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Marry For Love Or God's Will

As a Christian should I marry for love or the will of God?

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 ---Jessica on 7/17/06
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God's will stands SURE. Your admiration or likeness or fancy or "love" of a person can change tomorrow with new exposures of his hidden sides. If God has revealed your man to you, be sure that your admiration of him will continue to grow with time, prayerfully accept him by faith without looking back.
---Adetunji on 3/9/10

Well, what do you think!!!>>>BOTH.
---catherine on 3/8/10

For the will of God, I have little to say, for you have to work that out. But for Love, do not expect that 'love' will mean you are always happy with your spouse, all spouses will have lots of problems, you may find in the end that the two of you are not well matched (I have found that with my wife, but we manage to sort things out). Do not assume the nd they lived happily ever after' theory of marriage - I do not think it ever works. Also, Jesus loved all His descipes, but He still said the (quite horrible) comment of get behind me Satan to one of them. Love does not mean either doing what the other person wants, nor what you want him/her to have, but what is right for the other person to have.
---Peter3594 on 3/8/10

I suspect if God has chosen a certain Man for you and you do not believe in your Heart this Man God chose for you can make you Happy, I suspect it is not God who is wrong or has a problem, but it is Jessy who lacks Faith in his Plan for her. There is a good reason he chose this Man for you. Have Faith and see what happens. I believe, as God does, if you will have Faith in his Plan as you claim to have Faith in God, then you will see that this Man needs you for some reason and all your Dreams, Prayers and Wishes will come true 10 times over as is God's Plan. Have Faith and Believe, Jessy. I do, because I'm the other half he chose for...
---Boyd on 3/8/10

If you accept God is omniscient, in spite of the Fall of Man or any # of other examples of Human frailty and disappointment, then you should at least give it a chance, Jess. You obviously don't Love the One God chose for you for a # of reasons I can readily imagine as a Man. Look inside your Heart and pray to God and all those others you Love, Know, and Trust who are with him now. Do you still doubt he is The One, Your One?If He went to all the trouble to Plan Your Match before you were both even born, then he must have a good reason, and I cannot accept he would make you Live the rest of your Life, Jessy, without The One you've been searching for, without True Love. Have Faith, be Strong, and let God and the Good guide you.They chose right.
---Boyd on 2/16/10

I don't think people have to love God in order to love unselfishlessly, there are plenty of examples of non-Christians who can also love their spouses unselfishlessly.
---David_Lee on 1/31/08

How will you know whether it is God's Will?
I reckon that if it really is God's will, he will ensure that you "love" that person.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/22/07

Jessica, Jessica.....God's will includes love. If you are talking about love outside of a Christian family, then it sounds like you may have looked in the wrong direction. God wants you to be fulfilled and if HE wants you to go in a direction outside of what is in your heart, HE will change your heart to be in alignment w/ HIS will.
---irhnow on 4/25/07

Depends on whether you want it to last or not. If it is God's will, then he can have a hand on it, and make it last.
---wes on 4/18/07

God made marriage for man not for Himself. Marry for love. His will comes in to help you provide the right partner; it's your choice, you'll regret not following His will. What do you call love? Lust, fondness, romance or Christlike love. Marriage should be mutual, you should have true love for your partner and he/she should have true love for you. True love can't mutually exist between light and darkness. Sin is selfishness; if your spouse is selfish toward God, who says he/she will unselfishly love you?
---Okebaram on 10/15/06

I believe it is the will of God for each of us to use good judgment in finding a spouse. The only "rule" that a Christian has in this matter is that the future spouse be a fellow believer. If the other person is a Christian, the only question that needs to be asked is "do I WANT to marry this person?"
---Kay on 10/15/06

**She was in the will of God and found LOVE too.**

Actually, there's no evidence in Ruth that she loved Boaz. All decent women of a certain age were married in those days.

And those words "Whither thou goest, I will go..." were said by one woman to another woman and the context was rejecting finding a husband.

If you don't believe these things, read the book for yourself.
---Jack on 8/12/06

In other words, Harrison, you are saying that the only reason to marry a particular person IS in obedience to God.

This is precisely right.
---Jack on 7/18/06

Read the Old Testament Book of Ruth. She was in the will of God and found LOVE too. You can have both! This is possible through obedience. God will not cause you to marry someone that you do not love. God expects and wants us to be in love.
---Crstal on 7/18/06

In scripture, marriages were arranged. The "love" was built after the union was made. Obviously, we should "agape" our future partner, but "eros" is as fleeting as outer beauty. Emotions are fickle things - hence the high divorce rate even amoungst christians.
---daphn8897 on 7/18/06

It should be both.
---const8573 on 7/18/06

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Please ask God to guide you. I find the question is not correct. You need God to guide you and that should lead you to love the person. Do not start with love. Start with the question what God wants me to do in this situation. God bless. Harrison
---Harrison on 7/18/06

I believe we should be in the will of God when we seek to marry, and be in love with out intended.
Being in the will of God will help keep the love alive:)
---lynet on 7/17/06

Is there a difference?
---Bruce5656 on 7/17/06

Why not both?
---sue on 7/17/06

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Do you honestly believe that God would have you marry someone you don't love?
---NurseRobert on 7/17/06

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