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What Is Religious Tolerance

What is religious tolerance? Should we have it or not?

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 ---Stef on 7/18/06
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IamI on what evidence do you base your assertion that Christianity is based upon myth?
---Warwick on 4/26/08

Christian religious tolerance is the courage and blessing to believe what one wishes to believe about God, without abuse, and to allow all other individuals and groups the same right.

Should we have religious tolerance? ABSOLUTELY, or we too are despots and dictators.

Freely, freely, ye have received,
freely, freely give,
Go in my name, and because you believe, others will know that I live.

To this eternal truth is giv'n
That God will force NO MAN to heaven.
---Robert on 4/25/08


The answer is emphatically NO. The scripture must be CRITICALLY analyzed to find its meaning. What do the words *believeth*, *life*, *son* and *God* mean? Also, what do the expressions *everlasting life*, *the wrath of God* and *the Lord Jesus Christ* mean? No one can tell orthodox Jews, Moslems, Buddhist and Hindus that they are condemned by God based on this verse unless he or she can FULLY explain the above.
---I_AM_I on 7/29/07


The Christian doctrine owes it very existence to many ancient myths or traditions. The concepts these words convey were taken from some of those traditions. Some of those traditions persecuted the early Christians and its foreign God (in their view). When Christians were being persecuted, was that religious intolerance then? YES! Being the latest MYTH that was seeking to supplant other myths, Christians learnt quickly
---I_AM_I on 7/29/07


that myths or stories are a powerful tool to CONTROL people! Religious intolerance is when religious zealots, who do not understand the mythical origin of their religion and ALL religions, seek to control others by regurgitating their own INDOCTRINATION! The best way to know if we are indoctrinated is to hold up our beliefs and knowledge for QUESTIONING! People who TRULY KNOW God are tolerant of others* religion!
---I_AM_I on 7/29/07


I am unaware of any tradition where religion and state (government) were not intertwined. Despite the U.S. Constitution guarantee of freedom of religion, the U.S. is a religious (Christian) country. Governments throughout history knew the power religion has over people. Even in ancient Egypt, the parent to Judeo-Christian-Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, religion was used to control the masses. There will never be a separation
---I_AM_I on 7/29/07


of church and state! Never! The profiteers would lose too much $$$. Even a pope acknowledged this, IF the quote from him is true and not an invention to disparage religion. The church at on point was selling certificates ($$) that would get people out of so-called purgatory and/or hell. I am sure you can think of others like these.
---I_AM_I on 7/29/07

What would be gained from not having it? We cannot force anyone to believe like we believe. I stick to my beliefs and am tolerant of others beliefs. I know who and what I am in Christ and that settles it for me......Peace and love to all.
---Robyn on 7/27/07

What would be gained from not having it? We cannot force anyone to believe like we believe. I stick to my beliefs and am tolerant of others beliefs. I know who and what I am in Christ and that settles it for me......Peace and love to all.
---Robyn on 7/27/07

To inderstand tolerance one must go to history. Whenever Christians tried to control contries based on the Bible, Oliver Cromwell, Puratins, etc,. it was a disaster, unless you prefere living in a dictatership.

Only through a seperation of religious, secular powers can freedom flourish-as in seperation of Church state. Those who took away FREEDOM always wazed Bibles and said it was to protect them from sinfulness and immorality. Balony.
---MikeM on 7/27/07

# 1-Concerning religious tolerance considered this verse," He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him." This verse condems Orthodox Jews, Moslems, Buddhist, Hindus and all beliefs that do not encompass believing on the Lord Jesus Christ . Yes or no? If the answer is yes is it not our responsibility to tell them this, that they are condemed by Almighty God.
---Mima on 7/27/07

In order understant religious tolerance we most go to Gods WORD and see if there are any principles layed out for us to draw a understand from. The quetion of tolerance is answered in the book of Revalation when Christ passes Judgment on the Churches. To tolerate something is to permit it.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

For Example some Christians tolerate Lite Witchcraft and some Christains tolerate homosexaulity. Is this Okay?
---Marcia on 7/27/07

Some Christian combine all religion into one basket and tolerate every wind of doctrine enfroce by man is this okay..?
---Marcia on 7/27/07

Here is what Christ says to the Church about tolerance towards those things that are not of God but of Satan, the World and the flesh.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

Rev 2:2) "I know your deeds and your toil and perseverance, and that you CANNOT TOLERATE evil men, and you put to the test those who call themselves apostles, and they are not, and you found them [to be] false. This is one of thing Christ spoke highly of about the Church of Ephesus.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

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Rev 2:20 But I have this against you, that you TOLERATE THE WOMAN JEZABAL, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-servants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols. Christ was Judging the Church of Thyatira when he spoke these WORDS. It was a sharp rebuke to the Church for tolerating the Doctrine of Jezabel.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

In Rev 2:24 Christ says to the Church of Thyatira, "But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as HAVE NOT THIS DOTRINE, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak, I will put upon you none other burden". 25 "But that which ye have already HOLD FAST till I come".
---Marcia on 7/27/07

Then and Now the Church or the body of Christ is not to tolerate false doctrine or doctrines of demons.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

Why? Because these doctrines separate the body from the head causing the Church to become dark and un-affective. These doctrines cause the Church to become Apostate.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

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(Examples: Doctrine of Jezabel= immorality: Spiritual idololitry, Homosexauality, Seduceing Spirit or immodesty,

Doctrine of Nicolaitans= Perversion of the Gospel, WORDLY or CARNALITY IDOLITRY.

Doctrine of Balaam= Selling salvation or gifts of the Spirit, making profit off of Spiritual gifts and let me just clarify not all spiritual gifts are of the Holy Spirit. Thats why the body of Christ is to test the Spirits.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

Religious tolerance is much more then what our Laodicean Church Age defines it as today. We must look to the WORD of God in order to find out what we as a body should and should not tolerate. As God has said my people die for lack of Knowledge. We don't know everything but we Know who does. Let us go to him daily and be fed and nourished up in the faith.
---Marcia on 7/27/07

Knowledge without action is only more information. It's useless until it moves from your head into action.
We may have endless streams from the information highway, but until you're willing to jump in and get your feet wet, you're an observer.
---Alpine_Meadows on 7/26/07


Since you mentioned your mom*s lesson, I sure hope you know more than she did! You live in the information age, she did not. It is real easy to EXPOSE nonsense today because people have more access to information. All this information is useless if people will not be CRITICAL in their evaluation of it. Religious tolerance is questioning our own indoctrination! Criticism starts within each of us!
---I_AM_I on 7/26/07

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60 years ago(I was a 10-year-old child) I rread about the word toleration as concerned religion. I asked my mother, mom are you tolerant? Yes she said I am. O.K. The Buddhist have just build a temple in California I said are you tolerant of that? NO!!! she said, absolutely not!!! I have fond memories of my mother.
---Mima on 7/26/07

MM, I do think you're losing it.
Same old quotes and dogma, it's like a scratch on a record, over and over and over. Do people leave the room when you walk in?
Have the Mormons quit stopping by your house?
Do the neighbors run for cover when you step outside?
---Loma_Linda on 7/26/07

MM, you live in the land of the La La's.
La La Brotherhood.
---Loma_Linda on 7/26/07


Religious tolerance is the recognition that there is more than one way of looking at REALITY. No two people have the same concept of God when we get in to the particulars. Why? Because each of us interpret REALITY through our mind (heart, etc). We live IN and through our mind! I can be tolerant of your interpretation of REALITY, while vigorously questioning that interpretation. Each person has a right to
---I_AM_I on 7/26/07

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This is untrue, I am tolerant. I believe in pluralism. Elder says, He wants those who carry truth (meaning those who hold his idiosyncratic beliefs) to tolerate untruth (untruth, meaning those who believe OTHER THAN WHAT HE DOES). I post an idea, belief, if unchallenged, It stands. If ones faith cannot stand the test of free inquiry, its finished. I am being told, truth is what I, Elder have, lies are what everyone else has That is religious narcissism at its worst. "AD HOMINUM" attacks, indeed.
---MikeM on 7/25/07

The very thing that MikeM demands that Bible believers do, that is to be tolerant, he doesn't do.
He wants those who carry truth to tolerate untruth but expects us to allow others to ramble on unchallenged.
I should be tolerant of his lies but he rejects my truth. "AD HOMINUM" or censorship?
You figure it out...........
---Elder on 7/25/07

2. In an AD HOMINUM attack,
Person A makes claim X.
Person B makes an attack on person A.
Therefore A's claim is false.

The reason why an Ad Hominem is a fallacy is that the character, circumstances, or actions of a person do not have a bearing on the truth or falsity of the claim being made. Its use is in desperation by those lacking the ability to offer a reasoned response.
---MikeM on 7/25/07

1. Loma Linda, for edification, AD HOMINEM is A fallacy in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant infromation about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument, an attack against the character of the person making the claim- this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making. It is a fallasy used when one cannot present a reasoned rebuttel.
---MikeM on 7/25/07

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RT is allowing the highly emotional bio-chemically endorphine charged MikeM. to rant and rave about his god, Thomas Jefferson.
RT is allowing pagans, "green witches", morons, mormon wantabees, prophet wantabees, escapees from mental institutions, to blather and carry on like mad 'cavemen'. RT is allowing all views because if CN did not, it would be reduced to a homepage. CN is RT, with moderation for language content.
---Loma_Linda on 7/25/07

My question/point from 7/23 stands.
---MikeM on 7/24/07

Beware of the Orwellian language shift with the word "tolerance". Once this meant "bearing or putting up with someone or something not especially liked". However, now the word has been redefined to "all values, all beliefs, all lifestyles, all truth claims are equal". In practice, the Orwellianism continues, so that some beliefs are more equal than others. So Christianity with its exclusive truth claims is not tolerated at all!
---Ktisophilos on 7/23/07

Tolerance is for those with no convictions. What does scripture say? How much tolerance did Joshua offer to those pagans in Israel? Can we second guess scripture? So-called freedom of religion is an excuse, a license for sin to reign. The real root of the problem is so-called separation of church and state, which appears no where in the constitution. I ask, by what other standard? Are we to live our likes by mans law or Gods?
---John on 7/23/07

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Those of you who are 'intolerant' of others religions/beliefs, CAN YOU OFFER ONE STRAIGHT ANSWER? What would you do about those who would refuse to change their religions/beliefs to suit your particular beliefs?
---MikeM on 7/23/07

A tool devised by satan to make people believe everyone will go to heaven, regardless of their faith and beliefs. We should be tolerant of others beliefs and faith but we as Christians should make sure we are in possession of the truth. We should not be persuaded by anyone or anything that does not represent Christ.
---Robyn on 7/23/07

A miniscule amount of tolerance is enough. For example Islam. They have clearly drawn the line in the sand, the Lord has put us in a position to bury them, Oh if we could find a leader this hour like Harry Truman was in his day. People told Harry he would be known as the greatest butcher in history if he dropped the atomic bomb, may be so he said, But I'm going in this war right now and he did!!
---mima on 7/23/07

Understanding and relating to religions other than your own and not claiming your religion is the right one or the best one is Religious Tollerance.

---Reiter on 11/14/06

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Sometimes obeying God results in not obeying the laws of the land. How do we "heap to ourselves" false teachers. Only by sitting under their tutelage. Yes, discernment is critical. However, there are those who will look for a better gospel and fall away in the end times. We have to be INTOLERANT of false teachers and their doctrines. Of course we shouldn't hurt them or impose upon their rights, but we don't have to smile and look stupid either while they spread lies.
---Crystal on 7/19/06

If somebody was going to drink something poisonous that was going to kill them, wouldn't you tell them? I would. So if someone is trying to get to Heaven by any other way than Jesus, they are just going to end up in hell, so why shouldn't we tell them before it is too late?
---wes on 7/19/06

Please consider this; True 100% tolerance makes no allowance for "the great commission". Now the Christians are commanded to complete the great commission,so tolerance has to be tempered. How so, operating from a position of strength and ultimatums, violate us and we will annihilate you.
Indiscriminate killing of course is wrong on the other hand nations that harbor or tolerate murders and terrorist must be dealt with.
---mima on 7/19/06

We are not to be "tolerant" of false religions

I have to disagree with the interpretation of Timothy. We are to be DISCERNED that we might not join them in false doctrine, but we are to obey the law of the land, or face the wrath of the government and we are to above all obey God.

Pray for the sinner, the sin, and learn of God. It is for all men to search the scriptures and only for those called of God, as was Aaron, to preach the Gospel.
---Robert on 7/19/06

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John you are confusing tolerance with love - Tolerance is allowing the world their freedom to do what they will without religious persecution. Love is reminding them Father loves them and the Lord died for them.

How tolerant are you of those who point out your biblical errors? (They exist)

You may point out the error of their ways but you do not harm them under any circumstances.
---Robert on 7/19/06

If a person is falling into a deep pit, is it "tolerant" to ignore the percipitious fall?

None of us will agree 100%, but to call attention to fallacies, and false supports in a religion is NOT A CRIME.

Jude tells us to CONTEND FOR THE FAITH.

However, Christian charity demands that we be respectful, and not contentious as we do it.
---John_T on 7/18/06

Religious tolerance is being willing to give others the same right to believe (or not believe) as you wish for yourself, and to be unmolested in said belief.

It's a practical expression of Matthew 7:12.
---Jack on 7/18/06

Mima ... You say the US is in the position to bury Islam. Where will you drop the bomb? Iran, Iraq, Pakistan? Indonesis?
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/18/06

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Mima, by the way Truman is said to be one of the most unpopular Presidents at the time of leaving office.B ut history judge him rightly. I assure you if you stand for the truth and the right things NEVER expect to be popular.
---pkay on 7/18/06

We are not to be "tolerant" of false religions. 2 Timothy 4:3-4 says, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." This is a warning for the church to be INTOLERANT of false religions - those that sound good but are evil.
---Crystal on 7/18/06

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