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Who Is The Holy See

"In particular, the Holy See deplores right now the attack on Lebanon, a free and sovereign nation, and assures its closeness to these people who already have suffered so much." Who is this "Holy See" that is quoted in this article which is against Israel's defending herself.

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 ---mima on 7/15/06
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So what's wrong with Israel becoming a nation by force? Most nations I know became that by force. I live in Canada, and it was taken by force from the natives. I think the same happened in the US didn't it? So why pick on Israel that they shouldn't have a nation? Whoever wins the war sets the borders and installs government. That's the way it's always been. It is a Biblical prophecy for Israel to be a nation. God gave them that land, they won the war and now have the right to it.
---john on 11/10/07

Greyrider::"Unfortunately it MAY NOT come till Jesus returns."May be before or even after, this does create an element of Doubt which is a Human deficit .I know you mean well so I shall not, knit pick God bless.:-)
---Emcee on 11/9/07

Emcee - I guess I look at this the same way as the "surgery issue" that we see in the news every so often. If your child is dying, do you tell the doctor to go ahead with the surgery, or just pray for a miracle because you have faith? I say both. As for Israel, we should all be praying for peace in the Middle East, but we should endorse Israel defending itself until that day comes. Unfortunately, it may not come until Jesus returns.
---Greyrider on 11/9/07

Greyrider :It may seemimpossible but Prayer & Faith can move mountains.You must have genuine Faith.Nothing is impossible to God "Thy will be done on Earth"I believe this without a doubt.God sees what is taking Place, Remember sodom & Gomorroah & the Deluge.
---Emcee on 11/9/07

The Holy See's position is based on extreme over-optimism. Pope Benedict honestly believes that we can have peace in the Middle East. I think he is a very holy man of God, but I think he is dead wrong this time.
---Greyrider on 11/9/07

** "Holy See" is strictly a Catholic term INVENTED BY MAN.**

ALL words were invented by men. Didn't you know that? ALL words in ALL languages.
---Jack on 11/9/07

JohnT:I always thought he was the official optomitrist at the Vatican!

Ok, I had to laugh out loud at that one!
---Dima on 5/19/07

Mima, the comments you now make are nothing to do with your original question, the motive for which is now exposed.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/18/06

Alan, Mima is a prophet so whatever he writes is inspired.
---Caring on 5/10/07

Mike, the commandments in the Decalogue were not originally numbered the way that you know them now. And there are actually more than ten, but Jews have a thing for numbers. We also broke apart the two covets because wives should not be lumped in with furniture and other chattel. But Catholics have not removed any part of the Commandments and follow Christ's teachings on the matter.
---lorra8574 on 5/10/07

"Holy See" is strictly a Catholic term INVENTED BY MAN. It sounds ominous, but means nothing. It was meant to scare Catholics into thinking that if they go against it, they are going against God. It's a "BIG LIE". It means nothing. The Vatican is not holy at all. Intimidation is the key. The Vatican appears to be holy but things are not always what they seem. God does not have all those rules. Just believe on His son and abide in Him, and He will show you His love and see you through.
---Former_Catholic on 5/10/07

I always thought he was the official optomitrist at the Vatican!
---John_T on 5/9/07

Mima you are full of it. Being preserved from sin by Almighty God, does not make you a god or goddess. The prophets were similiarly sanctified before they they were born but none of them were "gods". Catholics believe that Jesus was True Man as well as True God, it is one of our most fundamental Dogmas.
---lorra8574 on 5/9/07

The Holy See is not against Isreal defending herself, but against Isreal stealing and murdering to expand her own land claims. The Holy See is on reasonably good terms with Isreal and has been supportive of the Jewish people in recent times, but there is a difference between defending your self from external attack and provoking an attack so that you can justify a brutal and violent retaliation.
---lorra8574 on 5/9/07

Isreal was made a nation again by force and is not well liked by her neighbours. There are many who would like to see Isreal wiped from the face of the earth. However, Isreal is relying upon the support given to her by the United States and if she is not more diplomatic with her neighbours, we face a nuclear war. Forget the Russia of the cold war era, just imagine an enemy that believes they will each gain 72 virgins in Heaven if they die in a nuclear holocaust against Isreal and the US.
---lorra8574 on 5/9/07

Mima "the RCC denies that Jesus came in the flesh"
Please explain this comment.
---a on 5/9/07

Mima ... You surely know that it is the Vatican?
Why do you ask?
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/9/07

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Mima, the comments you now make are nothing to do with your original question, the motive for which is now exposed.
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/18/06

Mike8384--Have you ever read the difference between LATREIA and DOULEIA: a distinction that Christ Himself makes?
---Jack on 7/18/06

Jack is quite right, the RCC does not call Mary a goddess, but they teach us to bow down and worship her, and pray to her. If she can't answer prayer, why bother?
Careful on the Decalog, jack, the RCC breaks commandment 2, probably in intent commandment 1, and is abit weak on most of the rest of them.
---mike8384 on 7/17/06

The RCC never said Mary was a goddess, and anyone who says so is "bearing false witness against his neighbor," a direct violation of the 10 commandments.
---Jack on 7/17/06

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How the RCC denies that Jesus came in the flesh-- RCC teaches Mary was sinless thereby taking her out of humanity(for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God) thereby making her a goddess. No goddess could you birth to a human fleshly person. This is subtlety at its greatest deception.
---mima on 7/17/06

Amen, Jack.

"The Word became flesh so that thus we might know God's love: In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him. For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, 457-458
---augusta on 7/16/06

The Holy See is the official name of Vatican City.

See the reference in the CIA World Factbook 2006 edition it is available online and for free download. It is a great tool for students as it has information every country in the world and is updated annually. The pdf maps at the end of the document are out standing
---notlaw99 on 7/16/06

Inasmuch as Antichrist denies that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, the Pope cannot be the Antichrist.

If you want to know the TRUTH about the role of Pius XII and the Vatican in WW2, read THE MYTH OF HITLER'S POPE by RABBI David Dalin.
---Jack on 7/16/06

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Mima ... did you genuinely not know what the Holy See is?
Or has Helen given the response you wanted?
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/16/06

The "holy see" is the Vatican and the Pope. Not surprising that it is against Israel, given that it is antichrist anyway and will play a big part in the Antichrist himself who will try to destroy Israel but will fail.
---Helen_5378 on 7/16/06

It's like "the White House said today", not a speaking building, but a spokesperson.
---mike8384 on 7/16/06

Holy See--the English rendering of the Latin "Sancta Sedes" It actaully means "holy seat" (compare German Heilige Stuel) and has nothing to do with eyesight.

"See city" is the city for which a diocese is named, or the city where the diocese is headquartered. E.g., the Episcopal Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast's see city is Mobile, AL.
---Jack on 7/15/06

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