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Should We Test Human Embryos

Should we do testing on human embryos for diseases such as aids, cancer or anything else.

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 ---lilly on 7/18/06
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Most definitely. The more information a women has about her fetus the better the decesion she can make.
---notlaw99 on 6/22/08

Lilly, to your question the answer is absolutely NO. All humans from conception to death belong to God. All who use them for this kind of research will answer to God for it. Unbelievers, regardless of their professed faith or lack of it, will continue to do this abomination, but fortunately there will be others who will succeed in a more ethical way.

It does not matter if the embryos were aborted by others and destined for the trash. Those who did that will be judged as well.
---lorra8574 on 9/8/07

Should we kill to eat? Same difference. Some things are necessary in life. May not seem to be godly or Christ-like but necessary. Survival and health are priorities.
Same for death and dying, Necessary and right for this process to take place. If no one died, we would become over-populated with possibly not enough food, water, oxygen. Something has to give to make room for something else.
---Robyn on 9/7/07

Regardless of what you answer the fact remains, we(mankind) are going to use human embryos in medical research.
---mima on 9/7/07

There is nothing wrong with the term "embryo". It is merely legitmate name for a stage of human developoment from zygote to blastocel to embryo to fetus to infant to child to teenager to adult.

They are phases we all go through.
---Jack on 7/20/06

well according to P. Bush no one is going to experiment on these embroyos, and I am behind him 100%. It is sick, wrong, and it isn't a emyroyo, it is a baby. As soon as the sperm unites with the egg, it is a baby.
---Rebecca_D on 7/19/06

The real problem is having IVF and "surplus embryos" to start with.
---Jack on 7/18/06

is an embryo not the same outside of the womb as inside? so if killing these embryos is okay, then abortion is okay. I strongly disagree with both and view this a murder of human babies.
---mary on 7/18/06

I was once an embro. Thank God no-one experimented on me.
---M.P. on 7/18/06

Never! It is like canibalizing a living creature to supply the needs of another. Lower animal forms may do that but not humans. Besides. Killing an embryo is killing a person, that is murder. Strictly forbidden by God's Word, the Bible.
---Darlene_1 on 7/18/06

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