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Must Couples Share Everything

Should married couples share everything or should they have privacy from each other? I'm thinking of things like reading each other's mail or diaries and expecting to be told every detail of what was said in a phone call etc.

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 ---Mac on 7/15/06
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Even though you are married, you do not own each other. Everyone, even those married, are entitled to their own privacy. Otherwise it becomes a controlling thing with no freedom.
---Helen_5378 on 2/3/08

We all need privacy, as long as we're not doing something we shouldn't be doing! I need some quiet time during the day even if its just a few minutes. My alone prayer time is important, as is our prayer time together. Read each's mail without permission--NO. Details of phone calls, unless its pertinant, NO.
---NV_Barbara on 4/12/07

I get the impression from the original question that this is not about whether or not we should reveal our whole past to a spouse. Mac is asking about simple, personal things, exactly as outlined in the question. I don't think he means deep, dark secrets from the past. In marriage I think we should share those things that should be shared and worked on together, but things like diaries and letters should remain personal unless we wish to share.
---emg on 7/19/06

Before marrying my husband, I told him there were some things about my past that I'd not share with him. Husband is a very tender, gentle man and I know it would hurt him deeply to hear of some abuse I suffered before meeting him. He was, and still is, in agreement with that decision.
---Annie on 7/18/06

When we made our vows before GOD we become one flesh. But to some aspect we should have some privacy. There are things that are not suppose to be shared especially when it will not benefit you both or either mate. As the saying goes "Things that you don't know won't hurt you" most especially if these things have been entrusted unto the Lord, coz we can not hide anything from HIM. on 7/18/06

Every person needs their "space", meaning privacy. It doesn't bother me if my husband reads my mail or checks my e-mail, or if I had a diary, I have no secrets from him, But my space is my space, when I need to get away for an hour away from the kids (God love their hearts), I need time for me, I go shopping, and take my time. Everyone needs their space, if the husband and wife were around eachother 24/7, they would get on eachother's nerves. So space is a good thing if trust is in the marriage.
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/06

Iwould not read a spouses mail or diary or journal unless it were offered to me. I would offer a page of my journal if it were imortant to me to share but would be offended if my spouse read it uninvited. Thereare also times I pray and worship alone and so should he. I have nothing to hide I just "have a life "
---becky on 7/17/06

My husband likes privacy---MY privacy! He's bored to tears if I start telling him what my sisters, or best friends and I chatted about on the phone! A "tell Steve hello and we love him" is about all I tell him of my chats, otherwise its on a 'need to know' basis.
---NV_Barbara on 7/16/06

Jack, did you actually read my question or are you answering the title above it? My question makes it quite clear that I am asking about personal kinds of things and obviously I am not referring to professional confidences. I personally feel that everyone should have some 'me' time alone, if necessary, and I don't mean just in the bathroom.
---Mac on 7/16/06

Doesnt the Bible say when you get married you become one flesh?Now can one flesh be heard talking about "individual" the right to privacy?
---pkay on 7/16/06

Imagine that one (or both) of a couple are professionals such as lawyers, doctors, clergymen, or the like, and in the course of their vocations hear professional confidences.

Do you still think that couples should share EVERYTHING, or be expected to?
---Jack on 7/16/06

Privacy is a need for everyone. With it comes respect and trust, necessary components of any marriage. A marriage without mutual respect or trust is not a good thing.
---Madison1101 on 7/15/06

Since it is physically impossible to share everything, we are talking of a matter of trust. Though we have nothing to hide, we share what we can and desire to share with the other. If there is a demand that the other share, or that I have my "privacy," a problem is being revealed. It is just like love. We should love all, yet when love is demanded, then it makes it impossible for love to truly be revealed and known--it will completely be misunderstood and crucified.
---Wayne87 on 7/15/06

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