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Verge Of A Bigger War Today

Moderator, it looks like that war I mentioned a while back is nearing. I remember you saying before August, am I correct? What is your opinion of this war today?

Moderator - Watch what is happening to money flows as the love of money is the root of all evil. Gold is at all time highs and the USA stock market is below its 2006 opening levels. I don't believe the USA can engage in another war currently and win, therefore world events to move us in that direction could have SERIOUS consequences. I am more concerned about Bush's reactions toward Iran than the side issues of Israel at war. Declaring a war with Iran could tip us into a world war.

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 ---Nellah on 7/15/06
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I agree with the Moderator's comments
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/30/07

Well...there is a chance...of World War III...

---Reiter on 11/20/06

I would like to believe that we will be raptured before the Tribulation, but I am just not sure (and my church teaches against it.) It is very frightening to imagine living through horrors we may be physically and spiritually unprepared for. I don't want to think of not having food or safe shelter for my children or any of us having to endure torture and death for our beliefs, but I know it could happen. I pray we are all strong enough!
---melissa on 7/18/06

I tend to agree with Jack on this one. I have always believed that Christians will be here for the Tribulation. My belief is because Jesus said: He who endures TO THE END. I believe Jesus meant "to the end of time." Also, when we are raptured, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, we go, He goes with us since He dwells in us. Just my humble opinion. My belief may very well be incorrect because more people are saying we will be raptured BEFORE the TRIBULATION.
---Donna9759 on 7/17/06

MikeM--Actually, it began with only ONE Israeli solder being kidnapped by Hamas to the south, not the 2 by Hezbollah.

What makes you so sure that Antichrist is even born yet? Or is even a male?
---Jack on 7/17/06

The Israel war began with two solders being kidnapped. WW1 started with one guy being shot. I believe,opinion only, it will be more a money issue than a war issue hastening the endtime. the Anti-Christ will be more a banker/politiican than a general. He will bring peace-at a price. Opinion; He is white, young, and alive in the desert. The animated charisma he posssess the world has never seen. When he rapidly arrives on the scene people will say, "What happened?" Read the last Chapter of Danial.
---MikeM on 7/16/06

Rachel, as far as the Bible is concern that is the ultimate battle. Between good and evil, and it is not only a physical war but a spiritual at that. With one result, Victory for Good, because Christ won already the war, all that is happening is that it is playing itself out as God wanted it to be.
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

Christ won't return to gather His followers until AFTER the Tribulation.

Those looking for a pre-trib rapture will be among the first to fall down and worship Antichrist.
---Jack on 7/16/06

Pray for the return of Christ, SOON. Jesus is coming and nothing is going to get better until He does. Keep the faith, don't be deceived, and look up for your salvation draweth near. Jesus is our salvation and He will keep His own.
---Debbie on 7/16/06

I believe that God is playing out His end time events that will bring about His long prophesied end to the way of life as we now know it. Christ is about to be crowned King and the days of the Gentiles will be over. There is a terrible time coming and whether we are here for none of it, or part of it, or all of it, it will happen. We need to be praying in agreement with God and His plan. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
---Debbie on 7/16/06

Don't you think the world crisis comes down to Chrisian vs. non-Christian? Is this not the ultimate battle we're fighting. It's not oil - it's their hatred for us and the Jew. God's people vs. those who God loves regardless of their hatred. We have so much, they have so little - there's jealousy for our vast blessings. I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem when I lay my head down at night.
---rachel on 7/16/06

I just wanted to add that I truly hope I am wrong.
---Shari on 7/15/06

2. is money and power. I have been waiting for something to happen soon and it seems that things are getting more out of control. Its all in the hands of Almighty God and all we can do is our part in prayers for our leaders and other leaders from other countries and wait to see what is in store for all of us.
---Lupe2618 on 7/15/06

I always agree with the moderators comments and this one even more. Everyone will be effect and the enemy is very much involve in the money issue, the threats of war, the bombs in North Korea, the bombings in India, and the issue with Iran. Israel can take care of themselves very well, but a conflict with Iran will really hurt everyone. The threats on the oil, are instruments use by the enemy to destablize the world since everyone needs it, and the means to use those instruments
---Lupe2618 on 7/15/06

I personally feel that we are on the verge of a world war we can't win. I hope not but our forces are spread too thin now. As far as terrorists; it's hard to fight a battle with an enemy that is hard to spot and will never give up. The US has full communities of Muslims that don't even speak english. They can plot right in front of Americans undetected. Nothing against Muslims but we should be cautious.
---Shari on 7/15/06

Russia and China are not for sanctions against Iran or North Korea ... what will happen if sanctions are put in place? Javier Solana has been to Iran for peace talks. That man again.
---Nellah on 7/15/06

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Why do I have the distinct feeling that a world war has already started?

Moderator - I agree that is potentially the problem.
---Jack on 7/15/06

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