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Become Christian And Stop Things

My boyfriend and I have been fornicating for a while and now I want to change my life and follow Christ. How can I become a Christian and still keep a steady relationship with my boyfriend?

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 ---melody88 on 7/23/06
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It is very easy to please God. Just give your boyfriend a choice of marrying you or leaving you. After that do not get into another relationship until you meet a man, not a boy, who is ready for committment and who offers you marriage from the first moment. It is lack of confidence that leads to women settling for second of third best. There is also a lack of trust that God will reward you for stopping the fornication.
---frances008 on 6/20/08

"Becoming a Christian involves accepting Christ's death on the cross as a substitute for your punishment you deserve for your sins". This statement from Madison is very important to your salvation. If this statement was, studied and understood many pseudo- Christians could be rescued!!!!!
---Mima on 6/19/08

Becoming a Christian involves accepting Christ's death on the cross as a substitute for your punishment you deserve for your sins. Do that, and then pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen you so that you can obey Christ and not be in a sexual relationship with your boyfriend.

Obedience to Christ may require ending the relationship with your boyfriend.
---Madison1101 on 6/19/08

It can't be done. One or the other(you or He)is going to win the tug of war. Perhaps he might change along with you. I hope so. If not you are in for a pretty tough time of it. Blessings to you.
---Robyn on 5/29/07

You definitely need to turn and run from this lifestyle of sin. It would probably be a good idea to end the relationship and focus on God. You can stay with your boyfriend, but the temptation will still be there. It is like someone being delivered from alcoholism and then going back to the bar? You may have to decide which you want more...your boyfriend or Christ.
---ralph_c. on 5/29/07

First of all, Melody, you can't change your life, God does that for you. If your boyfriend is not a christian you will be making a choice not to see him anymore, unless he receives Jesus Christ himself and then you could start a new life together. Go for the eternal gift that God has offered, it will be worth all else, even if you have to lose your boyfriend.
---tommy3007 on 8/14/06

You will have to make a choice, this is nothing new! Years ago I was in a similar circumstance, when I backslid. The bottom line is eternity here. God can't look on sin, we must decide sin or God. If the boyfriend will marry , and you want to stay with him, he must wait to have relations, explain this to him, if he can't wait, please leave him, he's not the person God wants for you.
---Mrs._Morgan on 7/27/06

You cannot become a Christian and keep up the relationship you have been having with your boyfriend. The word here is REPENT!
---Susie on 7/27/06

melody, you should know too that when you committ fornication, you are grieving the heart of God. Also, Jesus witnessed to the woman at the well and she was a harlot, but he NEVER called her that or related to her as that. He saw her as the Bride of Christ, the same way Jesus sees you, but your sin quenches the Holy Spirit and He cannot do anything in your life for you until the sin is gone.
---Donna9759 on 7/25/06

melody, back in 1983 I was in the same shoes you are in now. I got saved, my boyfriend didn't. Start by finding a good church to go to. Fall in love with Jesus, it might not happen right away, but pursue JESUS even if you're still daing your b/f. Then you will fall in love with Jesus. I would like to tell you what happened with my boyfriend when I got saved and followed Jesus. Write to me at
---Donna9759 on 7/25/06

Ask the Lord for strength from the bottom of your heart. Keep your mind on the things that pertain to God, and holiness. He will give you what to do in the times when you feel weak. Keep open communication with your boyfriend so that he is on the same page as you, and is willing to wait until marriage, to resume intimate relations with you.
There's so much more to developing a relationship, you will gain a whole new perspective of one another.
I'm praying for you.
---lynet on 7/24/06

Marriage corrects the sin. Becoming a Christian is about being elected, called, chosen by God - Jn 6:44, 65. Technically, it is about being convicted (remorse for the evil you have done to God) to become the "wife" of Christ.

Is 54:5 For thy Maker is thine husband

Souses turn away from many things to keep a loyal bond in marriage. Becoming a Christian is the same.

Going through the motions: worship, baptism, church attendance, etc. does not make one a Christian.
---a_servant on 7/24/06

First God must convict you of your sins first, and then you can ask forgiveness and you can still keep a relationship with your boyfriend just stop messing around.
---Rebecca_D on 7/24/06

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. As one decides to follow Christ, there will be people and things we need to give up along the way. At first it appears that God is taking our fun away, but in reality he is protecting us from further harm. It's not easy, I've been there. However, the reward of following Christ is far better than the life of this world. I pray you make the right decision and follow Christ, for your sake.
---Katie on 7/24/06

All of us who have accepted Christ have changes to make that may not seem convenient. It may be that your boyfriend would accept him too. If not, you have 2 good reasons to either leave Christ or B.F.. You are choosing your future. I pray that you will make the right choices.
---john on 7/24/06

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