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Ways To Witness To Cult Member

What are the most effective ways to witness to a cult member?

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 ---Alan on 7/20/06
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The only effective way to witness to anybody is to tell them that Jesus loves them and that He died on the Cross for their sins.
---Helen_5378 on 3/14/07

I have a story for you. My grandfather was the head of the JW church in Ontario for most of his life. On his death bed, he called for me. He told me he had been wrong. He also told me which church taught the Savior's gospel in truth. By living as an example and following the gospel, many would see the truth taught by Jesus Christ. He told me to not let the false teachings of man blind me to the truth. For 32 years I have done just that.
---Dave on 3/14/07

It is sad to see people say that "so&so"are cults. Who are you to judge them? Unless you are perfect ,cast the first stone. I have been up&down back& forth with the witnesses myself attending off/on for almost 4 yrs..
---Candice on 3/13/07

pt2: I left because of critisizim from non jw's about"you're in a cult",but I didn't listen to Gods voice,until I read my bible& followed it,thus slowly returning to the Jw congregation, Jw's from a personal view is not a cult, a cult to me is anyone claiming to be chrisitan,but accepting Pagan lifestyles & donig opposite of christ.Like so called chrisitan holidays actually got adopted from pagan rituals.
---candice on 3/13/07

Tell them about Jesus. The truth shall set them free. They have agruments against Christ that their cults have told them, so it helps if you know these in advance and can present scripture that will expose these lies.
---wes on 3/13/07

Love. People like myself, often forget to let God lead in every situation. He will prompt you when to speak and what to say. Pray. Remember What you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and what you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. (so sometimes I pray out loud so I know that the evil can hear me too) Listen. Be as wise as a serpant and as gentle as a dove.
Be honest and be yourself.
---Amy9384 on 7/25/06

Depending on the cult, they have THEIR scriptures, too, so you will merely wind up throwing Bible verses at each other.

And forget about getting it done in one session. All you can do is plant seeds to get the cultist to think.
---Jack on 7/20/06

Second Part - stated mine that I did believe who Jesus said he was. She would no longer speak to me. I did my best. She did thank me for being so friendly to her and that I made her laugh during the day at work and said I did have an effect on her. Glory be to God! A seed might have been planted.
---Donna9759 on 7/20/06

By example. My company hired a Jehovah Witness last summer for my department. She told me she did not believe in the Trinity, I told her I did. I was very nice to her for the 3 months she was here. She wanted to be friends, I said sure. She invited me to Kingdom Hall, I said no thank you. I invited her to my church, she said no. She stated again her belief about not believing who Jesus was, and I
---Donna9759 on 7/20/06

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