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What Is Hell Really Like

Where in the bible does it discuss what hell is like. I am starting to believe hell is not what I thought it was, but don't know where to find out.

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 ---chris on 7/15/06
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Blessings to all,Hell is a place of unquenchable fire(Matt. 13:41-42)
Hell is a place of memory and remorse(Luke 16:19-31)
Hell is a place of misery and pain(Rev. 14:10-11)
Hell is a place of frustration and anger(Matt. 24:51)
Hell is a place originally prepared for satan and his hosts(Matt. 25:41)
Hell is a place created for all eternity(Dan. 12:2, Matt.25:46). I pray that helps you to understand what hell is going to be like. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 12/2/07

Have you ever encountered a demon possessed person?
Hell will be full of the demon possessed.
If you've ever tried to live or work or converse with just one demon possessed person, you know how wretched they make you feel. Imagine being surrounded with them, night and day, forever.
That's reason enough to follow Jesus Christ and stay out of hell.
Demon possessed people destroy families, the workplace, and everything they touch.
---Chad on 11/30/07

Demon possessed people make you sick to your stomach. Especially if they enjoy their demons, there's not one thing you can do about it except fast and pray.
But if they're hell bent on going to hell, there's little that can be done for the demon possessed.
---Chad on 11/30/07

Hell. People will live forever either in Heaven or hell. Hell is described throughout the Bible as a place where the people have their feel and know that they are experiencing: weeping, gnashing of teeth, darkness, flames, torment, lake of fire, burning, wailing and eternal or everlasting punishment. Worms die not in hell.

Going to Hell is a CHOICE as much as Heaven is.
---Amy9384 on 11/30/07

2. You don't convince anyone to come to Christ, he comes to Christ through God's word. It doesn't depend on you, but on God. God's word convicts a heart, convicts means, understanding you have sinned against Him and want to change. Tell them the Truth, do not try to sweet talk them. (the lost).
---lee_1 on 7/24/06

God makes believers of the lost. He is a God of Mercy and a God of justice. because He saves you and you don't save yourself. He doesn't have to give you hell, he put it there for all that don't come to believe. The unbeliever loves what he does against God and whether they believe in a hell or not, it is their final destination. If you don't believe it then don't even worry about it. The God we worship is a God of love, but also a God of Justice, and His wrath will come on those that are against Him.
---lee_1 on 7/24/06

Thanks Becky. I do understand more clearly what you are saying. I agree with you hell fire & damnation never make sincere believes because the fearful go to hell (there is no love in this kind of fear, but perfect love caseth out all fear), but it is the goodness of the Lord that leadeth to repentance

Remember, this blog is asking about hell. I responded because the Bible does have the truth on hell & there are so many lies & misunderstandings flying. I hope to dispell the myths & give hope
---Geoff on 7/23/06

Geoff you misunderstood me. What I meant by what I said was.......I do believe in Heaven and Hell but neither is the focus of my relationship with Christ. HE is my focus and living a live in and through Him in hte joy and peace and power of the Holy Ghost in such a mannerthat others see Him and are drawn to Him and relationship. rather than speak hellfire and damnation or even speak pealry gates and golden streets. I focus on lifein Him here and now lived to draw others.
---becky on 7/22/06

Only God and that which is His are infinite. That would make Hell finite. The Fire that burned people up is God. Hell is that pit in which all things not of God are totally (all gone)destroyed. See the parable of wheat & tares as a to-the-point example. God seeks out His seed and God-seed will seek God. All else is tares...
---mikefl on 7/20/06

John T; Just suppose it was a true event ,what's the lesson here?If you're successful financially,and you don't feed the poor,more than a few scraps,you're destined for the fire? If your goal is heaven ,you have to sit in your neighbor's driveway and beg for food? No other information is given about these two! OTOH Understanding the meaning of the parable is most educational!
---1st_cliff on 7/18/06

Becky, JWs believe only 144,000 will go to heaven; the rest will remain on earth, but remember:

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in Me

In My Father's house are many mansions {actually ROOMS}: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you

And if I go & prepare a place for you, I will come again, & receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also-John 14:1-3

Heaven'll be wonderful, earth too
Want 2 go?
---Geoff on 7/17/06

If the parable of the rich man and Lazarus is true we have a number of conundrums.

1-If all the saved go to Abraham's bosom, how big is Abraham? Or do they take turns? Is this figurative? If not then explain the previous Qs, if so, why isn't the whole parable figurative.
---Geoff on 7/17/06

2-Is heaven and hell so close together (as Geraa suggested) that dialog and visibility between the two is so ready? If so, how could anyone in heaven be happy with such gruesome scenes of loved ones?

3-Why did Jesus tell this story in the first place? Hint: Luke 16:29-31

I would like to share why I believe Jesus shared this parable or short story which teaches a lesson.
---Geoff on 7/17/06


You nailed the reason why it is a true story; it is using a personal name, not a farmer...

Then you go to absurd lengths to disprove it, and fail. That is because it takes place in another realm, a spiritual one that happens after death.

Because none experienced it, and retold it does not make it false.

Your position elevates yourself above Jesus makes him a liar.
---John_T on 7/17/06

If a person will notice that when Christ spoke in the bible, he spoke in parables so the rich man and Lazarus is a parable. Hell is a place of disembodied spirits. I agree with Geraa, and Christ did visit there but was not left there. The bible does speak on soul sleep, and it is real. To say that the Christians that have died are in heaven is not true, for they too are in a holding place (soul sleep) until Jesus comes back for they will be the first ones to go, then the ones remaining next.
---Rebecca_D on 7/17/06

John T; Because it's constructed different from "other" parables (using a personal name)is that reason enough to "assume" that it's a true event? If it was a true event one would have to be alive when they are dead!Does that make sense to you? How close do you need to be to carry on a conversation ?100feet? Heaven and hell this close? "The rich man was buried",what 6ft. is that the depth of hell? No John, it's a parable!
---1st_cliff on 7/17/06

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Sorry, but you missed the adjective, "TRUE"


The construction is so different from a parable, and it is related as a history, not a tale as you allege. Nor did I say that
---John_T on 7/17/06

Not a place I want to know much about.......our focus would be best kept on what is heaven like and bettrer yet what is Jesus Christ like and what does He desire of me. I have never been afraid of hell nor longed too much for heaven.....I long to livein His presence here
---bvecky on 7/17/06

John T; The rich man and Lazerus is just as you say "a story"(parable) That the dead know nothing is scripture Eccl.9.5. No confusion here!
---1st_cliff on 7/17/06

Note how 1st cliff and other cults (SDA etc) take as literal the dead know nothing in an attempt to make an unbiblical doctrine. Yet they avoid the literal interpretation of other statements such as the denial of the resurrection in 9:6, the denial of a reward for the righteous in 9:5, the denial that it matters how one lives one's life in 9:2-3, and the denial that man is spiritually superior to the beasts in 3:19.

They ignores the context when it suits their purpose.
---Ramon on 7/17/06

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1st cliff.#2.The author's intention was to express his personal reflection on how life appears from an earthly perspective "under the sun". Occurs 29(even in the verse you gave) times in the book. This important phrase means as things appear from an earthly perspective.The "dead" to man know nothing.They are lifeless body.

You told Amy "A little more study Amy." My friend you need a little more study on certain books. You listen more to the cults than the bible.
---Ramon on 7/17/06

1st cliff.Ecclesiastes was written from a human perspective.The theme of the book of Ecclesiastes is the way things appear "under the sun.How can you take the whole book out-of-context to prove your point?

Do a "deep" study of some books Cliff!.
The theme of the book of Ecclesiastes is the way things appear "under the sun," i.e. to man.Yes,to man, the dead do not know anything.They appear like they know nothing.
---Ramon on 7/17/06

Most scholars equate "Hell/gehenna" with "Lake of Fire."

Some, such as SDA, who believe in soul sleep (properly soul extinction) believe that God resurrects and reconstitutes the dead just to burn them up. Sounds rather sadistic, don't you think?

But peole create gods in their own image and likeness too often.
---Jack on 7/16/06

Ask Jesus. He knows.
---Linda6563 on 7/16/06

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I do not have the reference in front of me, I will add it later, but Hell is actually like a holding area before you go to the judgement seat. The Lake of Fire on the on the other hand is the final place people go after the final judgement of God. Hell and Paradise are close to each other. Look at Luke 16:19-26.
---geraa7578 on 7/16/06


Sorry, but that is not the way Jesus tells the true story of the rich man and beggar Lazarus
---John_T on 7/16/06

Amy as Cliff said we all need "a little more study" just don't study the same things Cliff did. It will cause you to be a misguided skeptic just like him.
---Elder on 7/16/06

(3) If you are looking for passages that talk about hell so that you can understand what the Bible has to say on it, you can find out by looking in your concordance under the heading of Hell. You might not believe it but it is there and it is true.
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

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Chris; Major problem is that most don't differentiate hades,tarterus and gehenna,3 Greek words all translated "hell" in English. They' are in fact 3 different meanings "because you will not abandon me to the grave(hades GR)Psl.16.10same scripture sheol Hebrew. 2Pet.2.4.(tarterus sinful angels) Mat23.15 (gehenna for the wicked) All translated "hell" in English!
---1st_cliff on 7/16/06

(2) for those that have sinned against God and were going to hell, and His mercy on you took you out of the list that were condemned and has made you righteous. So it would not pertain to you since you don't think there is a hell anyway, and don't need the atonement.
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

You don't want to find hell as you ask ("but don't know where to find out") in your question. You want to find heaven. If you are seeking heaven you will find it. If you are not seeking at all, you are already going to hell, so don't do anything. It will take the work of the Holy Spirit to guide you in the right direction. Otherwise you will not have to even worry if there is a hell or not. If you started to believe there isn't a hell, you are already on track to go there. Jesus atonement is
---lee_1 on 7/16/06

Amy; That's quite a statement "immortal worms?" "darkness in a fire?" The gift of God is eternal life! You say it's automatic? "people have their senses?" Eccl. 9.5 For the living know that they will die but THE DEAD KNOW NOTHING! A little more study Amy.
---1st_cliff on 7/16/06

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I once heard hell described as a place of complete total darkness and complete total aloneness with never ever for the whole of eternity seeing anyone else or even hearing another sound except for your own howling and weeping that you did not listen to the truth. That is the outer darkness, where no light of any sort will ever shine, just total blackness and totally alone -- forever.
---Helen_5378 on 7/16/06

Why do you want to know? As St. John Chrystosom said, let's not try to find out about hell, or where it lies hidden, but how to avoid it.
---Jack on 7/16/06

Hi Amy, in this blog, Chris asks "Where in the Bible does it discuss what hell is like." You said, "People will live forever either in Heaven or hell." I'm having trouble finding where it says people will live forever in hell.

For the wages of sin is death [not eternal life in hell]; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23
---Geoff on 7/15/06

Amen Amy, NOT a place I plan to see firsthand!
---NV_Barbara on 7/15/06

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Hell is simply separation from God, not going to Heaven. Spiritual essences going into the lake of fire are simply destroyed and will never exist there after.

Most of what you have learned in the past about Hell as a concept is based on pagan sources material. Don't listen to Idiots!!!
---Phil_the_Elder on 7/15/06

Isaiah 66:24, Mark 9:46, Luke 16:22-28, Matthew 3:12,13:42, 25:41-46,12:40,
Revelation 14:10
Numbers 16:32-33
Hebrews 6:2
Jude 1:7-13
Mark 9:43-48
2Peter 2:17
There are more places that discuss parts of hell. check out the webside "The Truth About Hell".
---Amy9384 on 7/15/06

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