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Stop A Word Of Knowledge

How do you stop someone from giving you a word of knowledge that you know is of man and not God? When they look for any opportunity to come at you "With a Word". Do you say "Stop It". It takes alot of prayer to pray these words off yourself. It's more like spiritual witchcraft.

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 ---Rachel on 7/22/06
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These are false teachers that Satan is using against God's true people. Sometimes these people can quote scripture but they do not have an earthly idea what they are really talking about. These people do not have the spirit of God. What can you do? Not much, the world is full of them. You must be careful and not allow the stupids of this world to hurt or damage your faith. I would love to ship them all somewhere.
---catherine on 4/2/08

Tell this 'person' that if and whenever God has something to say to you ABOUT ANYTHING, God is completely capable of telling you in private through your conscience (PERSONAL communication for a PERSONAL relationship). God would have it no other way. Every person was given their own measure of faith (I come from a dysfunctional family, to me, God is the perfect parent, my only hero). Keep YOUR faith between yourself and God (Romans 14:22).
---greg on 4/1/08

You could ask the person if they would mind writing out the "words" rather than speaking them to you. That way you would be free to discard them later. Why does it take a lot of prayer to free yourself of these words? Are you going by how you feel? Meditating Scripture about authority would probably give you more confidence here.
---DoryLory on 11/18/07

word of knowledge is not limited by your understanding of it, knowledge can be past present or future
---exzucuh on 5/14/07

Exzuch...i think foretelling future events would be under the catagory of prophey...the present or past events would be of knowledge in my opinion would be knowing things about people either present or past that was told to them by only God
---mark_B. on 5/13/07

It is witchcraft, And when they give these words ask the Holy Spirit to give you a word,
he will, Once I was told a man with a beard would kill me, the Lord told me to tell this so called prophet that you can not kill a dead man. I am dead in Christ. Another told me that I was out of God's will in the desert, The Lord said, tell him you were led of the Spirit there and will follow no man.
Moses serpent will eat up the others.
---exzucuh on 5/13/07

I'm sorry deb...the gifts are to be used to advance you in the kingdom...i'm sorry that didnt happen in your case...
---mark_B. on 5/12/07

One thing we have to realize about gift of knowledge is that not everyone is going to be perfect w/ there gift...does that mean they should stop...If i were the person i would be like thats wrong but keep on excirsising your gift...if you condemn them that wouuld nto be good...i mean do you condemn your children for not being able to walk perfectly the first time they get on their so why do it for people who are trying to use their gift...mima is right gotta use I think or I sense God telling me
---mark_B. on 5/12/07

A word of knowledge must stand the test of correctness. When giving other people words of knowledge, a person should always preface a word of knowledge with the phrase," I think" or I "believe". When a word of knowledge comes into my spirit ,concerning me, by the Spirit of God. I keep close watch on happenings to see if it will be confirmed.
---mima on 5/12/07

I went to a local prophet, everyone at my work was raving about him.He knew much of my personality and of things I have been thru in life. But I felt I was sitting with a phsycic, and the thing he told me I needed to do, I know god would never tell me to do, it would cause total kaos in my life. My spirit was very disturbed over the whole incident. It is sad to me because this guy has a pretty big following, especially teenagers around here. Even the people at work didn't want to hear of my concerns.
---deb on 7/28/06

Thanks for all the kind help. Felt someone glaring at me while shopping today, it was her. I was not afraid, but with your help and God, just knew I could remain still. She wants control and whatever spirit is in operation here, it knows I don't witness to it. I made it angry. I will not go back to the bible study, if I need a Word, I know where to find it. The Bible.
---Rachel on 7/26/06

Given light on the subject, you did the right thing by leaving, and not returning to the study she holds. But there is no need to fear her. God is a big God. He takes care of his children. I read a testimony once about a man who was demon-possessed and could read people's minds. There was one girl whose mind he couldn't read, later he found out she was a Christian. God is mightier than Satan and all his army. He can and will protect you from her. Disassociation is enough for now.
---Katie on 7/26/06

Rachel, forcing that tape on you makes me know this woman is a fake. HG never imposes Himself on anyone in anyway. He's always a perfect gentleman, so to speak,and wouldn't make a scene. Feel free to open your hand and just drop it on the floor. It is a profane word and comes from her not God, even worse,she could have a familar spirit,in that case you sure don't want anything she has near you at all.
I'll pray God moves her from deceiving people. She may just be a "Showboat" for attention.
---Darlene_1 on 7/25/06

The woman claims the gift of prophecy, some ladies are mesmerized by her. My spirit says it's more of a Jezebel controlling spirit than godly. She uses a tape recorder so bible study participants can have a tape of her word of knowledge for them. It made her mad when I said I do not want a word, so she forcefully gave me one as I left out the door.
---Rachel on 7/25/06

Thank you. She conducts Sunday service at food bank without headship. She dumped entire bottle olive oil on mormon & performed a deliverance. I never wanted a "Word". She caught me leaving bible study & gave "Word". She said my energy was gone, I was confused and I had lost something. I said I do not believe so. She said, "Oh, it's so, you just don't know it yet." I renounced that word and rejected it. I quit the bible study,& I dread seeing her around town.
---Rachel on 7/25/06

Rachel; When you see this person, I would pray that if it is a word from God, then let this person speak, but if not then shut him up. I have done this when someone is testifing and goes on and on and drags out the service, I say this, "Lord if this person is speaking from the heart and this is truely of you, then let them speak, but if they are just rambling on, then make them sit down. I done that one night and within 10 sec, this person sat down.
---Rebecca_D on 7/25/06

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People have free will, so just by praying they don't come talk to you doesn't necessarily mean they won't. Know who you are in Christ, and you will not be moved by what they say. You may even want to mention to them that their words cause fear in you. They may need correction, but you don't need to fear them. They are just man acting out on what they believe is right.
---Katie on 7/25/06

Here's what works for me. I let them talk. Then don't make any comments but get alone for a few moments and ask the Lord if that was His word to have the Spirit bear witness to it. If He does then I recieve the word and if not I just don't recieve it. We are instructed to judge the word given so I let them give it and then I judge it.
---john on 7/25/06

Rachel, if you know that you know that you know this person isn't giving you a word from God, and you'll know by "if the word doesn't line up with what God says in His word, the bible." Then tell them to STOP or just turn around and walk out the door. You owe them nothing if you truly believe it's not from God.
---Donna9759 on 7/25/06

I had it happen to me in 1986, I was still a babe in Christ. I took it to heart and cried all the way home. Knew God wouldn't make me cry like that with words that I didn't agree with. I wrote the Pastor a letter, told him his Deacon was in error, the Pastor disagreed. Three months later, God closed the church down, too many false prophets giving words of FALSE knowledge. It hurts when you're a babe in Christ. You tend to believe those in authority UNTIL you grow in the Grace and Knowledge of God.
---Donna9759 on 7/25/06

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Well how do you know that this word is of man and not a word from God? If someone wants to tell me something, I listen. Cause maybe at that time I need a word from God. As you see this person, pray that if this is a word from you God, then send it on, but if not let him not speak to me. If you sincerly pray this, God won't lead you wrong. My Pastor said two people would be standing on my door telling me bad news, that was 4 years ago. In January there was two people giving me bad news.
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/06

I too am confused on why you need to pray them someone trying to put a curse on you? If so, you have to know that as a Child of God you are protected from this nonsense. If it's someone feeling "led" to give you words on a regular basis, maybe pull them aside and let them know that while you appreciate them wanting to do God's work, you don't feel their words have been appropriate for you and that maybe they should spend more time in prayer before approaching you.
---Katie on 7/24/06

You aren't stopping a Word Of Knowledge,you are stopping a person playing at giving you a Word. Yes, that's exactly what you do,tell them to stop it, that you prefer to go to God yourself for His Word to you. If you do miss one God will give it to you in another way or from someone who is really hearing from God. By hearing the so called word you are allowing a person to keep lying to you. As a Christian you must not be a party to a lie in any way.
---Darlene_1 on 7/24/06

Once upon a time I had a serious decision to make, and I prayed about it, and felt that God would have me resolve it a certain way.

One of those super-spiritual people came up to me and said, "Jack, God told me you should do so-and-so." I said, "That's funny. I just got through praying about it, and God told me I should do the exact opposite. Now what?"
---Jack on 7/24/06

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Rachel--Some people love to give others "a word" because it makes them feel important. If, as you say, you know it is of man, not God, then don't worry about it. Their words have NO power over you.
GOD is the only one you need to obey.If what they said is true, you will see some other evidences of it or God will make it plain to you in your Bible reading or some other way.
---Donna2277 on 7/22/06

I would, and HAVE, said, "No, wait. I know your intentions are good, but I'd rather hear it from God Himself, if you don't mind." If they seem very insistent, I suppose you could add something like " I'll get with you sometime later, if you'd like, to see if your word confirms what God tells me."
---Donna2277 on 7/22/06

I agree with Dory and also wonder why it should take so much prayer (or any for that matter) to shrug off the words of someone like this.
---Bruce5656 on 7/22/06

By 'words of knowledge' (of man, not god) do you mean like when Copernicus declared that "The earth moves around the sun!" ? When you try to make an absolute distinction between 'god knowledge' and 'man knowledge', you run into trouble (as if god's knowledge never comes through man!). Much human knowledge is of great value to human well-being--like medical knowledge. There are no 'how to perform CPR' instructions in the Bible, afterall.
---Marcus on 7/22/06

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I like the idea of having them write out their "word of knowledge" so that you can show it to them later after they are proved right or wrong. It will be a good indication that it is of God or man.
---Susie on 7/22/06

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