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Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill

President Bush vetoes Stem Cell Bill. Was this the right thing to do?

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 ---Sally on 7/19/06
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No. If the stem cells are already there and they could save a life or help someone walk again I say use them. But this is only my humble opinion.
---sue on 1/27/08

I applaud Bush for his stance on this issue, against the majority, especially given his lack of popularity...
---Christina on 6/21/07

Courtney, I LOVE YOU!! :D Yes, Bush can be such a hypocrite, indeed! I admit I have a big problem respecting him anymore; trying to understand how to be Christ-like and still be angry with our President! :/
---Mary on 6/21/07

It was definitely the right thing to do. Science is now able to turn any cell into a stem cell capable of doing everything that an embryonic stem cell can do - and there are no ethical issues to resolve.

Even before this occurred, adult stem cells have been used successfully to treat a variety of medical conditions. Embryonic stem cells have never been used successfully for any treatment and are only useful if you are a twisted freak interested in racking up a body count.
---lorra8574 on 6/21/07

Whether it is right or wrong is a personal decision that every person should pray over and address however their conscience dictates. I do however have a problem with his logic. He stated that "Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical". Uhh...isn't that his entire premise for the last 2 wars that he has started?
---Courtney on 6/20/07

Yes it was. It is killing an embryo.
---sam on 6/11/07

Man will never be able to clone another human being. My Bible tells me very clearly that it is God Almighty Who is the creator of everything and everyone. I actually do not even believe that they have cloned any animals.
---Helen_5378 on 7/21/06

**Would it be terrible if I had a miscarrage and gave permission to use the stem cells of my baby?**

You've asked a good question, Sue.

There may be practical problems in trying to harvest stem cells from spontaneously aborted (the medical term) babies. I don't know.

OTOH, can one agree to the donation of another person's organs? I don't know; I'm just asking.
---Jack on 7/21/06

**stem cells are also obtained from umbilical cords as well as adult tissue.**

That I have no objection to. The UC is an organ ultimately shed by the neonate, as it has served its purpose. And if I choose to donate my own cells, that is not the same as killing another human being, no matter how early in development s/he is.
---Jack on 7/21/06

Regardless of views on abortion (not lightly)but, stem cells are also obtained from umbilical cords as well as adult tissue. The real issue is what will be the "spin" after the most obvious one? Selective genetics. Pick your child at the cellular & dna level and have it grown to suit you. By pass the natural selection and pick eye color, I.Q., height, etc. Think about it they are cloning now. With stem cell allowed it's gonna get wild, especially for the wealthy class.
---mikefl on 7/20/06

Sue what was done was to veto wholesale baby farms to be used for research.
Call it an embryo, dehumanize it, destroy it, call it medical research that may help the elderly and sick, support abortion and euthanasia, claim it is in the best interest of mankind and God still calls it murder.
God told Jeremiah, "I knew you while you were still in your father's loins." No embryo there only knowledge of a person and life.....
---Elder on 7/20/06

What about miscarrage? Would it be terrible if I had a miscarrage and gave permission to use the stem cells of my baby? Please, I ask in respect, I am just wondering about this. Why would it be bad to use them NOT by purposely aborting a baby for the cells, but if they were there from miscarrage to help another person? Kinda like being an organ donor.
---sue on 7/20/06

Sally has asked a legimate question.

Stem cells are the cells of an embryo (in this case, human) at a very early stage of development.

Taking the cells to do research with involves killing the embryo.
---Jack on 7/20/06

I agree with P. Bush, he called it murder, and so do I. I am behind him on this.
---Rebecca_D on 7/20/06

Sally, you have to ask??? Why?
---Elder on 7/19/06

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