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Husband Flew Off The Handle

My husband flew off the handle when our teen son came home with homework for a short story for English class called, "Young Goodman Brown." He said it was satanic and would not allow our son to read or study it in the home. Anyone heard of this?

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 ---DarlaW on 7/13/06
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Hello,Family,this is old blogg same significant story! Parents should take a day make appt. with the teacher,ask why this book recommend' what are the basis forstudy here?ask what "life lessons"the school wishes this particular book?any content NOT suitable for children? Complain school involved with his school. It will show your child you are interested in him,care and he will be a more better student and try to hold a standard of excellance and be respectfull to you. Don't be negative & punish him like he is evil.He needs to know it's safe to talk to his parents...above all.
---ELENA on 5/3/12

"Train up a child in the correct way and when he is old he will not depart from it. [Proverbs 22,6] Come, ye children, hearken unto me. I will teach you the fear of the Lord [Psalms 45,11].>>>>The word of God should be hidden in a person's heart and should constantly be a source of devotion and obedience to the Lord. [Deuteronomy 6:7] The author is speaking of ways to bring up your children.>>> Everyone, have a good day.+++
---catherine on 2/25/08

No, I've never heard of it but why would your husband react so crazy? He should calm down, quit with the drama, and set a good example to your son by telling him to do his homework but also know the real truth.
---sue on 2/24/08

It is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is not satanic. It is just the opposite. I describes a man who loses focus and is so distraught by his secret sins of his mind, that he can no longer hear. Just type in the name "Young Goodman Brown" and read it for yourself. It is in old english and hard to understand if you are not familiar with old english.
---Amy9384 on 2/22/08

It also talks about if the church is not careful, not led by the right spiritual leaders we could be mislead. It talks about how spiritual leaders of that time not only persecuted witches, but some were also satanic worshipers. Usually witches being burned at the stake were women who wouldnt cooperate with the elders, and they were made examples. This was taught at a Christian school they wanted us to be aware of how quickly man can come down but God would Never fall..
---Tammy on 7/13/07

Darla, no, never heard of it before BUT are you folks sending your son to a non-Christian based school? If you are, you gotta expect worldly stuff like this coming from those schools. Why would your husband not realize that?
---Donna9759 on 7/11/07

All who read Scarlet Letter knows the hate Hawthorne has for the Christian faith.

The anti hero, a pastor named "Dimsdale" who impregnated Hester, the so-called pagan who lived in the woods away from civilization. She refused to spill the beans (noble soul)and Dimsdale dies in disgrace at the end. But for Hester, the A now means angelic, and she proudly wears it.

Have hubby and son read it together, discuss WHY NH hated the clergy so much.
Turn a neg into a positive
---John_T on 7/22/06

CORRECTION: Make that Judge HATHORNE--no W. (Thank you, Richard Armour).
---Jack on 7/13/06

Good church members, leaders, and even pastors in pacts with the devil is a theme of Jack Chick comic books.

FWIW, Nathaniel Hawthorne was a direct descendant of Judge Hawthorn (no e) of the Salem Village witchcraft trials. He added the "e" in an attempt to distance himself from his notorious forebear. That all was not as it seemed in New England Puritanism was a theme of many of his works: Scarlet Letter, House of 7 Gables, among them.
---Jack on 7/13/06

Its so-called 'classic' english writings, from Nathan Hawthorne. I will check it out this friday to see what the fuss is all about.
---Darla on 7/13/06

I know the following only because I did a Google search. There is much to find there. "Young Goodman Brown" tells the tale of a young Puritan man drawn into a covenant with the Devil. He discovers that many of his fellow townspeople, including religious leaders and his wife, are attending a Black Mass. How he deals with this I do not know and without reading more I would not like to offer an opinion about whether or not it is satanic but it would not be my choice of reading matter.
---emg on 7/13/06

That's a short story by Nathanial Hawthorne. Its a classic tale of good and evil during the Puritan days. I think forbidding him to read it is a little much IMHO. You read through it and see if you find it inappropriate.
---NV_Barbara on 7/13/06

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