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Kids Praying Funny Prayers

I have heard my children come up with some funny stuff while praying. Just wondering if anyone else has some funny kid prayer stories?

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 ---keith on 7/15/06
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While we were praying the Lord's Prayer, my 5 year old son said "My Kingdom Come". I just looked at him thinking "Oh, really?"
---Greyrider on 12/14/07

My brother, when he was about 9 years old, had to take a test in catacism and one question was, why did Jesus asend to heaven on the third day? His answer: to be with his Dad. !
---sue on 12/1/07

My yougest daughter when she was around 4 or 5 was walking through the house singing "He punched me to victory beneath the cleansing flood."

A friend of mines son prayed so quietly at the dining room table that we couldn't hear what he was saying. When his sister complained to him about it he said, "I wasn't praying to you."
---trey on 11/30/07

Thanksgiving dinner, my now six-year old grandson was asked to ask the blessing. And as he began to pray he said many usual things and then he said, God thank you for letting the Mayflower land on this wonderful country. Soon the prayer was over but the joy in my heart will last for ever!!!
---Mima on 11/30/07

When I gaven birth to my youngest, a boy, my daughter, age 6, whined, "But, I prayed for a girl." Her brother, age 4, replied, "I prayed harder."
---Madison1101 on 11/30/07

We pray as a family so that our young children will know how to pray and sometimes it is hillarious. My two year old gets very excited when we start to pray together and she joins in at the top of her lungs but only the words that she remembers when she remembers them. It is so hard not to giggle. But I also told my other children that there is no purer prayer heard in Heaven that the prayer of this little one.
---lorra8574 on 3/28/07

"Our father who are in heaven, Harold be thy name"
---NV_Barbara on 3/23/07

From what I've read here, and it was only the top 5 or so posts, but it was enough to suggest that prayer is widely misunderstood. Why do we hear children pray? Wasn't it Jesus who said we are to enter our secret place when we pray to the Father? Why are people leading poor examples of prayer life? Prayer is used to seek peace with God in your soul, not to ask him for what will make you comfortable.
---Ryan on 8/10/06

When my grandson was asked to ask the blessing at the dinner table he replied, what difference does it make whether we pray before we eat or after we eat? He was four years old at the time and had already been praying at meals for over a year. This question put me in a bind, I did not know how to answer.
---mima on 8/10/06

Aren't children wonderful? 14 years ago I was pregnant with #7. The due date was a week or two after my oldest daughters birthday. One day my oldest asked, mommy, can you have that baby on my birthday and can it be a girl? I told her only God could control that. She started praying, and on her birthday, a sunday, we went to church, a friend arranged a party for my daughter,after which I went to the hospital and gave birth to a bay girl!!!10:23pm. God is GOOD!
---christina on 7/25/06

This isn't a "prayer" story, but is somewhat relevant....
When one of my boys was around 5 years old, he was in the kitchen trying, unsuccessfully, to kill a bug with a broom. Apparantly, the best he could do was stun the bug; because after some time, he remarked "That bug thinks he's Jesus!... 'cause I keep killing him and he keeps comming back alive!"
---Tbabe on 7/25/06

My 7 year old asked me to pray for him so he wouldn't have nightmares. I did and I prayed that God would send his angels to be near him and to give him good dreams. I pray loud enough for my son to hear me. Well the next night right before bedtime, I heard my son praying and he said, "God I had a nightmare lastnight, I don't want to have another one tonight, so I have to go to bed now, ask your mommy to stay up and make sure I don't have anymore nightmares".
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/06

I can't remember the specifics but there were the prayers for pets and even dollies to get well prayers that the birdies have enough to eat in the winter even tho they were feding them two or three times a day lol
I love the unabashhed faith in kids prayers
my son once prayed wisely I think" give mom the money for my new bat" not give me a new bat I found that interesting
---becky on 7/17/06

Teaching Jrs. one time I asked the question, "Why did Jesus resurrect?"
One 7 year old hand shot right up with enthusiasm. I called on others first. None knew the correct answer.
I finally called on the little girl, half out of her seat with her hand still waving in the air.
I said tell us, "Why did Jesus resurrect?" She replied with all her enthusiasm of before, "Jesus resurrected to give us a holiday."
(Many today still believe that.)
---Elder on 7/16/06

"Give us this day our daily bread, and forget not our emails"
---pkay on 7/16/06

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