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Christians Burned The Quran

Operation Save America, anti-abortion group, has been in town. I attended one rally but when I found out they burned a copy of the Quran I was appalled that Christians would destroy someone's holy book. How do y'all feel about this?

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 ---Nellah on 7/22/06
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People do not be dismayed the deed has been done those who have relagated themselves wittingly or unwittingly have fallen into the Trap of The arch Deciever.We must clean up our own Back Yards -God cme to bring us Change & this we must do, Each one of us without looking over the fence at what is taking Place in our neighbours yard.
---Emcee on 12/24/07

People do not be dismayed the deed has been done those who have relagated themselves wittingly or unwittingly have fallen into the Trap of The arch Deciever.We must clean up our own Back Yards -God cme to bring us Change & this we must do, Each one of us without looking over the fence at what is taking Place in our neighbours yard.
---Emcee on 12/24/07

An examination of the Bible is necessary today because of the many questions being raised by religious people of all circles, including Jews and Christians, as to its inconsistency with contemporary church teachings as well as its inconsistency within itself.

Today, there are thousands of different versions of the Bible in circulation and the transcript has been freely translated from one language to another numerous times.
---Sheila on 12/21/07

God is long-suffering because he is not wanting any to be destroyed, but he is not tolerant of evil neighbors. His Command is Get right or Be burned, Change or Be condemned. Choose, it is your choice. Think not that I love evil, says the Lord, I created the destroyer to destroy: and you whom choose to abide in darkness, whom hurt my seed and take pleasure in evil, will know my hot wrath, says the Lord, which I will pour out upon you without mixture.
---Eloy on 12/21/07

RitaH::Doesoes it matter what I think.If your action by burning a book in the privacy of your own garden, is to convince God Then, may I remind you, that God already knew your action, He reads hearts.But by Burning did you alter the mind of any muslim Or christian as it was done in secrecy.therefore it becomes a senseless act.However How many books can you buy & burn. The money could have been put to better use IMHO.Gods promise to Hagar produced the muslim Religion.Satan has distorted that too.
---Emcee on 12/20/07

Emcee, you obviously think that I am wrong in burning certain books. That is O.K. with me. As for 'who is my neighbour?' the answer - every other human being. It is because I don't want people to become (or stay in) a false religion that I take out of circulation certain books. I do not do this in the market square with an audience and incite violence. I do it in the privacy of my own garden where not even my immediate neighbour sees. But God sees and I am certain that He approves.
---RitaH on 12/20/07

WE call Muslims Fanatics While this may or may not be true! what is the action of a Christian who burned their Koran.what purpose did it serve.At this juncture it would be Good to reflect & ask those who did,those who agreed with the action did not Our Lord ask "Who is your Neighbour"?
---Emcee on 12/20/07

.greyrider, Christ appeared to Paul more than once, and on his way to Damascus was not the 1st time, but it was the time that Paul chose to hear and repent and obey, and subsequently he became as one of his enemies which he hated, that is he became a Christian himself. Christ is perfect, above reproach, and ultimately in complete control over all his creation.
---Eloy on 12/18/07

eloy, according to your line of reasoning, Saul of Tarsus was an "enemy of the Cross" and therefore unworthy of the Gospel. Was Jesus WRONG for appearing to him on the road to Damascus?
---Greyrider on 12/18/07

.mikem, I do not preach politics. Manmade politics may license much sin, but God does not, and the end of all whom choose disobedience is damnation. God is not mocked: one sinner destroys much good, and it is each person's choice whether to have peace and blessing in the land where there reside, or violence and woe in the land where they reside.
---Eloy on 12/17/07

.dan, you are confusing holiness with sin, for nonChristian beliefs cannot be desecrated because nonChristian beliefs are unholy. A faith must be holy in order for the faith to be desecrated, therefore it is unpossible to desecrate idolatry. "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil, that put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." Isaiah 5:20
---Eloy on 12/17/07

,greyrider, do not be deceived, every real Christian has enemies, they are antiChrist and antiGod and they are enemies of the cross.
---Eloy on 12/17/07

Since when was burning harmful books being nasty to anyone. Taking something out of circulation that can cause someone to follow a false religion is helping them, not harming or being nasty to them. We stop our children from watching T.V. programmes that are a bad influence. Burning books that are a bad influence is no different, it is for the protection of the vulnerable.
---RitaH on 12/17/07

.nurseroberts, I do not preach brands, I preach obedience. There is no two ways about it: for there are no hypocrites in the Kingdom of God. So if anyone does not want to obey God, then they are damned.
---Eloy on 12/17/07

ALL:"Burning a book,forceing".IS MIGHT right or RIGHT might.Those who live by the sword DIE by the sword.God created 2 Races through Abraham .He favoured The ancestors of Issac.Will you all please, allow Him, God Almighty to settle this in HIS WAY.Time is the element on His side We are asked to live In Peace Harmony "Love one another as I have loved YOU."Trust the lord for He is Divine" Call to Him in Your adversity and when He is not near. REMEMBER!! who is your neighbour?
---Emcee on 12/17/07

Christ told us to go and tell. Not go and force. We do not do the convicting that is the Holy Spirits job. Purposely desicrating another persons beliefs will not draw people to want to understand or know God. Christ never did this, we should not either.
---dan on 12/17/07

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I do not believe Jesus has called us to be book burners. Be nice to the Muslems. Jesus only saved us because of His grace. Please, please, keep your EYES on God, won't you?
---catherine on 12/17/07

REAL Christians should not look to antagonize Muslims. They are prodigals, not enemies. We should not see anyone as an enemy. You can't lead enemies to Jesus.
---Greyrider on 12/17/07

I would not burn a book that did not belong to me but if I saw e.g. a copy of the Q'uran in a second hand book shop I would buy it to deliberately burn it. My reason, to prevent anyone else reading it. I would do the same with a book about witchraft also and probably a few other things. I know several people who do this.
---RitaH on 12/17/07

Eloy, What you propose is no less than an autocratic theocracy. Democracy allows sin, si is not a civil right- democracy is a secular pagan concept, thus it must be done away with, according to your theology. Do I read you right?
---MikeM on 12/17/07

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"The problem with tolerant Christians is that they are not Christian."
Thats almost exactly what the clergy said in
that famous play, "The Crucible" just before they hanged some people for witchcraft. Eloy should rent that film. Eloy provides a good argument for Church/State seperation.
---MikeM on 12/17/07

"The problem with tolerant Christians is that they are not Christian."

Another famous Eloyism....

Just what brand of Christianity do YOU preach Eloy?? One of love or one of intolerance to others?
---NurseRobert on 12/17/07

,strongaxe, sin is not a civil right, for God has not given anyone permission to sin. Obey God, this is the Command: for the wages of sin is death, and not a civil right.
---Eloy on 12/17/07


This reasoning is a slipperys slope.

Where do you draw the line with "wrong religions"? Is it OK to burn their books? How about deny them civil rights? Deprive them of property? Kill their men? Kill their women and children? Torture to force them to convert?

All this has been done in the name of Christianity, and by old testament Israel.

Does this mean any Christian who does not stone his neighbor for apostasy is himself apostate?
---StrongAxe on 12/17/07

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What is truth and how can it be found?

How to know the truth about God. You need to find pure Biblical truth, but it would be impossible to search each denomination one by one. How to find the truth without having to search through each denomination. If there was a way of removing the unbiblical doctrines from the search, thereby removing the unbiblical churches, thus eliminate the "counterfeit" to find the pure Biblical truth.
---Sheila on 12/15/07

.mike m, Read the Holy Bible on what people did after they received the Real Truth and the Real Power: "And many that believed came and confessed, and showed their deeds. Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them in front of all: and they counted the price of them, and found fifty thousand of silver." Acts 19:18,19.
---Eloy on 12/15/07

Violence begets Violence.Burning a book which does not belong to you is SIN. Can you burn a belief in man's mind? The action shows a Lack of Charity,bringing Judgement. God wishes to save ALL Mankind.It is the work of God and the Holy spirit.which will make the change The act of violence causes a reaction of Violence,sending more People to HELL.Consider the Voice of Christ "I Came to save souls with LOVE".'Leave em alone & they will come home wagging their Tails behind Them.'
---Emcee on 12/14/07

Eloy, "destroying (burning) idolatrous books?"

"When they start burning books, burning people cannot behind"--Eric Fromm, German philosopher wrote before the Nazis. First the Nazis burned books, then people.
---MikeM on 12/14/07

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The problem with tolerant Christians is that they are not Christian. If you think a Christian errs for destroying idolatrous books, then you need to get saved, and after which you too will join the Christian in having perfect hatred for every false way: even as our Lord himself whose name is Jealous hates every false way.
---Eloy on 12/14/07

Elder quoted "First the Koran is not a Holy Book for it is not God's words."

How can bibles be God's true words when there are so many versions? Some christians believe in trinity and some don't. Which bible is telling the truth? And why with so many dominations? which church to go?
---Sheila on 12/13/07

Frank Cos - ("Islam worships a loving god"). You're joking aren't you? They worship somebody or something called Allah. They think that Allah is "god". Well that might be the case for them, but my God is the One Who sent His only Son Jesus Christ into this world to become a Man and die on the Cross for sin, then Jesus rose from the dead. That is Who God is, and there is no other. Frank, love will never promote the lies that you are touting. You need Jesus.
---Helen_5378 on 8/8/06

Islam is an evil and deceptive religion that perverts the deity of Jesus and condescends to install Him as a mere prophet. However, burning the Quran in public doesn't do any good. Better to study it and devise ways to reach Muslims on their own turf.
---Benny on 8/8/06

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frank_cos "islam does worship a loving god..."

2:276 Vol5, Book 58, Number 127: "None loves the Ansar but a believer...So Allah will love him who loves them, and He will hate him who hates them

Quran 2:286: God, you are our protector: give us victory therefore over the infidel nations. Thou art our Sovereign, then help us against the people who do not believe

Wanna change that statement about a loving god??
---John_T on 7/28/06

dottie -

islam does worship a loving god...islamic extremist contort the faith's views and turn to terrorism.

jesus would not judge others in such a way

teach love
---frank_cos on 7/25/06

Jesus wouldn't burn what others feel are sacred. Why would you? Jesus came to earth as God's son, to show us how we should act as human beings. He did not teach us to judge others.

teach love
---frank_cos on 7/25/06

No book should be burned. If you don't like it--Don;t read it. Sometimes there is more to learn from books than from what "hearsay" is.
---tc on 7/25/06

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MARCUS, where in the world did you ever come up with the idea that the Muslims, Jews, and Christians worship the same GOD. We (Christians)do worship the same GOD as Jews, but to think the Muslim god is the same is not only wrong, but dangerous for you to believe that. Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods before me. Islam does not worship a loving god, we do.
---Dottie on 7/25/06

I would not do it. God has permitted the establishment and advance of Islam for his own reasons. He is the judge and will settle all matters in righteousness.
---Louise on 7/25/06

The quran is not holy and never will be. I would like to burn every single one in the USA.
---shira on 7/25/06

What is more appalling? someone buring the Quran or Bible, or those who claim to be christians that are in deed, not christians.
There are those who claim to be christians, that are no more a christian than Satan himself, who claims he will be like the most High.
---Geraa7578 on 7/24/06

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We have discussed book burning on here before, in reference to books on the occult last time. I would happily burn any book that I feel would be harmful to another person's soul. If taking it out of circulation prevented one more person from being corrupted by it so be it. I would never remove their property and burn it though. I buy and burn (privately) any such items I see being sold second hand or cheaply (clearance sales etc.). Each individual must do as the Lord leads.
---M.P. on 7/24/06

To John T- I am male. I use mima for a very spcial reason know only to me. I am very anti-Koran.
---mima on 7/23/06

HOw would you feel if some Muslims were to publicly burn the New Testament or Gospels?

This is a question of common courtesy.

Burning the Koran will NOT make Muslims want to become Christians, but will merely fuel the hatred of the extremists.
---Jack on 7/23/06

Marcus, Are u sure muslims and christians worship the same God? The last time I checked, the God of Abraham who the Christians worship has a Son called Jesus Christ. Allah apparently doesnt.
---pkay on 7/23/06

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"They that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the spirit the things of the spirit."

Avoid any and all appearance of evil. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Respect is not earned its given. What is the purpose?
---josef on 7/23/06

No, I didn't actually see them burn the book. It was in the newspaper. Remember Roe vs Wade? It was "Jane Doe" from Roe vs Wade who lit the match. She's now an anti-abortionist. I just don't think burning the Qur'an is a good way to win people to Jesus Christ.
---Nellah on 7/23/06

Allah and Jehovah are not the same God. Mohammad was a common bandit before he declared himself a prophet. Jesus is God who took on human flesh. Islam teaches that Jesus was a prophet of God, but they deny His teachings. Jesus said "Love your enemies." Mohammad said "Kill the Infadels." Allah is not my God.
---jerry6593 on 7/23/06

John, All that violence and even child abuse is in the Bible too! I dont think anybody should burn ANY book.
---sue on 7/22/06

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Marcus: "The Quo'ran/Koran is the Holy Book of Islam; the Moslem people" After that, the truth stops.
They DO NOT worship the same God as Christians.
They DO NOT recognize all the prophets; they fail to recognize John, the last OT prophet
They fail to recognize that the messages of ALL the prophets point exclusively to Christ
There are at least 20 suras telling Muslims to hate Jews and Christians. That is not cherry picking.
---John_T on 7/22/06

I oppose any book burning. Such acts show great ignorance of the battle at hand. As has been discussed, we are waging a sprititual war, and should engage at the spiritual level.
---Madison1101 on 7/22/06

Marcus, if Moslems worship the same God I do why do they call Him allah? (lower case "a" on purpose)
Next you said, "They recognize all biblical prophets as prophets of god--including Jesus."
Are you trying to say the Creator of this world and all other things is just a Prophet?
Do you have a Quran that needs burning?
---Elder on 7/22/06

Marcus - Excuse me but the "god" of the Quran is not the God of the Bible and Christians. They call their "god" Allah who was a false prophet. The God of the Bible sent His only Son Jesus Christ into this world to die on the Cross for the sin of the world, then He arose from the dead three days later -- this is the one and only True God.
---Helen_5378 on 7/22/06

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PUBLIC burning of the Qu'aran would only infuriate some, so far, "passive" Muslims. The Islamo-Fascists already want to kill us.

Allah, god of Islam, is not the God of the Bible nor of Christians. At Gitmo all Muslim prisoners were given a copy of the Qu'ran which their guards were required to handle with latex gloves less they "defile" it. At the same time these prisoners were throwing feces and urine on the guards. I wouldn't mind burning a Qu'ran (privately) if I had one.
---Donna2277 on 7/22/06

Big deal. The Quran is not holy.
---Helen_5378 on 7/22/06

I don't believe we should do it in public, but I would rather see their book burn than their soul burn in hell because they read it and followed it to destruction.
---samuel on 7/22/06

The Quo'ran/Koran is the Holy Book of Islam; the Moslem people. They worship the same god as Christians and Jews do--the god of Abraham. They recognize all biblical prophets as prophets of god--including Jesus.
A reader can easily "cherry pick" scriptures from the Koran that are "apalling"...but the same can be done with the Bible (Leviticus, etc). Here is a quote from sura 5 v. 8: "Allah loveth the kindly."
---Marcus on 7/22/06

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Did read your blog wrongly?

Pardon me if I did, I assumed that you were pro Qur'an from your post.

BTW are you male or female? My Hispanic wife has uncle & aunt called Mimo (male) and Mima (female)
---John_T on 7/22/06

Thank you for correcting me on the holy book slip up. Ever hear the adage, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Islam is our enemy, they want us dead so we'd better learn about them,
---Nellah on 7/22/06

They may burn Bibles but two wrongs do not make a right. Even Paul did not blasphemy Dianna or her temple. It is indeed a spiritual war and Christ is the weapon. As much as lie in us we should live peacably with all men. We should strive to offend in nothing that the ministry be not blamed and give no occasion for the enemy to speak reproachfully.
---Shari on 7/22/06

Did you actually see them burn the Quran? Usually, they are too busy trying to save the lives of babies to deal with burning books. Is this a rumor you heard?
---Susie on 7/22/06

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There is no need for public burning of the Koran. We do not fight a physical battle. Islam is a false religion which is being laid bare before our very eyes. I would rather spend time praying and fasting and fighting in the spirit, than burn the koran. Neither do i need to read it for what?The Bible and the Holy Spirit are enough.
---pkay on 7/22/06

May I respectfully suggest you do the same?

In it you will find suras calling for beheadings, child sexual abuse (Aisha) telling Muslims to hate both Christians and Jews in the name of their god.

I posted these horrible things in another blog.

BTW there is another, equally authorative boook for Muslums, the Hadith, sayings of Mohammad.

THAT WILL make anyone apalled.
---John_T on 7/22/06

Just as appalled as you, Nellah. Sounds like they need to read 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' in addition to the Bible.
---augusta on 7/22/06

Holy book? No it is not a holy book.

Public book burnings? WWJD?
---Bruce5656 on 7/22/06

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First the Koran is not a Holy Book for it is not God's words.
Next does it "appall" you that the Bible is banned in these countries and are burned all the time and the owners persecuted and/or killed?
I destroy cult material all the time but I don't take someone's personal property to do it.
---Elder on 7/22/06

May I suggest you obtain a copy of the Koran and read it. Then perhaps you will not be appalled.
---mima on 7/22/06

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