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Message From Spirit Or Mind

Can you tell when a message is being taught from a person's spirit and not from his mind? How so?

Moderator - Hopefully, being taught from the Bible.

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 ---Donna9759 on 7/13/06
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Oh everyone is going to make this guy out to be a monster, they do not realize that it is the devil that is the monster. I suspect to make themselves feel better about themselves. UG.
---catherine on 4/17/07

You can usually tell by the results, though sometimes results don't happen overnight. If it edifies and builds up the body, it is the ministry of the Spirit. If it condemns and accuses, it is the ministry of the letter. Even when the Holy Spirit convicts of righteousness, it is edifying though it may mean you must lay something off by faith. The ministry of the letter flat out kills.
---Linda6563 on 4/17/07

God gave us minds to learn, analyse, understand. I love good expository teaching of the Word (No pet ideas propped up by a mix of scriptures apart from context.) A persons spirit tells about the person.
BUT the Holy Spirit is the One I want to hear. If a message doesn't agree with Scripture, it is the spirit of the speaker. If it seems Scriptural but goes against what I know of the nature of God, it is of man. As I draw near to the Lord, the easier it is to know which (S)spirit I am hearing.
---Donna2277 on 7/15/06

Amen Linda. You have experienced first hand the substance of faith in the Word. Bless you, always hold on to and share that experience. You obviously earnestly expected the fulfillment of that word you received, exercised your confidence in that expectation based solely on the Fathers promise, proving that confidence as well as the focus of your mind and thus was privileged to witnessed His power. A marvelous witness and testimony.
---josef on 7/15/06

Now, I could have rejected that word and still been laying in the bed Sunday morning (the third day) but I didn't. I spoke that word all weekend and stood on it and refused to believe any other report. On Sunday morning, I got up and went "into the house of the Lord", even after looking in the mirror and still seeing pox on my body. As soon as I walked into the building where we assemble as a church, the Word came in demonstration and power and every evidence of the disease left my body.
---Linda6563 on 7/14/06

I look back at that word and with the eyes of understanding find the heart of my Father. He saw my tears and He heard my cries and responded with, "Surely I will heal you and on the third day ye shall go into the house of the Lord." That sounds like, "If we know that He hears us, then we have the petitions we asked of Him." He told me that He heard me in that "rhema word" so I knew I had the petition I had asked of Him.
---Linda6563 on 7/14/06

Amen Rickey. One time someone asked me if I knew what "rhema" was. I was pretty sure that I did but I looked it up anyway. "Logos" is the word about a person. "Rhema" is the word the logos is about, Jesus Christ. When I went to the Healer for healing from chickenpox at the age of 32, the "rhema" word to me was, "I have seen your tears, I have heard your cries; surely I will heal you and on the third day ye shall go into the house of the Lord."
---Linda6563 on 7/14/06

Proverbs 15:23 says, "...a word spoken in due season, how good is it!"
Word-dabar (daw-baw')-a spoken word
Or simply a revelation; a word that you need right when you need it.
---Rickey on 7/14/06

The word revelation comes from a grk. word
"Apokalupsis" which mean the unveiling of or making naked. A revelation from the word is like a person peeling a banana. Piece by piece the seal is remove and you see what's on the inside. Same with the Word. As you hear the word the Holy Spirit will open the eyes of your understanding so that you can get revelation knowledge from the word. A rhema word will also give you the wisdom and counsel needed right when you need it.(Proverbs 15:23)
---Rickey on 7/14/06

There are two words in grk.
Logos-the written word
Rhema-the spoken word; revelation
A Logos word will not be alive or revealing to a person, but a Rhema word is a word in due season that is alive. For instance, everyone knows John 3:16 & can quote it(logos), but not everyone can hear what it's saying(Rhema). It says for God so loved the world that He "gave"... He applied His own principle of seedtime & harvest. He sowed the seed of His Son to bring MANY sons to glory.
---Rickey on 7/14/06

The Spirit of God will always agree with the Word.

Within the mind focused on the Spirit of God abides true intelligence that adheres to the word & principles of God with complete confidence & without compromise.

Within the carnel mind resides deceptive intelligence that rationalizes disobedience to that word & its principles based on sensual perceptions of the outwardly tangible.

The Spirit of God exhorts, uplifts & edifies, the carnal mind will usually judge, condemn & criticize.
---josef on 7/14/06

The Spirit, in my experience, works from a position of spontenaity. The mind will usually have to form a plan the Spirit will put the words in your maouth or the actions in your body without you having to think it through.
---Ryan on 7/13/06

God still speaks in a still small voice. If you get a message or revelation and it does not agree with the bible, it is of the devil.
---Rev_Herb on 7/13/06

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