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What Happens At Near Death

Can you give me your opinions on "near death" experiences?

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 ---Crystal on 7/13/06
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Can you give me your opinions on "near death" experiences?
---Crystal on 7/13/06

My experience has been:

---francis on 2/29/12

I have had a few NDEs and OOBEs. When this happens your consciousness and spirit leave your physical body, and becomes either present in heaven or elsewhere. Usually there is a white light, and during this time you may meet the Lord for a supernatural healing or a message, or meet an angel or some other person or persons and receive a message or instruction for resuming your life on earth.
---Eloy on 2/27/12

I am a christian woman who has been through what others call a near death experience. But, I call it a death experience because I was dead when it happened, not near death. I know there are people that have certain experiences when they are near death and that is perfect to call those near death experiences. Just to let you all know, the act of actually dying was absolutely horrific but when that was finally over and I was gone (dead), there aren't even words to describe how amazingly beautiful and wonderful the after life is. Even though my whole ordeal was bitter sweet, I feel very blessed to have gone through what I went through.
---Lynette_Dunn-Gonzales on 2/26/12

I know a man that had such an experience but is hesitant to tell it as it is met with ridicule from others rather than an attempt to understand. He does say it was a blessing though and it is a shame people write books about it to make a fortune.
---Shari on 4/25/07

So there is no confusion, I had toxemia really bad and was on complete bedrest for 2 months. In the hospital for 1 month. First child, was scard out of my mind. I had some problems with my second child. I had alot of scare tissue still, and my daughter weighted almost 9LBS, I wasn't big at all, so I had her c-section as well. the Dr told me that if I were to have any more kids that it is possible that I could die. So I had my tubes tide. But thank God he was looking out for me both times.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/06

Bruce; I may have got mixed up on how much blood a person has but I did lose 6 pints of blood. Miracle is what it was, because the anaesthesiologist had to give me 2 shots in my shoulder to get the blood stop bleeding.
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/06

Crystal, this discussion leads us to the definition of life and when does it actually begin and end. One thing is certain; Paul's not talking about a dead person in 2 Cor 12:3. The subject is near death and so far no one has come back from the grave and documented the experience except Jesus-John 20:17, Rev 1:18. Silly stories about Jesus wrestling the devil in hell or spending crucifixion weekend in heaven just cannot be supported by scriptures.
---Geoff on 7/15/06

Bruce, 1 liter equals 2 pints.
Most adult males have between 5-6 liters of blood in their cardiovascular system, and women have about 4-5 liters. This is dependant on body weight. So, the average adult male would have 10-12 pints of blood in the system, women 8-10 pints. Hope this is helpful.
---Margaretj on 7/15/06

I agree whileheartedly, Josef! You know, for those who would say, "No way!", I would ask them about the people in the Bible who had odd out-of-body experiences, not the least of whom is Jobn who wrote the whole book of Revelation after his "vison." I know that's not exactly the same as the "near death" experiences that prompted this question but, if one can happen, why not the other?
---Crystal on 7/15/06

Criss as I stated it is just an opinion. A supposition with no factual base. I considered the tragic ways some died, how frighten and overwhelmed they must have been in those last moments. I know that the Father is compassionate, so to reconcile the stories i've heard concerning this with the reality I know the scenario seems logical in my finite mind. That vision would give peace to the believer and would be a wake-up call to the unbeliever. This of course is assuming they live.
---josef on 7/14/06


That's very interesting. Tell me how you arrived at your conclusions.
---Criss on 7/14/06

2. Several of my family members are regular blood donors. At each session just under one pint is taken. They have always been told that the body contains 8 pints and that it will take about a week for that 'less than one pint' to be replaced after the donation. I think that Rebecca was misinformed about her blood loss or it was being replaced as the op. proceeded but she was not made aware of that either.
---ff on 7/14/06

Bruce I have always been told that the average person has about 8 pints of blood. I just did a google search after reading your post and am told on one site that the figure is 6 qu. = 5.6 ltrs. Are those U.S. quarts then 'cos in U.K. 6 qu. = 12 pints. Another site tells me the figure is 8 pints = 4.5 litres whilst another says the av. woman has between 8 and 9 pints. Whatever, I agree that someone who lost 6, without it being replaced as it was being lost, would be dead or a living miracle.
---ff on 7/14/06

I rarely give an opinion about anything because I realize its meaningless however near death experiences & the stories told intrigue me. I personally believe that at the moment of death the Father in his compassion gives the believer a vision of the magnificence of His second coming. And to the non believer whose time has yet to come He wakes them up with a vision of their ultimate destruction. Again just an opinion which seems logical to me.
---josef on 7/14/06

2 pints = 1 quart
The human body contains 6 quarts (pbs - Nova online) Therfore the body contains 12 pints of blood not 8.

Antibodies have nothing to do with making blood.

Ann Gronowski, Faculty, Pathology, Washington University says that a normal delivery results in the loss of only 1/ liter (approx 1 pint.) She says after a blood loss of more than a third of the blood volume (3.5 pints) morbidity and mortality become significant.
---Bruce5656 on 7/13/06

In other words, with less than 8.5 pints of blood left a person is likely to have blead to death. The idea that you had only 2 pints of blood left and did not die, nevermind recieve a transfusion would qualify as a genuine miracle indeed. However, it seems you have your numbers mixed up.
---Bruce5656 on 7/13/06

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The passage that you so loosely paraphrase begins, "When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists..." This is not what I am asking about, nor am I talking about people who remain alive - with a pulse and respiration. I am talking about those people who flat-line and are declared "dead" only to be revived. They have some pretty interesting experiences that I wonder about. Are they spiritual encounters or dreams or visions or what?
---Crystal on 7/13/06

I had an emerencey C-section and I lost 6 pints of blood, we only have 8 pints. I have heard that a c-section doesn't hurt, but I am here to tell you it does. Even though I was numb from the waist down, I still felt the Dr take the baby out, I felt alot, I mean alot of pressure, and I screamed. I had alot of scare tissue and that was why I lost so much blood. I didn't get a blood transfusion, cause I had enough antibodies to make up more blood.
---Rebecca_D on 7/13/06

Crystal, the fact is near death is just that, near death. If we are to know what happens after death, we must consult our owners manual and Maker. The Bible says we are unconscious at death, so if anyone is still seeing and hearing, their not dead. Can't go wrong sticking to what the Bible says.

Should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? Isaiah 8:19
---Geoff on 7/13/06

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