---Geoff on 8/10/06

Geoff - one question of you! Why do you limit "commands or commandments" in John 14:15 to simply the 10 commandments?

There are over 600 commands or commandments in the OT alone but why limit John 14:15 to only 10?

Are the 10 commandments any more important than the other ones God gave to Moses?
---lee on 8/5/06

The Sabbath serves the needs of man. Man does not serve the Sabbath.
---a_servant on 8/4/06

John_T, it depends on what you are talking about.

Mt 15:9 & Mk 7:7 are not the 10 Commandments (Paul agrees, Col 2:22)

But, Jn 14:15 is:
If ye love Me, keep My Commandments

Aren't the 10 Commandments Jesus' Commandments? He is the Author.
---Geoff on 8/4/06


Then you AGREE with my post, then.

Jesus is NOT talking about the 10C
---John_T on 8/4/06

John_T, Jesus often refered to both Moses Law and the 10 Commandments distinctly. Bare in mind, both are about Jesus. Typically, He distinctly said something like "Moses commanded..." Mt 8:4, Mk 1:44, Lk 5:14. Law could refer to Moses Law and/or the 10 Commandment Law, but when it is specifically the 10 Commandments the examples have nothing to do with ceremonial law, but specifically quoates the 10 Commandments. Lk 10:26-28, Mt 19:17-19.
---Geoff on 8/3/06

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Here is ANOTHER case if ADDING something to Scripture, and that is condemned in Revelation 22:18.

EACH time Jesus referred to the 10C, he used the words "the laws of Moses", or something similar.

This time, he clearly says, "my commandments", and NOTHING else. Imposing another belief, as the SDAs here do, violates the ENTIRE CONTEXT of Jesus' words.

Thus, AGAIN, your false belief fails
---John_T on 8/3/06

Lee, maybe you are satisfied with fiction, but the rest of us prefer the facts. Who gave the 10 Commandments in the first place? Whose are they? John 14:15 says they are His. Matthew 22:36-40 is the 10 Commandments.
---Geoff on 8/2/06

glad to see that this question has been sufficiently answered so that we can move on to other topics.
---lee on 7/30/06

Geoff - Most Adventists are naive enough that whenever the NT speaks of commandments, they immediately think 10 Commandments. However, commandments does not always mean 10 Commandments. When they asked Christ what is the great commandment in the Law, He replied -

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. This is the 1st commandment; the 2nd is: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

And John 14:15 does not speak of the 10 Commandments.
---lee on 7/19/06

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Geoff - what you are trying to do in your interpretation of Mt. 12:8/Mk. 2:27 is to base an entire doctrine - that the church must observe a sabbath; on a single verse of the Bible. Nowhere in the NT do we have any requirement that the church must observe any kind of Sabbath as our rest is in Christ.
---lee on 7/19/06

2.Jesus was not saying that the Sabbath was made for all people Jews & Gentiles as the Pharisees clearly believed that the Sabbath was for the Jews only. After all we read in Exodus 31:17 that the Sabbath (as was circumcision) was considered to be signs of the covenant made between God and Israel only not between God and the human race. If Christ has said the Sabbath was made for the Gentiles as well, this would have certainly created another controversy, but none is indicated here.
---lee on 7/19/06

1. Your argument that Christ in Mt. 12:8/Mk. 2:27 gave a universal scope to the Sabbath is really alien to the context. In these passages, Jesus is restricting the Sabbath commandment, not broadening it. The context deals not with the universal scope of the Sabbath, but the purpose of the Sabbath rest. The Sabbath as a day of rest alone was considered to be for the benefit of the recipients and here Jesus is speaking against the burdensome requirement that the Jews has added to the original command.
---lee on 7/19/06

Yes Lee, the Sabbath was made for man-Jew & gentile-all mankind. What purpose did the Sabbath serve? If it was for rest & communion with God, then what about Jesus death changed the need for both? Jesus didn't say circumcision was for man, not even mankind. That would exclude women, but everyone can keep the Sabbath & enjoy the rest & communion it affords.

Wouldn't be the first time the Pharasees were wrong. They were very wrong about the Sabbath. Jesus told them they were wrong.
---Geoff on 7/17/06

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Finally, rest and communion are not only for OT believers. Seems you want to deny these to NT believers. You don't observe Sunday because Jesus asked you to but because you want to.

If ye love me, keep my commandments-Jn 14:15
---Geoff on 7/17/06

If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on My holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the LORD, honourable; and shalt honour Him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking thine own words:
Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it-Is 58:13-14
---Geoff on 7/17/06

Geoff - "Do you observe all day Sunday as Sabbath?" The fact is I do not observe any kind of Sabbath as I believe that commandment belongs exclusively to the Old Covenant dispensation and that it was not required of the church at all. Furthermore, as Christians we gather on the 1st day of the week - the Lord's day- for communal worship. As our rest is in Christ, we do not observe any kind of Sabath - Hebrews 4.
---lee on 7/17/06

4. If Jesus has said that the Sabbath was made for Gentiles, it would have created all sorts of problems as the Pharisees believed that the Sabbath was given only to Israel. The Pharisees were challenging the behavior of the apostles, not the behavior of the Gentiles. They were overestimating the importance of Sabbath restrictions by reducing its relative importance to the people it was designed to serve.

Now Geoff has his answer to Mark 2:27 and he need not address the question again.
---lee on 7/17/06

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3. To see the point, suppose Jesus had said "the law of circumcision was made for man, not man for circumcision." Would the statement mean that circumcision was commanded for all human beings? Of course not as the Sabbath like circumcision was given to Israel; not the rest of the world.
---lee on 7/17/06

2. We can see that what Jesus meant by looking at the next phrase - "and not man for the Sabbath" that his point was that the Sabbath was made to serve people, instead of people being created to serve the Sabbath. In short, he will tell us that the Sabbath was a servant, not a master. He was addressing the relative importance of the Sabbath in relation to people.
---lee on 7/17/06

Geoff - was the Sabbath made for man or for the entire human race? Consider mark 2:27 -

1. After the Pharisees criticized Jesus for allowing his disciples to pick grain on the Sabbath thus violating it; Jesus said "the Sabbath was made for man; not man for the Sabbath." Was he saying God made the Sabbath for all human beings - both Jews & Gentiles?
---lee on 7/17/06

Lee (both), we worship God everyday, but we can't possibly keep every day as the Sabbath for when would we work? Do you observe all day Sunday as Sabbath? If we follow your plan we will be slaves to work and worry. God offers us freedom and rest. Ironically, lawlessness causes bondage-to sin. God's Sabbath gift to man is still His (Sabbath of the Lord thy God) and not ours to do with as we please. It was made for man, as this blog says, and is an insult to reject.
---Geoff on 7/15/06

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While the Sabbath was made for man, we read "..For we who have believed enter that rest, ... for whoever has entered Gods rest has also rested from his works as God did from his."

Thus in a sense, Christ has become our rest; as the 4th commandment was a mere shadow of the reality of the beleivers rest.
---lee_nm on 7/15/06

If one were to read the verse in its context we would find that Jesus was rebuking the Pharisees for turning the Sabbath into something it was not intended to be. The Sabbath was intended as a day of rest alone for mankind.

However, the verse does not promote any sabbath observance for the church as the church is under the New Covenant.

Also we see from Acts 15, that the sabbath, like circumcision was not required of the church.
---lee on 7/15/06

If one were to read the verse in its context we would find that Jesus was rebuking the Pharisees for turning the Sabbath into something it was not intended to be. The Sabbath was intended as a day of rest alone for mankind.

However, the verse does not promote any sabbath observance for the church as the church is under the New Covenant.

Also we see from Acts 15, that the sabbath, like circumcision was not required of the church.
---lee on 7/15/06

Yeah mon! We love the Sabbath, we love God's holy 10 Commandment Law, and we love God for giving them to us and for redeeming us with His precious blood and because His ways are righteous altogether!
---Geoff on 7/13/06

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The sabbath was made for mankind, and man was not made for the sabbath. Gods #1 creation is mankind, not the sabbath. But God has given mankind the sabbath as a memorial of cretion and a wonderful day of rest, I love sabbath day!
---eric on 7/12/06

Might it mean that previously the rules were there to control man, whereas now, Christ has freed us from that control, and the rules are there to guide us and therefore for our benefit, or even pleasure?
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/12/06

Mima, that's Mk 2:27

It was right for David to satisfy his hunger by eating bread set apart for holy use & for the disciples to supply their need, plucking grain on the Sabbath. Actually, the temple priests performed more work on Sabbath than any other day. If it were a secular job it would be sinful, but the priests' work was in God's service, those rites that pointed to the redeeming power of Christ, labor in harmony with the Sabbath. Jesus & the disciples were doing God's pleasure on Sabbath
---Geoff on 7/12/06

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