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Can A Demon Possess A Person

Do demons still possess? Have you ever known anyone possessed by a demon?

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 ---mary on 7/13/06
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Satan is in possession of all unsaved. You may be asking if a Christian can be possessed? Not in the way of ownership but definitely in the way of control. I have cast hundreds of evil spirits out of Christians but I would never say they were owned by those demons. Controlled, but not owned.
---john on 3/30/08

Yes, demons possess people and I do know a woman who is possessed.
---shira on 5/29/07

Can a demon possess-- not a true christian. BUT, YES, if you are unsaved you better know it. The BIBLE saids that the devil has dominion over every unbeliever. WHICH MEANS DEPENDING ON YOUR WEAKNESSES the devil can take control of you anytime. Jesus died for His people, so therefore, He helps us. Thank God.
---CATHERINE on 2/2/07

Be careful of people,especially "unholy" ties from your past.Just an sms,phone call or "prayer meeting" from/by them can subject you to tremendous torment.First close the open door in your life,repent if necessary then plead the blood of Jesus every time you feel spiritually threatened.If the devil has a case with you he is afraid of you,but you need to fight because he needs to stop you.He knows better than you what you are capable of if left unchecked.God bless u r not alone.
---Martin on 2/2/07

King Saul,s life with spirit,s of evil. 1 Samuel 28. God,s holy spirit will guide us all the way. They will flee, just ask jesus.
---winna on 2/2/07

I have to war and fight against the devil alot. If you are saved, YOU should me more concerned if the devil is leaving you alone, because, if you are not bothering him he will leave you alone. I tell you what, I love bothering the devil. Part of my JOB. I MUST be doing something right.
---CATHERINE on 2/2/07

Here is a suggestion. Learn as much as possible about the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Openly and verbally state what you believe about the blood of Jesus Christ during your time of prayer. Cover yourself why faith with the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. This should be done in private butverbally enunciated out loud. Stand fast and see the Lord work.
---Mima on 2/2/07

Malissa the only way to bust these demons is to call out the name of Jesus repeating it until you escape their oppressive clutches, because of our experience in busting demons we now know how effective using Jesu's name is. Be not afraid of the terror at night nor by day. Anyone that believes in Jesus christ and that his name is the only name to deliver you from evil can call upon and use the Authority of Jesus's name and Demons will and have to Flee, try it again, again and again and you'll see!
---Carla5754 on 2/2/07

I was beening personally attacked by "bad spirts"
I could feel their presence, hear them, and was over shawdowed with them. I CRIED OUT IN JESUS NAME. But I am still confussed?
As I wrote this my power flickered.
---melissa on 2/1/07

Yes, a demon can possess an unsaved person.
---Aaron on 7/17/06

I call what Donna is talking about "giving your God given dominion over sin lurking in your members" back to the sin. We are told to not let sin reign in our mortal bodies that we may obey it in the lusts thereof. We are dead to sin through the death of Christ and alive unto God through His resurrection. We either believe that what God did in Christ defeated the devil or we believe that we must still fight the devil. Only one of those will bring an expression of victory in your life.
---Linda6563 on 7/17/06

When someone is DRIVEN to do something evil over and over and over again, and doesn't stop of his own free will because he can't stop, that to me is being possessed by a demon. The demon takes over a person's actions. Jack, my ex does remember him terrorizing me with his gun the night he held it to my head for 3 hours and said if I moved, he would pull the trigger. He was also arrested for it and to this day, still wants to kill me. I have moved several times so he won't find me.
---Donna9759 on 7/17/06

How do you know this Jack? If a person's will and memory are suspended and they have no knowledge of what happened WHO has told you this?
---M.P. on 7/14/06

A person who is truly possessed by the devil has his will and memory suspended during this time, and when freed, has no knowledge of what happened during possession.
---Jack on 7/13/06

The devil and the Holy Spirit can't live in the same place for very long. The demon knew he had to go because she was filled with the Holy Ghost and they couldn't abide together.
---Debbie on 7/13/06

#4 I will never forget that experience and believe you me, I know that the name of Jesus and the power of prayer and the anointing of the Holy Spirit can deliver anyone from any demon. We are made overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Satan was defeated on the Cross and He knows it and will flee from us when He recognizes that we know it and call upon the name of Jesus.
---Debbie on 7/13/06

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#3 She sat across from the pastor and he never took his eyes off her eyes. She said, while they sat there, the demon inside of her kept saying, "They think I am gone, but I am not." My friend finally said we needed to pray again and this time she said the words herself telling it had to leave in the name of Jesus. It finally left, and she said that she felt the claws clinging to her insides as it left.
---Debbie on 7/13/06

#2 I also knew I needed help, and I turned around and drove back to the church, where I was met by the pastor's wife. She took one look at my friend and directed us to the pastor's study. He took one look at her and told us, there were four of us plus my friend, to hang on to our Bibles and form a circle around her. WE came into agreement and told the demon he had to go. After some time we took a break and sat down.
---Debbie on 7/13/06

#1 I know a woman who is very close to me. After she was saved and filled with the Spirit, she was at the altar praying in the Spirit and something very strange started coming out of her mouth, definitely evil. She said she felt nausiated and sick. She had come to church with me and we started home after service. As we were driving she began the same evil language and I knew that was not God.
---Debbie on 7/13/06

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