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Does Church Send Us To Hell

The Church of God claims that the name of their church is the name commanded in the bible for the true church. There are lots of people in other denominations who are true followers of Christ. Does anyone here believe that the name of the church someone attends could keep them out of Heaven?

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 ---melissa on 7/18/06
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The point of distinguishing one faith from the other is that there can only be ONE faith according to Ephesians 4:4. Since we have so many different faiths, SOMEONE HAS TO BE WRONG. Men started the Baptist Church, the Catholic Church, the Methodist Church because they divided themselves from the original Church in the Bible. There was only ONE faith in the Bible. The point is if you're in a Church started by a man, you are already headed the wrong way!
---Andrea on 3/6/08

Not accepting Jesus Christ as your savior keeps you out of Heaven...not the name of the church. Church names can be the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormons, are not really Christians!
---wes on 3/6/08

Church of Christ makes the same claim.
They are the only ones going to heaven and they have the name, they have the claim as the only true church.
But I don't believe that, do you?
---Oklahoma on 5/6/07

One of the biggest warning signs is when a specific chruch says "just us and no one else is saved."

Paul said true christians are those who:
Worship God in the spirit (independent of place or ritual)
Rejoyce in Christ Jesus (his finished work is entirely sufficient for salvation and cannot be added to)
Have no confidence in the flesh (what I do)
Phil 3:3
---Bruce5656 on 5/6/07

First I want to say I like Helen answers.
Have you ever heard a pastor say, I'm so happy to be in the House of the Lord. Or heard anyone refer to a church as the House of Lord. Both statements of course are absolutely wrong. There was a Jewish temple.(A House of Lord) it was destroyed in 70 A.D..The House of the Lord today is you if you're born again!!! No physical building represents God today. I do not go to church to find,meet,or get the Holy Spirit, I bring the Holy Spirit with me to church.
---mima on 7/19/06

Jesus did not give a name to His church. There is nothing in a name. The issue is have you been washed in the Blood of The Lamb?
---Helen_5378 on 7/18/06

Only Jesus Christ in His finished work on the Cross for sinners can keep anybody out of hell. We must always look to Jesus and His finished work on the Cross for our salvation and all our needs and victories over sin. Born-again believers are the body of Christ, not a church.
---Helen_5378 on 7/18/06

There are lots of names for the Church given in the Bible: Church of God, Church of Christ, Church of the Saints, Church of the First-born....

Which one is the REAL church? :-)
---Jack on 7/18/06

Revelation says the deceived and deceiver shall not enter heaven. Churches that preach a false doctrine and lead members to love this world more than our Lord can lead a person to hell when they cause them to leave their first love.
---Shari on 7/18/06

Bruce's answer pretty much hit the nail on the head and attached the picture to the wall.
---Linda6563 on 7/18/06

To me the name on the front of the church has no affect on if a person goes to hell. It is what the heart believes. If they believe a lie, they'll be damned. That is the problem with alot of chruches, they have religion, but really they need Salvation which only comes from God and not in a church building. I am so glad I belong to a non-demonantional church, all and come and be welcomed in.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/06

melissa...Most of the ecclesia that has been established today was not by God's design but more by man's. Bruce provided a very good answer. God does not dwell in buildings made of stone.
---Ryan on 7/18/06

Some denominations think more highly of themselves than they ought to think. Jesus is the only Name that holds any importance and His Name is the only Name by which anyone can be saved. It is not what the sigh reads in front of the church that makes a difference but what is written in your heart. Denominations were inspired by man not God, there will be no denominations in Heaven.
---Debbie on 7/18/06

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